Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matt #7- First Proselyting/Matt's Laws

My goodness its my final e-mail before I leave for the field and I'm sad to say that the normal Matthew doggett is less then prepared to enter the field but Elder Doggett is ready. Its taken me the whole MTC experience to remember that this work isn't at all about me and I dont teach the investigators but the spirit does... Well this week I really want to stress to everyone who reads this letter the importance of the temple! Please go there as often as possible!!!! Its a place of peace and learning and its the closest you can get to our Heavenly Father on the earth. So please I encourage everyone to go! :) This past week has changed me more then anything I've done on my mission... I had the chance to begin preaching the gospel on the streets of casa verde and hand out Book of Mormons! In three hours I couldn't hand out a single Book, its crazy to be the odd ball out when no body speaks english and its so hard struggling to speak the language but let me tell you what my problem was when I began... I only thought about myself and how cool I would look if I could hand out my Books not about the people who would be blessed for reading them. It took me three full hours and rejection after rejection before I realized this. Then I said a very short but strong prayer in my heart and the minute after I prayed I saw a young teenager boy walking towards me. Without even thinking I walked over to him held out the Book Of Mormon and testified of the truthfullness of that incredible book with the most broken portuguese you have ever heard haha but guess what he took it... and He began to read as we walked away. After three hours of disappointment and rejection just handing out that one Book changed everything! My heart has never burned with the spirit like it did when I testifiyed of that book and the incredible thing is I did nothing... the spirit did everything! :) Remember that while you need to learn the language to teach, its the Spirit that converts! I want everyone to know how happy I am and I cant wait to get to the field next week. Also I havent recieved any letters from my friends yet but I'm sure I'll get them soon and rachel thank you so much for the pictures they are such a blessing!!! Airmail is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Well I also need to add some humor to my letter because thats who I am so I want to share the Matt laws that I came up while here in the CTM
1.Thou shalt not look up thy neighbors girlfriend if thou leavest the mission before him
2.Thou shalt take a shower at least 3-4 times a week preferably 7
3.Thou must act like a gentelman at all times
4.Thou shalt always high five thy companion if thou recievest a baptism of eternal worth
5.Thou must study all the days of thy Mission
6.If thou becomest a Distract leader, Zone leader, or Assistant to the president thou mayest freely tell any women waiting for you to increase your chances of finding an Eternal Companion.
7.Thou shalt not covet thy companions Tie.
8.Thou shalt not kill thy companion even if he grinds your gears
9.Thou shalt love thy mission with thy whole heart
10.Thou shalt love the people of brasil and love the lord with all thy might, mind, and strength, and give all you have to this incredible work! :)
I love this gospel with my whole heart and I miss you all back home so much but I've never been happier! Please keep Ben and I in your prayers because I know this next week will be crazy. I'm entering the field not knowing any portugues hahaha but the Lord is always there walking with me and most of the time hes carrying me. I love you all so much and remember everyone who reads this letter is in my prayers! :) Oh also guess what I finally found where they sell Lemon Juice!!!! Its was one of the greatest days ever!!!

