Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ben #50 Importance of Families

Well what wonderful emails once more this week. I heard from many of my old buddies from Rexburg who are out and about in the Lords work serving in their various parts of the world. Im just amazed by all the growth the mission has brought in all of us. My and Dad thank you for your aw inspireing emails once more. Its always so wonderful to read your emails. Thank you a million times over for your emails. Matt, your email touched me so much as I too relized how blessed we are by all who are back home. Family Friends, I give praise and thanks unto God for you all in my life and pray that you may be blessed beyond measure for all your support and love for Matt and I here in Brasil... I just cannot write my expressions in words, they can only be felt. Really... Thank you all I love you so much. Well this last week flew by so fast, I dont know if it was because of the excitement of conference or what but it passed by in the twinkling of an eye. I now have one year on the mission, as Dad described to me in his email haha, and I cant lie im a little in shock. I remember like it was yesterday hugging all my loved one's goodbye and now realizing that next April conference I will be home. It brings me humbley to the relization of how important this great work is, and how much I have to do in establishing the Kingdom of God here on the Earth in this time I have left. He has trusted me with this sacred calling and I cannot fail Him. I must give Him my heart... Thank you once more for the emails and the love you share with us. 
Yesterday and Saturday we had the chance to watch conference! (I love conference here on the mission haha) I watched it in a small room on the computer with another American Elder... During the sessions of conference the spirit over and over testified to me of many truths as I felt my testimony strengthed. What I love about conference is how it speaks directly to all our needs. What every member needs to hear at that specific moment in their lives. Everyone recieves different insights and light from our dear prophets and apostles, and the spirit... what a true blessing, right? One personal principle that I picked up from the Prophets and Apostles yesterday and Saturday that I would like to share with you all this day is this "That We need to strengthen our families through the Priesthood and make our homes a Christ centered home, based on His principles and teachings. We must always engage in family scripture study, pray, obedience to the commandments, and family home evening. We must protect our homes because Satan is doing everything in his power to destroy this fundamental part of our Hevenly Fathers plan for us. Families are EVERYTHING." I heard this over and over through the conference as I realized how much Satan is trying to destroy us and our families and how we must "Bulid upon the Rock of our redeemer whom is Chirst!" (Helaman 5:12) and stand as a believer always! (Mosiah 18:9) I was touched by this as a missionary, this is one truth that our message teaches. The importance of families. Satan cannot have a family and thus thru his wraith is trying to do all he can to destoy them and make them miserable like unto himself. My beloved family and friends I testify to you that these things are in fact occuring. Here on my mission my heart is torn as I see the evil and destuction that is ocurring through the increasing wickedness in this world, ecspecially within the family... but then brought to such a happiness and love as I see the miracle and change that occur in the lives of those who put their trust in God and accept Jesus Christ as their savior and His teachings. We must base our homes on Chirst. We must set a foundation within the walls of our home wherein we can feel the power of the priesthood and the light of God shine from every part I so testify! I was truely touched by this truth as someday I hope to base my family on the teachings of Chirst.
I love General Conference and the chance we have to hear from our loving Father in Heaven. He is, and we are spirit children of thee. We belong to a great family in which we have the truths before us to have an eternal happiness without end... as it all starts within our homes. Im so grateful for my Parents... and my friends parents who created this enviorment for me growing up. That I was born into a home who established its teachings on that of Christ. I love you all so much and hope I too can someday, when I become a father, base my home on the Gospel of Chirst, and of His pure love. I know these things are true and my heart burns with a testimony of what I have spoken to you all this day... I know its true and I have no doubts. :)
It was a wonderful week and a wonderful conference. Here in Botucatu the weather has been pretty good with some light rainfall this last week. We have also began to teach some wonderful families in our area that have friends within the Church, The Lord is raining His blessings upon us here along with the normal rain. :) I do have a funny story that I would like to share with you all that happened last Friday! I was in the Bathroom... reading haha and I heard a weird sound coming from what I thought was beneath our house. I finished my reading in the bathroom and quickly grabbed the flashlight because this could be a problem haha if it was what I thought I heard. I opened up the floor panel to go underneath the house but found nothing. As I was coming up from underneath the house I heard the sound again, but this time I thought "its coming from above." So my companion and I created a ladder out of chairs as I pulled myself up to the top our our roof. I found an entrance to the attic and entered in and to my surprise found what I had heard... A liter of Kittens... about 5 haha. We now have 5 kittens living above our bathroom. As I was leaving I found the mother... staring at me. That cat was staring into my soul, seriously! She was ready to kill me if I tryed anything! haha needless to say I got out of the attic as quickly as possible. We now wake up to the sound of millions of kittens meowing... They also speak fluent portugese haha... im so funny!!!!!!!
Anyway thats the update here in Botucatu Brasil. What a wonderful week in the service of the Lord. I testify this work is real and that this mission is in fact life changing. I apoligize for the long email but I hope in someway you all can feel my love and sure witness that this is true church of God with His Prophet and Apostles... I too hope that the spirit in some way touched your heart and testified of the importance of our families unto. Family and friends I know all this is true... I believe it... I know it. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon. May God be with you till we meet again.
Ama √Člder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. pictures of the kittens, and me with a dagger. I was going for a Prince of Persian, Jake Gynenhall look... haha kidding kidding... love you all so much have a blessed week.

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