Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ben #19

Well Training is done! Kinda weird to think how fast time flys by. Its really crazy actually haha... Fist though, like always, thank you everyone for your emails. Jordan meu amigo! Seu E-mail fez meu dia! Dont worry it made sense! haha. Mas agora eu espero eventualmente você pode fazer uma missâo denova. O Senhor, ele presica você em esta obra, intenge? Eu sei que seu o dor em  cabaça vai cura, com tempo... O senhor vai abencoar você! Tem fê nele, O Senhor :) Jordan man, I love you! Sounds like life is good for ya. Jenni, Alyssa. Thank you for your love and testimonies, what an inspiration they are to me. I truely can feel them. Mom your story about the Lillies really brought the spirit to my heart and answerd some burning questions I had, so thank you... Dad your quotes and story about Brother Webb were a blessing. I to lately have been struggling with that. There is so many people I want to go visit, but im only a junior so dont have much say at the moment. I know the Lord is and has prepared his children for this Gospel and EVERYONE deserves a chance to hear the it... That quote you gave from The prophet John Taylor struck me. We missionarys will be held accountable for the people we teach. I was thinking alot about this last night. MY heart was so... conflicted sorta speak. I cant tell you how many people I have met on the street here in Anhanguera that have told me "Oh, yeah I was already baptized in your church."- this statement hits me harder then a cannonball! Do these people realize the convenat they have made, How really important this is!? but as I thought about it more I realized, Its our job as missionarys to help these people realize the importance. Sometimes I think we as missionarys just get caught on the idea of getting baptisms... Baptisms are important dont get me wrong. Its our purpose! Its why im here!... But Its our job to TEACH and MAKE SURE they understand what they are commiting to do. To live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and take HIS name upon him. Like I said my heart hurts from this, but at the same time has given me strength and understanding as to what I want to be as a missionary. I want to help people have a lasting conversion to this Gospel... That is my purpose. Thank you for the quote again Dad. Oh, and sorry to hear about the mice... Keep fighting! haha
Well onto the adventures of this past week. I bet you are all just waiting to hear whats going on with tranfers and things, right? haha Well it turns out im staying with my trainer Elder Clay for another transer here in Anhangura. We have a ton of new investigators that are so excited about the Gospel. Last sunday we had 6 investigators come to church... 6!!!! I was on cloud nine! haha So im really excited to have another transfer here in Anhangura. I love this area and the ward. This lady named Irmâ Anna Maria in our ward reminds me of you mom. :) She actually told me last Sunday she wants to adopt me, so I have to write home and tell you I cant come home in two years haha! She is great... But dont worry mom, no one comes close to being as amzing as you. Anyway so thats whats going on here Brasil. The Lord still has something for me to learn here with Elder Clay.
Ok, so this week... Its funny every week when I read my Brother Matts emails its pretty much the exact thing that happened to me. He explains so clearly his experiences, that it sounds almost exactly what I experienced, its crazy... Its almost like were Twins or something... haha but in all seriousness its true. I too started to become comfortable with being a missionary and began to just be relaxed with everything. I kept working hard and doing everything that I was suppose to but something was just bugging me. Bugging me to the degree where I started to become frustrated. What was this feeling!? Why was I feeling it!? Im doing what im suppose to arnt I? Preaching, teaching, keeping the rules! what am I doing wrong Heavenly Father?... Well, once again the Lord, like my brother said humbled me... I was on the bus heading to another area late Monday night. The bus was crowded and I was caught in the middle of people, shoulder to shoulder... Here in Brasil, the Brazilans are a little shorter, so I stuck out in that crowd. I looked forward and saw my reflection in the window of the bus. I saw my combed over hair, my white shirt, my tie, and then... my name tag. The name tag that reads the name of our savior and brother Jesus Christ. Here I was caught in the middle of all this people, but stood out, Not because I was taller then them, or the fact that I am an American... but because of that reason... The reason that I bear the name of Christ... Im ashammed to say that this week I forgot that. I forgot I have the name of Christ near my heart. I felt like crying on that bus right then and there. I had allowed myself to become ME and not HIM. I become comfortable with (as Matt said) My abilitites and not the abilitites of the Lord. I felt so terrible. The Lord had blessed me with so many things over this past 5 months and showed me so many marvelous things and lifted me in so many ways... and then in a span of one week I allowed myself to become, like I said, ME again and not HIM. Family and Friends, I think there is something of great vaule here for us all to learn. To NEVER forget our savior. To always rely on his abilties. When things start to go our way its easy to forget the times when we were struggling. The times when the Lord truely picked us up and carried us... but the Lord loves us, he never turns his back on us. no matter how many times we turn our backs on him. That night when I said my prayers I felt his love, His Atonement. You have read in my past emails the power I have experienced with prayer and let me tell you and testify as a messanger of the restored Gospel... Someone is listening, God is there for us no matter what we have done. No matter how many times we turn our backs He will never turn His. We can use his Atonement in all things, I know it. The apostle Paul said "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, (Even a missionary)... but Christ is the author of salvation unto all them that obey him." We can use the Atonement we can turn to God. Just remember like I have said before MAKE HIM a part of your life and place trust in him not man. 
This week I forgot that, I became comfortable with MY abilities and forgot the blessings of God. I didnt rely on the spirit, and thus the Lord humbled me and once again showed a weak boy what he must do to change. Family, friends allow the Lord to change your heart. Allow his love to feel you. Allow yourselves, no matter what your facing right now, good or bad to remember the blessings your Lord as bestowed upon you. I know Christ lives. His love is eternal. I know sometimes we need to taste the bitter to realize the sweet. Sometimes that can be a tough thing to swallow but we can do it. One of my favorite scrpitures here on the mission is found in 1 Nephi 7: 12. The Lord can do all things. We can do all things through him.. This week was a huge eye opener. I feel a tremondous change on my outlook of my Savior Jesus Christ. I feel him so close to me. I never realized back home how much the Lord blessed me. Just take a moment or two and really ponder and "Count your Blessings" remember the Lord always and that we NEED him more then anything in our lives... I need him. Clint, Jason you both are getting ready to head out here to the great and wonderful work of God. My prayer for you and for everyone back home is dont become comfortable. Always look for the ways to better incoperate your Lord in Savior in your life. Remeber him and trust in HIS abilities.
Family, Friends... I love you so much. I pray for you all and even more feel your prayers lift me up. This week, in my opinion, was the begining of something special for me. A relization and better understanding of the love our Savior has for us. Im not perfect but im trying to be the best I can be and make my Lord, redeemer, and savior proud... I once again love you all and love this missionary work. There is nothing greater I so testify... I cant wait to hear from you all once again. Everyone! haha I just love reading and feeling your testimonies. What a strength. :) God be with you all
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett  
p.s. Matt my Brother I love you! Thankyou for your email this week. We are experiencing the same things! Crazy! but I love you and keep up this great work!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Picture time for Ben

