Thursday, August 9, 2012

#16 Ben

OK Im not kidding when I say I have 5 MINTUES THIS WEEK TO WRITE! Things have been crazy this week what a spiritual high I have had. First I loved the emails mom and Dad they both actually brought tears to my eyes cause they were both what I needed to hear. I really missed you all this week, and I printed them off haha!.. but The lord really strengthed me. I also received letters today from Rachel and Mom and Dad (thanks for Brady;s emails also he is a giant and such a strength to me... BRADY if you ever read this email I love you man!) and RAchel the pictures were awesome , it was great to see the house. Anyway I had the chance to actually read the letters during our visit to the Temple this morning... Yup I went through the Campinas Temple, I was so excited and had quite the experience there. Something occured there so special to my heart but to personal to share... Family Friends this church is true... I have no doubts....
I have a short amount of time and sorry if this email seems rushed. I dont want it to seem that way cause when I write these emails I take my time as to allow the spirit to guide me into what would benefit you all. THis week though due to the visit in the Temple time is really short and I have to make it back from the Central of Campinas to Anhgurea because we have a lesson with a lady who has commited to baptism, so yeah... Mutio importante na? haha but first I wanted to start off and share a experience I had this week that strenghtend me so much.
Elder Clay and I were not having any success all DAY(Monday)! I cant lie I was a bit discouraged. We found a guy selling blankets so I bought one cause for the last little while I havent had one haha and have been sleeping with... Nothing but a sheet HAHA (oh the Mission) so mom, thats the 15 dollar charge on my card :) Anyway after that we made our way to a random area we visited about 4 weeks ago. We felt prompted to make a visit to a contact we made that 4 weeks ago. As we aproahed the house I cant lie my faith was weak. From the success we had been having all day my expectations were low. I clapped and soon saw a women approach the gate we talked for a bit and asked if she remembered us, she nodded and replied yes and warmly invited us in. As we sat down and began to teach things were going great. I was doing my usual small portion of the teaching, and my companion was doing the rest... But the next thing caught me off guard, I heard my companion say "Now Elder Doggett will explain more on the restoration and this boy Joseph Smith"... Now you have to understand, I have only taught this lesson once... In my HOUSE! haha never to an actual investigator. I froze! What was I going to do!? How was I going to do this!? I just do the little parts! haha I turned to the lady and back to my companion and then BACK to the lady... now the miracle I experienced... I swallowed, and slowly began to talk. At first my mind was a fuzz and I didnt know where to start, then I heard something that touched my heart and mind which calmed me and all it was was "Talk Ben", So I did... I cant explain it Family and friends but I was filled with the spirit and the Porteguese just flowed. I remembered ever part of the restoration in Porteguese and I spoke almost perfectly...Afterward I was stunned, I looked at this lady and saw that she was crying... and that I was crying. The spirit touched that room and i knew the Lord was there, guiding everyone my words. It was such a testimony bulider for me. I heard stories like that in the Ensign and to be honest was like "oh, thats a neat story"... BUt I testify as a witness that the Lord truely does us as his instruments, that these arent just stories but REAL experiences... I invited her to be baptized and she agreed for the 25 of August. The spirit was there.
I know this church is true. This week I experienced first hand the power of God Use me as his representative, how humbled I was. I mean come on! A stuck up Idahoan boy, who in High school goofed off more then studying, who was more interested in the mundane things of the world then his Savior... I felt it... As I left that house I feel to the ground, in the middle of a Brazilian neighboorhood, and cryed. Giving thanks to my savior JEsus Christ and my Loving Heavenly Father. Its true I know it is. My priorities have changed and my whole life is being shaped by this mission. Things are becoming clearer and I can see what things are truely important. EVERYONE SHOULD SERVE A MISSION! haha but FAmily friends my time is spent but my Testimony is growing. The Lord lives and I know this Church is true. I just finished the Book of Mormon again this week and I testify that if we have REAL INTENT like our beloved prophet Moroni taught the Lord will Bless us... "Ask and YE SHALL receice" I have received and know its true with all my heart! I love you all so much and thank you again for the emails. Im sorry this week I wrote fast but the work is moving fast as my Brother MAtt said, Matt I love you bro and thak you for your words of advice and comfort. You are an inspiration to me. Again I love you all and God be with you all.
LOVE Elder Benjamin B. DOggett

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