Ben # 7- First Proselyting Experience

Well this is my last week at the sao paulo MTC and then its off to campinas. I got plenty of pictures heading home to all of you! Fist off I wanted to wish Alex a happy birthday!!!! Send him my love! and also before I forget mom... I need my pin number haha I forgot it and I need it for the field I hope you can get it haha I cant believe I forgot it!... Well everyone I have so many emotions right now, I leave for CAMPINAS next week Im so excited! I have to say I have become way comfortable here in the MTC, but im ready to head on out!
So, last week I told you all how I was going proselyting for the first time this week. What an experience it was. Dad, your story of when you were first in Austrailia helped out so much. It was so funny all the Elders and the Sisters in my district were all so excited to head out and teach but as soon as those gates of teh MTC opened up and our teacher looked at us with a smile on his face and said boa sache (good luck) the nerves kicked in for everyone haha! what an experience... My companion and I headed on out. We made our way up the street and around into a tiny neighborhood. There we were determined to make our first contact. As I went to aproach my first contact my companion and I both froze up and said Tudo bem! and kept on walking, (oh my goodness! Really!!!!) we started laughing pretty hard cause we both were just so nervous to talk. Till we both thought we will never get over these nerves if we dont talk, so we made the effort for our next person we saw we were going to stop! Talk! and get out of our comfort zone. As soon as we said that there he was, a older man about mid 50's with a tan suit and a gray mustache... We made the approach and I began to tell him who we were. Nos missionarios da igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos ultimos dias. He was in a hurry so he couldnt talk with us but it worked! We were over our nerves and slowly it became easier to talk to people! We meet a great girl who was waiting for her friend to pick her up so we shared our testimonies with her about the book of mormon and gave her a copy. As we were talking about our church she didnt really seem to care much but as we continued and we boar our testimony I felt the power of the Holy ghost, and something in her eyes glowed and in my heart I knew what I was saying was coming from the holy ghost. The Holy ghost is real. I am so grateful for the power a simple testimony can have and how it can bring the truth unto anyone.
As the day went on, we had a lot of rejection. My heart went out to them because I so badly want them to hear the gospel and know the true hapiness that the gospel can bring into our lives, but God has a way of preparing his children... The day went on with alot of rejection but I tryed my best to keep a smile on my face. My companion and I decided as time was drawing to a close to check one more area. As we made our way around once again we werent having much success. We decided that it was time to head back. When we saw a man sitting in a tiny park across the street. He was alone, just sitting by himself. My companion and I made our way across the street for one last try. We aproached him and explained we were missionaires, he had never heard of us or our church so we began to talk with him. His name was Olivira and was from the outskirts of Sao Paulo. HE was a member of the catholic church and loved the Bible. As we talked with him and got to know the love he had for God. He was a great man and very kind. We ended up teaching him for about 35-40 minutues. It made up for all the rejection we had experienced. He read the introduction and asked if he could have one of these books. I gave him a copy with my written testiomony in it. As we were leaving he said this church must have something special if two young american men leave their home and try to learn porteguese just to teach it. We also gave him a number of some local missionaries he could call if he had any questions.
The spirit was so strong as we left. I dont know what will ever become of that man, but what I do know is I have a firm testimony of the power of this church. He was right this church is special. I know it with all my heart. I hope and pray he may come to know that joy and peace the power the book of mormon brings into all of our lives. Im sorry Im all out of time, but just know of my sure testiomony of this gospel. Christ lives and loves all his children. Im so happy we kept pressing forward though we were tired, hot, and worn out from all the rejection. I know the lord prepares his children to hear the gospel what a honor it is that I get to be the vessel at this time in my life to help serve the lord and bring his children home to him... Sorry I wish I could share more with you but I must go I love you all and god bless you next week I head to Campinas and i cant wait! Thank you all for the emails its so great to hear from you all... I send my love to you all and love for this Gospel through it all things are possible!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Boomer has it!

Today we received letters from Elder Ben and Elder Matt which is always a delight. To our surprise Elder Matt  sent a personal note to none other than Boomer. If you can't read the card it says "Dear Boomer! Ruff ruff ruff. Ruff ruff bark ruff rrrrr. Bark ruff ruff ruff rrrr ruff bark, ruff bark bark ruff rrrrarg ruff bark ruff ruff, bark ruff bark ruff ruff ruff ruff bark. I love you boomer Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett

I must say that was quite a heart felt letter, and we know Boomer was very appreciative. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ben #6