Ok, so a member saw us walking back to our area and wanted to give us a ride so we hopped into the back of his pick up and off we went haha pretty sweet if I do say so. Next is a somewhat bridge in my area with a somewhat of a river... or stream haha dont really know... and then the last is me preparing to head on out to preach the RESTORED GOSPEL!!!! :) hope you like them!

Photo Time for Matt

The First two pictures are of Kevin and his journey to became a beautifull butterfly! Next is my companin and I at the Baptism last night. Thats Tina and her younger brother their awesome members!! Last picture is of my 2nd district saying goodbye.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Matt #20

WOW What awesome e-mails this week family and friends.... Mom your story made perfect sense about the lillies and the flowers. Thank you so much! Your advice is incredible and its exactly what I needed right now. Dad... you also have one incredible testimoney and thank you for your advice. Words cannot describe how much I miss and love my parents, family, and friends. Jason and chris thank you for the e-mails... its could to hear my friends are doing good. Alyssa your a incredible sister and dont worry keep up the hard work and you'll be blessed I know you will! Jenni/Matt I love you both very much and thank you for your examples. Keep up the hard work and remember im all ways thinking of my family and friends everyday. You know I'm still trying to figure out why I've been so blessed in my life because I just dont deserve all your love but thank you for everything family and friends! :) Dad and mom im sorry to hear we have a mouse problem but thats ok because we have a Rat problem here haha a few nights ago we heard a strange noise outside our window and when we looked down we saw a RAT! (He was around the same size as Boomer) eating this poor dogs food haha (I guess mice and Rats like dog food) and we freaked out! We got all dressed up for war to kill this Rat but he run away.... man it was pretty freaky haha :) if he comes back hes done for!
       Well im offically done with my training!!!!!! YEAH, its a pretty good feeling im not going to lie... We also are getting our new companions tommorow so we are all saying goodbye today... I wont lie im seriously going to miss my Training/Dad Elder Wright. Hes been such an example and strength to me and hes helped me soooo much! My new companion is named Elder bircandi and hes a American. I write more next week since I havent met him yet but he seems really cool from the pictures I've seen.
        Well this week has been a wierd week for me... I really had a wake up call. My focus for this week was on becoming a Good Missionary. I noticed that I started to become comfortable with the work as Im finally getting the swing of things, I noticed that I was becoming more relaxed with everything and just going through the motions of the work. I noticed that my confidence was slowly leaning towards my own abilities and not the Lords Abilities.... I began to be pridefull! Then here came the the wake up call. We were teaching a family who we were totally convinced that we had them and that they would be Baptised. I taught the lessons and just talked and talked. We answered all their questions about the Gospel and even had them set up for baptismal date... But we missed the most important key to missionary work... We never listened with real intent to there concerns and worse we never listenend to the Holy Ghost. We never gave the Spirit time to talk through us because we were to busy talking through our own knowledge... sadly we lost the family as investigators because we didnt listen to their concerns. We were devestated, and thats when I began focusing on what does it mean to be a Good Missionary? How can we be Good Missionarys?
         Well I can honestly tell you thats a tough questions. I can teach all the lessons now in Portuguese but thats it.... Speaking is no problem for me but when it comes to Listening thats a whole other story and well listening is the most important tool a Missionary can develop. I think my whole life I've been the kinda person who just talks and tells stories haha but ignores advice and promptings from others. (Just ask my parents) haha but Im so gratfull for my Mission because it has opened my eyes to how many things I need to work on to become a worthy Priesthood holder for my family and for my Heavenly Father. All men need to serve Missions not because we are qualifide to serve a Mission but if we give it our all and allow Heavenly Father to work in us, we can change and relize our weaknesses! :) I still cant understand what anybody is saying in Portuguese here... and that makes things hard for me! Its hard to listen to them especially when nothing makes sense, and because we are losing our investigators and not being able to Listen and understand what their needs are I started to became really discouraged this week especially in my own abilites when it came to being an effect Missionary... I started thinking "Well yeah Matt you can talk now and teach the whole lessons and thats it... You still cant understand what people are saying when they ask questions about what you're teaching so you cant help" and then I realized my Faith was being shaken when it came my own abilities as an effective Missionary, I thought maybe the reason we didnt have Baptisms was because I was a usless Missionary who couldnt understand the language... but my companion Elder Wright gave me some awesome advice that I will always remember forever. He said "Dont worry about your abilites as a person or Missionary. All the Lord wants from you is a willing, humble heart. Remember those who are impatient are constantly frustrated, you must learn to submit patiently to the Lords will." All we need to be an effective "Good" Missionary is to sumbit to the Lords will and work hard. Thats all he requires of us. :) When we submit to the will of the Lord we will become a changing Missionary. 
       Everyone the Mission is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life... Im learning so much about the Gospel and about myself. I hope that I can become a changing Missionary and when I return I hope you all will notice these changes. I wont lie im was hoping for a Brazilian Companion this next transfer to help me with my listening and understanding skills in Portuguese but thats not the Lords concern for me right now.... I think he wants me to first figure out and deal with the problems in my character/personality and then when he feels im ready to handle the task of Portuguese he'll give me a Brazilian. :) I want you all to know that I love my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ.... It makes me sick to think this past week I was begining to focus on my own abilites and not in my Saviors, remember its only through the Lord we can accomplish anything in our lifes! Well my dear family and friends I promise to always work hard so dont worry about me! :) I love you all so much and I hope this e-mail makes sense. haha Its pretty hard to top the awesome e-mails my brother writes... I miss him like crazy and hes such an example to me. I really cant wait for that day ben and I meet again and speak só potuguese juntos com jordan e fazemos todos pessoas bravo haha. :) Love you all with my whole heart and I hope you never forget I love you all so much! One thing I should write is my sense of humor hasnt changed at all so dont worry im writting all my funny experinces in my journal so I'll have loads of stories to share with you all when I get home, also we have a pet catipillar we named Kevin and hes HUGE! He looks like hymlick from a Bugs Life and hes building his coccon and stuff right outside our window. So im taking pictures and documenting his life for everyone back home hahah :) Love you all so much and I hope you all know Im doing great. Also the other Missionarys in our house had two baptisms yesterday... they are own fire so me and my new comapnion are going to have to work hard to keep up with them. LOVE YOU ALL :)        

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo Time for Ben

Ok the one of me jumping is for my wonderful sisters ( I know you will appreciate it haha) The other is me being cool with a members sunglasses at the ward Bar-Q and that last... Well the circus came to Campinas!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Ben #18

Wow... This week has been such a humbling experience. My mind and heart is so filled right now that I hope this makes some sense haha but First thank you everyone for your emails. I wish I could respond individually to all of them but time is short, just know I read them all and felt the love you all had for me and your support. What a blessing they have been to read. Jason, Kristin, Olivia... wow what testimonies of the restored Gospel you have. I;m so lucky to have friends like you in my life. Rachel, Alyssa your love and sure commitment to this Gospel and knowledge to follow the spirit. You are looking out for my spiritual wel- being and how amazed I am by your love... thank you... Mom... Dad... Ever week I read your email I feel the SURE love you have for me, your son, half way across the world. I can never say thank you enough, I can never say or express the amount of love I have for you both. Through this mission families have become so important to me. Something I hope to carry with me forever I pray. I love you both so much... Matt your email was exactly what I needed to hear I love you somuch, keep working hard. I know the Lord will bless. I to have been wondering why I havent had any Baptisms. The rules are so important and IM MAKKING SURE I follow them with exactness, which I have been doing. Some missionaries get baptisms even when they dont do all they suppose to... Early in my mission I saw the destruction of the little rules lead to the destruction of greater things though. Even to the point of destroying a mission for some. It was a huge moment for me to realize this... Its funny how Satan works, Right? Little by little till finally he pulls you down to endless misery. Its the little things that get ya... but how great the Atonement is and this Gospel in our lives that there is a way back. 
I dont know where to begin really. Last week in my email. My thoughts in were in 100 different places. Things were just crazy and I hoped that everything made sense in some way. My thoughts have been much like that of my brother, why I havent experienced any success as a missionary yet. I was down and frustrated. I remember last week sometime, walking into my apartment so frustrated! WHY, why was I called hear!? People dont want to hear the gospel they just turn us away, they shut a gate on me, I have a hard time communicating with them... WHY BRAZIL!? How much longer to  have to bear this with patience, how far can my patience go Heavenly Father? I was so frustrated and felt so helpless... Thats when I got on my knees and truely just boar my heart... I, at that moment was filled with so much love, so much peace... Its hard to describe really. During this mission You all have heard my frustrations my hardships... but I testify the Lord lives and loves us. During this week I felt a huge change in my mission... My attitude... I just cant describe what I feel right now. I want to stand and shout with all my heart how much I love and know this gospel to be true. I read this past week "Our Hearitage" and I realized how much the early saints sacrificed for this gospel cause they too knew it to be true! They went through alot more then I had too, and through those experiences the Lord shaped them. What a thing to realize huh? I can MAKE sacrafices for the lord too, I can have a gate slammed on me, or a person reject me cause I have a sure confidence the lord will bring about his true work among his children... and I have the sure knowledge and honor to be his conduit as a missionary. These early saints knew it! So why cant I take faith in it also!... The Lord to will shape my life.
I say this cause this past week I have seen the Lord bring his children unto us. I have seen his hand in the work. We meet a family and were warmly greeted into their home. As we began teaching them, they began opening up to us... Really opening up to us. They went on to describe how their relationship is in jepordy, how all they do is fight and argue. The wife named Celia began to cry along with her spouse. Here in this home were to people looking, and seeking marriage advice from two 19 and 20 year old boys with no such experience. I didnt know where to begin(I mean come on its me everyone, Ben Doggett haha)! But then like I mentioned, I saw the Lords hands. He lead us to this family, not for two boys( Or Ben Doggett) to teach this family how this marriage could be saved, but so he could teach them, so the Lord could teach him is plan of happiness.. What a amazing experience I have had this week. We gave them the Lords advice and to start looking at the good in each other rather focusing on the bad... As we have gone back throughout the week and read scriptures with them I have seen the light change in their eyes, a love return that only God could bring... Seeing this change and hearing them exclaim "We fill a trememdous difference in our lives with this gospel"- it makes it all worth it. I left that house and giving thanks to my God... in our life when we have "the people rejecting us" or "the slamming gates" in our lives remember. Through God all things are possible. That his people are waiting for this gospel.
I hope with all my heart this makes sense haha. My heart is so filled right now with a love for my God its undescriable. I know how important following the rules, keeping the commandments, scripture study, pray, and all these things are. That never giving up and being happy "Bearing thine afflictions" I wish I could individually talk to everyone of you and share my love for the gospel. I wish I could  take you by the hand and intoduce you to the light I see in the eyes of this wonderful couple... The light of the Gospel... I dont know what happened this week but I feel such a love and change in myself. My confidence is high and my love for my Savior sure. I love you all family friends. Please know I pray for everyone of you everynight... I hope to hear from you all soon. As Matt said Brazil is hot right now but im loving every moment of being a missionary.You have the chance to have a focused mind on the things of the Gospel daily. What a Blessing! I hope with all my heart that this email in some way may help one of you realize the love the Lord has for us. I love you all