WOW... I cant believe how fast the weeks go I seriously think the days just blend together now. If thats the case I cant even imagine what it will be like once I get to the field! Well this week was for sure a tough one. The classes now that we are pretty much done with our MTC experience are insane, theres no holding back. THe teachers really drill us with the launguage and give us situations that we might run into in the field. Let me tell you I am learning a ton about the Gospel and how to better teach it to the needs of the investigators. ITs actually easier now to teach in porteguese. haha weird huh! Though when it comes to normal conversastion on the street ummmmm yeah I got a lot to learn but thats why I am so excited to get to the field and see whats waiting for me.
This week I got some letters from Olivia, Millie, and my Sister Rach! Man, that was a sure boaster for me. Its like whenever you get a letter you just feel so rejuvinated. Thank you everyone for your words of comfort and support that day when I got them was a real tough one for me, but the lord really has your back if you just turn your whole heart to him. Thats one thing I have for sure realized out here. How much the lord really cares for us. To many times we just turn our backs on him and move on with our lives and only when those trials and hardships come do we turn around to the only source of power we know, get on our knees and turn to him. The lord is still there facing towards us with a smileing face and open arms even though for some time we've been so far away... I noe know we need to face towards and hang onto him with all we have even when life seems totally perfect. I found myself doing that when I was back home, but now I realize how important that is. I cant even begin to describe to you some of the things I have already seen. some pretty shocking things and a big eye opener of the world outside of home. The gospel brings true peace and happiness and what an oppurtunity I have to share that message. Yeah I dont speak hardly any portugeuse in fact I was over at the cookie shop and my companion and I were playing with this little kid whos family is a member of the church along with him and he handed me his toy dinosaur and started speaking so fast I had no idea what he was saying haha me and my companion got a kick out of it, we were laughing so hard!!!.... the boy is 3 HAHA. All I did was share a smile and the boy knew what was going on, and he smiled back. Thats one thing everyone understands. A simple smile. Whenever life gets hard just smile, it makes all the difference. I love this gospel and the chance I have to be serving here in Brazil. I love I cant tell you over a simple message how much it means to me. Its the best thing I have ever experienced... The spirit is so strong and teaching me ever day. The power the Book of Mormon has is so real. I have read it and know for a fact that it is true. Gain a frim conversion of that book and you will be set, the prophet joseph said the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and without it everything else would crumble... If teh Book is real that means joseph smith was a prophet and he did see God the father and his son Jesus Chrsit, resurrected, in the sacred grove and through the power of God translated the book of Mormon... Family, friends, I know with all my heart its true. I love you all and miss you dearly but the lord needs me to do his work and be a representative of our savior Jesus Christ he is counting on me and I cant let him down no matter how tough it gets. I know it wont be easy, but hey, he never said it would be easy... only worth it! Love you all and God bless you from Brazil. You are all in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Thank you for the letters once again keep them coming also Sisters im so sorry I keep getting your emails wrong I just dont have any time here in the Mtc to change the emails but once I leave in like a week and a half from the Mtc I will make sure to change it... Can you believe it I leave for Campins in like two weeks wow, One more p-day here and its off to the field. I cant wait! Love you All!
p.s. I get the chance to go proslelyting on this upcoming monday, wish me luck! I will tell you all about it next and let you know if I place any Book of Mormon's or.... Books of Mormon hahaha however you want to say it. Tchaí!   