Eder Benjamin B. Doggett    
MOM! I got your package and wow! It was the BEST I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Matt #19

Well once again another week is gone.... holy cow I can not believe how fast the time is flying by down here, it honestly feels like yesterday I was e-mailing everyone haha. Well I recieved and awesome package this week from Jenni/matt full of Fruity Tooties which were so delicous! Thank you so much Jenni and Matt I love you both very much. Sorry mom I still havent recieved any package yet but Im sure its coming soon. Also I got letters from Olivia, Millie, members of the Sixth Ward, and my incredible mother. It was geat to hear from everyone and dont worry letters are already on the way home! :) Also thank you everyone for the E-mails this week, I wont be able to respond because I'm limited on time but it was incredible to hear from you all. You all have such strong testimonys of this Gospel, I just love reading them! Thank you Jordan, Jason, Kristin, and Aunt Melani for the e-mails they were incredible. Also mom and dad thank you for the update on Rexburg and for your Love and testimoneys! Alyssa thank you for the e-mail also, I hope you know how much I love you! :) 
         Well this week was great, it was such a learning week for me (Like every week on the Mission) and I really felt my Saviors Love as we worked hard. To start off this week was incredible hot for some reason! Its Winter here in Brazil.... I just cant imagine how hot its going to get in the summer. Once November hits im a dead man haha but everythings going great and the work is really progrssing for us. This week my companion and I learned a very valuable lesson. We have really been wanting just one Baptism as a companionship before this transfer ends but we havent been able to get anything... nobody is willing to commit when we challenge them to come to church or to read the Book of Mormon and its tough. We've been praying and fasting and working harder then I thought possible but still nothing.... My Trainer Elder Wright is an incredible Missionary but yesterday he was very sad because we've  been obiedient to all the rules and done everything we possible could do to help our investigators fullfill their commitments but still nothing! We were both beyond discouragment.... My companion said to me "all the other Missionarys in our Zone are having Baptisms left and right and some of them arent even following the rules. What is our Heavenly Father trying to teach us Elder Doggett?" I just sat there not knowing what to say so we slowly walked in silence to the Church where the other Missionarys were having a Baptism that they needed help with. As we were sitting there and as I was pondering in my Heart that question something incredible happened, I looked at the young man who was being baptised and when he came out of the water I only saw pure joy on his face... and he said to Elder Michal. "This is the greatest feeling in the world.... I just feel clean." This was a special moment for me in the Mission, because I realized its not about recieve a baptisim but about sharing the Gospel with everyone. This young man was following the example of Jesus Christ and he was changing his life, and I had the special opportunity to be there as a Missionary as a servent of the Lord to witnesse this incredible change in this young mans life. :) I love Alma 31:31-38 but I especially love verse 36. Alma claps his hands on his breathern and they are feeled with the spirit and they go to work. (All the Missionarys in são paulo sul are working together to bring people unto Christ... we are all in this together and feel the same Joy) 37. They forget themselves and there needs and focus on the work. 38. According to their prayers and faith their afflictions are swallowed up in the Joy of Christ. (I felt my Saviors love when I saw that young man come out of the water with a smile on his face.) :) Even if that young man wasnt "My" Baptism that doesnt matter. I was there as a representitive of Jesus Christ and I got to see the change for good that took place in his life. 
             Family, Friends, and everyone who is reading this e-mail. Im sorry if this doesnt really make sense... everything sounds so much better in my head and in my Journal haha its just hard to write e-mails, I just wish I could just share all this with you in person, I wish you all could see how happy and full of joy I am! :) haha but I want you all to know that this church is true... I know that with every fiber in my heart I need to be here in Brazil. The Lord has called me here for a reason and even if I dont recieve a Baptism in my first area that doesnt matter. Because we have taught over a hundred lessons and we will countinue to teach and preach the Gospel. Remember in Alma 32 we read that everything starts like a little seed in our hearts... and evenutally that little seed can grow into something great. Everytime my Companion and I Teach the Gospel we are planting that good seed in their hearts... and who knows maybe in ten years someone we have taught here in vilá áurea will remember the incredible messeage of the Restored Gospel and they will want to learn more or they will remember that one American who made no sense when he spoke portuguese but they remember his smile and joy when he talked about the Gospel. Who knows! Haha one thing I do know is that I have never been more happy in all my life. This really is the greatest experience in the whole world! :) I love you all so much and thank you all for your prayers and love. I hope to hear from you all soon and thank you for everything. :)  

Photo Time for Matt

So theres some pretty awesome pictures. The ones where I'm at the beach was last p-day. It's me and Elder Wright, Elder Michal, and Elder Tavares. Then the one where I look crazy with the green hair is with a member of our Ward Bishopric here in my ward. They're an awesome family and I will miss them a lot. :) Hope you all enjoy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ben #17

To be honest I dont know what really to say. After reading my brother Matt's amzing email and his testimony he just said it all! :) and after reading my parents amzing words of advice. Dad for those scriptures and experiences of the mission (I cant wait for old faithful!) Mom, for your love and sure conviction of the Gospel... What an amazing family I have. Aunt Melanie, Keep up the work and open your heart to what the missionaries tell you. The Book of Mormon is Key in knowing that the Gospel is true. It proves everything is true of what my fellow Elders are teaching you. In the introduction we are promised a testimony of all this as long as we do it with faith and "Real Intent" As the prophet Moroni teaches. Love ya keep it up! Jason man, once again I love you! haha Im sorry I havent recieved letters for some time cause there has been alot of changes in my mission so things have been a little crazy butmy Zone leaders told me I have alot waiting for me so thank you all and I love you all for you Letters, I cant wait to read them... As Matt mentioned they really lift you up.
This week was... you guessed it, another Roller Coaster! haha (the mission has alot of those haha) but this was different. I know what your thinking "Oh no, something about Porteguese again" haha and yes, its hard and still on obstacle but wasnt what was tough this past week. Alot of our Investigators feel through... I never experienced something so heart breaking then this before in my life. We hold the key to true happiness! I was so frustrated. Why couldnt people see this!? Was I doing something wrong!? Why was this happening!!!!?- I really began to fight with myself (remember when Enos wrestled with God, kinda the same thing). As Matt said in his email, my parents came into my mind (Matt its scary how similar our experiences are haha) I wanted so bad to hear their voices and talk with them. I remember sitting on the couch in our room tieing my shoes and looking up out the window. My eyes began to be filled with tears (Mission makes you cry but as Matt said its well needed haha). I had never felt so alone... Last week I had such a spiritual high! What was going on this week? Ive never felt so abandoned and so alone... Then it came... PRAY... How powerful prayer is. I remembered something that President Boyd K. Packer had said, he said "No message appears more times or in more ways in the Holy scriptures then ask and ye shall recieve."- I turned around and sincerly boar my heart to my Father in Heaven and asked what I needed to do. With everything that had happend I cant lie my attitude was suffering and I needed his guidance... I testify in those moments of our lives when we feel abandoned or alone that we are never TRUELY alone. Our lOrd is there for us, he knows what we are going through. When I finished my prayer I realized so many important things.
First have Faith and CONFIDENCE in yourself and in your Savior Jesus Christ. Through my life I have never really had the biggest confidence in myself. I see now how important that is. We need to have confidence in our abiltities and that we will succeed. Have faith that the Lord will Fullfill ALL his promises, not just a few but ALL. I began to realize if you think you cant or you can your right! Attitude determines alltitude. How many times are we getting ready to make the shot and we tell ourselves "Oh, there is no way its going in"...The ball hasnt even left our hands yet! We just have to take it! When we have difficulties or trials to overcome we need to believe in ourselves and importantly that the Lord can do all things (1st nephi 7: 12). This week, after every gate was shut in my face, after ever person on the street told me off. I allowed myself to become trapped and slowly began to just not take the shot, and doubt my abilties as a missionary. Family friends! DONT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Dont allow what others say affect you, or a gate closed on you. There not the ones shoting the ball but you are! Trust in your abilities! Have confidence you can over come anthing in this World through the power of God. I know you can cause I have experienced it first hand.
After I began to realize these truths of faith and confidence I began to wonder how I was going to increase these qualities in my life. I turned to the scriptures and realized a really important truth that I have been missing when it comes to the scriptures. Yeah we can read the scriptures and love the scriptures, mark them up, and even memorize scriptures!... But unless we apply what we read the in our life are we really edified? I realized that I was a clear example of this! I was reading and loving and even feeling the spirit but throughout the day I wasnt pondering what I read and wasnt apply the lessons from the prophets teachings in that wonderful Book... The teachings of Christ. To develop faith and confidence in our savior we need to apply his teachings and his love. The other day I read Nephi 18 and decided to apply the teachings of that chapter... In Nephi 18 Nephi and his family leave by boat to the promise land. While on the trek Laman and Lemuel begin to act in wickedness even to the point of tieing up their younger brother Nephi because of this wickedness they become tossed upon the sea... Eventually they become scared and fear for their destruction and release their brother. Nephis Hands and Ankles are swollen from being tied up and he could have easily been upst and been angry... but you know what he did? He prayed to God... This stuck out to me so much. I had been this past week becoming upset and angry, depressed, all these things cause what was going on with our investigators and the people of our Area but I realized I just needed to pray to my God... Family friends, I pray it makes somewhat sense haha and helpful in some way. my mind is just so full and the spirit so present but... Through pray, Faith, Confidence, and applying the scriptures we gain an overwhelming sense of power and peace. As I looked out that window one more time I felt peace and the Lords love for me as his missionary. I survived a tough week... actually my Trainer said that was the hardest one he has ever experienced on the mission, but I have learned so much and my confidence in my abilities and ecspecially in my savior Jesus Christ is extrodinary. In just this one week it has grown so much. I know that through him all things are possible, make him the center of your life and apply his words and ponder them throughout the day and you will "Make the Shot" I testify of all these things. I love you all so much and hope to hear from you all soon. It was such a blessing to read your emails. They lift me up so much. If only you knew. Love you all again!
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

Monday, August 13, 2012

Matt #18

Holy cow what a week.... So many much needed e-mails... Thank you mom and dad for everything. This E-mail today will be focusing on both of you but to answer your question dad I have never seen old faithful and so when I return I want to spend as much time with my family traveling and seeing the sites of the world haha I think my sisters will be a little freaked out to hear that I want to spend time with the family traveling once I return haha but thats one of the many things that have changed in me because of the mission. Also Olivia thank you for the E-mail I miss and love you all too and dont worry your not a bad friend, your one of the best! :) Alyssa also thank you for the E-mail and dont worry your not the only one wondering what exactly the Lord needs from us. But I can promise you as long as you work hard and pray with faith everything will work out. Once again thank you for the e-mails everyone I always print them out and re-read them because there like scripture for me... no matter how many times I read them I always find something new and inspiring in them that really help me out. I hope you know how much I love you all.
        Well Im not sure where to really begin other then this was one of the greatest and hardest weeks of my whole Mission. I learned more about life and myself then I ever thought possible haha my brain actully fills like its going to explode right now. Well to begin I learned two very important lessons about myself this week. 1. Im terrible with money and really need to work on that haha (Thank you mom and dad for the love and support) 2. I've always taken for granite what true love is in my life. What is true Love? Occasionally we learn something that has profound influence in our lives and I know this week was one of those occasions for me.
        So what is true Love? What is pure Love? I think Todd R. Callister makes it pretty clear for us. "Sacrifice-The Highest form of Love." Sacrifice is the highest form of Love, Sacrifice implies doing one thing at the expense of another thing that has equal, or maybe greater, appeal. Everybody who is reading this E-mail think of someone in your life who is the perfect example of this.... When I think of Pure Love I think of my incredible parents. Think of how much they sacrifice for all of us everyday. Parents are everything in this life and sometimes we take for granite what there love for us truly means.
                 This week was extremly hard for me and yesterday I had another breakdown... I think Missionarys need breakdowns because it allows all of our emotions and stress to leave haha I'm not sure why I broke down but I did and all felt hopless.... I remember sitting there with the tears slowly rolling down my face and I could only think of two people who mean everything to me... My Mother and Father. I thought how much I wanted and needed their Pure sacrificing Love, There I was yesterday as a 19 year old boy crying and wanting my Mothers soft loving embrace, and my Fathers loving comforting words of advice, I wanted my parents to comfort me in my small moment of pain but then I remembered the Saviors Pure Love for us.... He gave his very life for us and he endured everything for me and for  you.... The Lord Atoned for our sins and because of this we shouldnt be afraid to do all we can possible do for the Lord, He did everything for us and I mean everything... We should be willing to give just a little back to him. (Two years) (Either 12:26-27) "The Lord makes weak things become strong" Those who humbly and faithfully wait upon the Lord may, like the eagles, soar above their weakness. Our Savior loves us very much and as long as we do our part we will become all that the Lord needs us to be. Through the Saviors Pure Love (Atonement) All things are possible.
               This week was such a growing week for me, I just learned so much about myself and whats really important in my life. I love what Lawrence E. Corbridge said about change "As you consider the question of what kind of person you will become, you must understand the dynamic process of life. You not only can change but you do change all of  the time. Sometimes people donot believe this. They excuse their  failures and weaknesses by saying: "That's just the way Iam." "I am just short tempered, impatient person." I can't get up in the morning. That's just the way I am." "That's my nature." Or, "I'm just shy. That's all. That's just who I am." "I am not really a spiritual person."To believe that weaknesses and deficiencies in your character are unchangeable is to reject the central truth of the plan of salvation. You are not cast in stone. You not only can change but you do change all of  the time. You are a dynamic, changing, evolving being. You are always changing. You never stay the same. You cannot stand still. You are right now the sum total of what you have thought, said, seen, heard and done. What youthink, say, do, hear and see, cause you to change; to change for good or evil; to become either stronger or weaker; to either internalize the qualities of light or the qualities of darkness. You are responsible for who you are and you are responsible for who you will become. Do you know what kind of person you want to become? Do you see in your mind who you want to be? Do you know?"  Family, Friends, Mom, Dad, and anybody else reading this E-mail I want you to know that I know what kinda Missionary I want to be... I know what person I want to become in my life... I know what kind of Father I must work to become. I want to be the man that honors his priesthood and gives not only his time and strength to the Lord but also my Heart. I know this is Gods work. I know this Church is true. Im also sorry my e-mail has included nothing about brasil or my investigators but only my testimony... dont worry I will try and send more letters explaining this incredible place called brasil haha. Also my Journal im keeping is a really good record of my day to day activites so dont worry you will all eventually learn whats happening down here in brasil :) One cool thing is yesterday I taught the young men in our ward about the plan of salvation and guess what... I talked for a whole hour in Portuguese about Gods plan for us! Now it wasnt perfect but I still was able to do it. The Lord works mighty miracles in our life especially when we give everything to him. We just need to take the time to realize these changes and blessings. I love you all with a Pure Love. Thank you for all your letters and love. I miss you all so much but I know this is where I have to be right now in my life. Its time to give everything including my Heart to the Lord in this work. Love you all :) (Sorry for the incredible long e-mail)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

#16 Ben

OK Im not kidding when I say I have 5 MINTUES THIS WEEK TO WRITE! Things have been crazy this week what a spiritual high I have had. First I loved the emails mom and Dad they both actually brought tears to my eyes cause they were both what I needed to hear. I really missed you all this week, and I printed them off haha!.. but The lord really strengthed me. I also received letters today from Rachel and Mom and Dad (thanks for Brady;s emails also he is a giant and such a strength to me... BRADY if you ever read this email I love you man!) and RAchel the pictures were awesome , it was great to see the house. Anyway I had the chance to actually read the letters during our visit to the Temple this morning... Yup I went through the Campinas Temple, I was so excited and had quite the experience there. Something occured there so special to my heart but to personal to share... Family Friends this church is true... I have no doubts....
I have a short amount of time and sorry if this email seems rushed. I dont want it to seem that way cause when I write these emails I take my time as to allow the spirit to guide me into what would benefit you all. THis week though due to the visit in the Temple time is really short and I have to make it back from the Central of Campinas to Anhgurea because we have a lesson with a lady who has commited to baptism, so yeah... Mutio importante na? haha but first I wanted to start off and share a experience I had this week that strenghtend me so much.
Elder Clay and I were not having any success all DAY(Monday)! I cant lie I was a bit discouraged. We found a guy selling blankets so I bought one cause for the last little while I havent had one haha and have been sleeping with... Nothing but a sheet HAHA (oh the Mission) so mom, thats the 15 dollar charge on my card :) Anyway after that we made our way to a random area we visited about 4 weeks ago. We felt prompted to make a visit to a contact we made that 4 weeks ago. As we aproahed the house I cant lie my faith was weak. From the success we had been having all day my expectations were low. I clapped and soon saw a women approach the gate we talked for a bit and asked if she remembered us, she nodded and replied yes and warmly invited us in. As we sat down and began to teach things were going great. I was doing my usual small portion of the teaching, and my companion was doing the rest... But the next thing caught me off guard, I heard my companion say "Now Elder Doggett will explain more on the restoration and this boy Joseph Smith"... Now you have to understand, I have only taught this lesson once... In my HOUSE! haha never to an actual investigator. I froze! What was I going to do!? How was I going to do this!? I just do the little parts! haha I turned to the lady and back to my companion and then BACK to the lady... now the miracle I experienced... I swallowed, and slowly began to talk. At first my mind was a fuzz and I didnt know where to start, then I heard something that touched my heart and mind which calmed me and all it was was "Talk Ben", So I did... I cant explain it Family and friends but I was filled with the spirit and the Porteguese just flowed. I remembered ever part of the restoration in Porteguese and I spoke almost perfectly...Afterward I was stunned, I looked at this lady and saw that she was crying... and that I was crying. The spirit touched that room and i knew the Lord was there, guiding everyone my words. It was such a testimony bulider for me. I heard stories like that in the Ensign and to be honest was like "oh, thats a neat story"... BUt I testify as a witness that the Lord truely does us as his instruments, that these arent just stories but REAL experiences... I invited her to be baptized and she agreed for the 25 of August. The spirit was there.
I know this church is true. This week I experienced first hand the power of God Use me as his representative, how humbled I was. I mean come on! A stuck up Idahoan boy, who in High school goofed off more then studying, who was more interested in the mundane things of the world then his Savior... I felt it... As I left that house I feel to the ground, in the middle of a Brazilian neighboorhood, and cryed. Giving thanks to my savior JEsus Christ and my Loving Heavenly Father. Its true I know it is. My priorities have changed and my whole life is being shaped by this mission. Things are becoming clearer and I can see what things are truely important. EVERYONE SHOULD SERVE A MISSION! haha but FAmily friends my time is spent but my Testimony is growing. The Lord lives and I know this Church is true. I just finished the Book of Mormon again this week and I testify that if we have REAL INTENT like our beloved prophet Moroni taught the Lord will Bless us... "Ask and YE SHALL receice" I have received and know its true with all my heart! I love you all so much and thank you again for the emails. Im sorry this week I wrote fast but the work is moving fast as my Brother MAtt said, Matt I love you bro and thak you for your words of advice and comfort. You are an inspiration to me. Again I love you all and God be with you all.
LOVE Elder Benjamin B. DOggett

Matt #17

Wow what a awesome week with letters and e-mails.... everyone I feel so much love from all of you! Thank you for your prayers and love, I just miss you all like crazy! I got letters from rachel, mom, dad, lauren, kristin, brother palmer, aunt karen, and uncle curt. Im glad to say that I have gotten letters written for everyone and there on there way home! :) Also mom you can get ride of the car, I realize that the things off the world dont matter and if it will help someone in need thats more important then anything. I wont lie though I will miss that car more then anything but change is good in our lifes and its time he moves on to bigger and better things... I kinda feel like Andy right now saying good bye to Woddy and Buzz (Toy Story) but I know its for the best haha. :)
     Well It sounds like everyone is doing great back home... to be honest I cant believe another week has past by, it just feels like it was yesterday I was writting you all. This week was a blessing, The mission I have decided is like a mini-life from our birth to our death. We start off making the decision to serve a mission and then we enter the field not knowing or understanding anything around us and we are so confused and lost but we have our senior companions there leading and teaching us what to do and say... We then have really hard times and things sometimes seem impossible but we countinue to work our hardest and we eventually have success after diligent prayer and enduring to the end and reilying on our Heavenly Father. We learn and begin to grow... we start to focus on whats really important in this life and we begin to have a greater understanding of Gods love for his children. We then go home from our Missions and have incredible Joy and look back on our missions and think of all the blessings and Joy we've recieved through things we've learned during the hard times. Now heres what I would like to compare the Mission experience to.... In our lifes we made the decison to follow Gods plan and come to this earth and recieve bodys... We come to earth as babys and we dont know anything around us but we reiliy on our parents love and guidance and we begin to learn and grow.... We have hard times in our lives with death and problems of the world but we countinue in Faith and Diligent Prayer and we follow the Commandments and Endure to the end. Eventually we start our own families and realize whats really important in this life than we all will pass away or return home to our Fathers presence. There we can look back on the growing experiences of our mortal life and have eternal joy based on weather or not we really put forth our best effort. The Mission and our entire life are exactly the same. :) I hope this made sense to everyone haha it made a lot more sense in my head this morning so I apoligize if everyone is super confused now haha but just remember that everything we experience will either lead to joy or sorrow... its really just up to us and if we choose to follow Gods plan of happiness. :)
      Well this week was great, We have one investigator named Carmine who is 18 years old and she speaks perfect english and she loves the messages. She came to church yesterday along with three other investigators!!! It was incredible, my companion and I really feel the Lord is blessing us for our Dilligent effort and we continue to pray they will countinue to follow through with there commitments. After church Carmine turned to me and said with a smile on her face "There is something really diffrenet about this church" I was so happy to hear her say these words because its very true. There is something really incredible about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I cant really explain in words only that it changes lifes thats for sure... Im a living witness to this incredible change. :) We hope she will commit to being baptised this next sunday but we will see what happens. Sometimes our purpose as missionarys is to plant that seed of Faith and then on the Lords time he will take care of his children. :) We have another investigator named hynilma and she just needs to recieve an answer and then she said she will be baptised. We then have three investigators who need to get married before they can be baptised. The women I talked about last who said she wants to be baptised needs to be married first so we are really working with them. Other then that Ive just been extremly busy... There are definetly days I miss home and my friends and famlies but I know this is what I need to be doing right now in my life. The mission is and incredible journey and I am learning so much. Remember I love you all very much oh and also Im getting married hahah This random girl on the street said to me "will you marry me" in portuguese and I had no clue what she said and I nodded my head and said "Sim" hahah WHOOPS but dont worry we got everything worked out and she understands that shes not the one for me haha. :) I love you all so very much and thank you for your love and support. Mom I still havent gotten that package with the goodies but im sure its coming soon. Love you all and I pray for you all everyday. I just cant believe im on my Mission.... crazy!! :) Also whats bens address? I want to send him a letter but I dont have his imformation, also mom can you get me Maguels familys address I really want them to know how Im doing. :) Love you all and God be with you till we meet again!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Time for Ben

Ok, the first is at this Park near an area called Sumaré. They had these work out toys that we thought was pretty funny. Next we had family night at a members home where we taught her friend who isnt a member. I had the chance to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon and wow what an experience... After the lesson we played a game and that's what you are seeing in the picture haha! The last one me and my companion found a random swing in the street... I mean come on! We had to get a picture with the SWING IN THE STREET HAHA hope you enjoy this weeks adventures in Brazil!