Matt #6

Well I cant believe it I down to the final two weeks of my CTM experience!! It was so great to hear from everyone this week and I finally got a letter from millie and olivia from may 13th it was so great to hear from you!!! Well to start off this week has been very slow Im so ready to get into the field haha the CTM is great but I feel myself slowley going crazy haha one thing I should tell you is not to send any packages to the CTM you'll have to wait until I get to the mission home or I wont get them. Also several letters I sent to everyone back home had the chance of being lost of stolen the past two weeks ago so please dont feel like I've forgotten about you if you dont receive a letter the next few weeks but I promise i'll send more as soon as I can. One more thing dont worry about the ties mom the church is very good at takening care of missionaries and the Elders in the CTM love to help as much as they can and dont worry I still have plenty of my own clothes to last me a good year or two haha! Well I need to start off by expressing my love to everyone back home. These past few weeks i've realized how blessed i've been in my own life to have such an incredible family and life in rexburg... theres so much I've taken for granite and I wish I could go back and show my apreciation to those I love! The mission is such a strength and builder for me and I'm learning so much! One thing I have to tell you is today I tried playing a little indoor football with a little four your old brazilan... the funny part was he was speaking better portuguese then me and teaching me how to say things hahah I already have such a deep love for the people of brasil and i've grown so much because of it! I wont lie though the language is very tough but I learned that the lord calls on the weak and unlearned because it allows them to be humble and I defiently need to be humble. I find my self bragging a little to much about myself and I~ve learned to think of others instead of myself haha... I can't really explane what a missions like only that its defiently part of Gods plan for all young men to serve missions. I've just learned so much and I havent even gotten to the field yet haha. One really cool qoute I hear a lot down here is ''the CTM prepares you for your mission, but your mission prepares you for life" Im not sure whos waiting for me in Sao paulo sul but im more then excited to find and teach them. One really funny story I need to share with you and im sure ben has already shared with you last week or in a letter but a little while ago Ben and I found a HUGE RAT behind our mailbox/cabnet thing and it was the biggest rat I have ever seen. i mean it was the size of a dog... it was bigger then boomer haha and It jumped out from behind the mailbox thing and started chasing all the missionaries hahah I wish you could have seen it! I've never seen so many missionaries screaming and jumping onto chairs to run away from the RAT hahaha but I wont lie it was kinda scary. ;) Well there really isnt much to write, I promise there will be more once I get to the field i'm sure of it! I hope everyone knows how much I love you all and remember this gospel is real. I feel it everyday when I testify of the truthfullness of the O Livro de mórmon! Never forget your father in heaven loves you and hes always there for all of his children no matter what! I love you and I hope to hear from you all soon!!    

Friday, May 18, 2012


Somehow the boys managed to make it to Jen and Matt Siple's wedding... As cardboard cutouts that is. 

Elder Matthew (left) Elder Benjamin (right)
Taken by their language instructor at the CTM, as a gift for Mother's Day.

Matt #5

Wow everyone the time sure flies on the mission! ok to start off I just need to say how much I miss all my friends and family you guys are awesome and you've all been such great examples and also Im glad to hear that everyone got a kick out of the cardboard cutouts of ben and I haha thats hilarious. Today I had the chance to go to the temple and while we were driving there ben and I came to the conclusion that if there was a Zombie apocalypse here in brasil we would be done for because theres sooo many people!! hahah Well I also found out today I will be heading to the field on the 5th of june so if everyone sends a letter to the CTM by priority mail I should get it. Also thank you for the letter mom about the canneries... It was such a strength during a time of need. This week was extremely hard. I broke down once and was so frustrated because I couldnt say what I wanted to say about the atonment of Jesus christ to one of our fake investigators... It was tough and I tried not to cry but the tears came anyway haha. Afterwards I prayed with all my heart to be comforted and to feel peace. and the craziest thing happened! I felt peace and I was no longer sad or upset because I know the atonement of jesus christ and the lord knows my frustrations and pains and he knows that if I try my best and reily on him he will guide me. The next day after my break down I was in shock. I understand much more in the portugues language and I was saying things in portugues I didnt even realize I knew words for!! Im happy to say I talked for 20 minutes about the atonement in broken but understandable portuguese the next day. Its amazing how much we are blessed in our lifes!!! Especially on the mission!! the lord is with me every step of the way and I feel him in everything I do. Heres a quote I've been saying a lot this past week. "I will walk and talk with everybody that I meet, and I will tell them about the church and when I no longer have the strength to walk, I will crawl on my hands and knees and speak with a louder voice so the people of brasil will hear me expressing my love for them and the gospel, and when I no longer have strength to crawl, I will lie on the flat of my back and shout to the heavens with a voice of thunder exclaiming this gospel and this work to be true!" I hope everyone knows how much I love you all. This gospel is real I know it with my whole heart! Mom I just have to say thank you for the letter in my suit case with the blessings president anderson gave me the night I was set apart. It has blessed me and helped me realize my gifts as a missionary. Also you said in the letter when life gives you curves take them like you would if you were driving the BMW... does this mean when I get home you'll let me drive the BMW finally. hahaha I also just have to tell you that today I had the chance to baptise 45 names in portuguese in the temple it was awesome! One more thing I want you all to know that this was the hardest but greatest week of my mission! I've learned so much this past month and I know I still have a lot more to learn. Ben and I have become so close to one another and we also talk about how we can't wait to bring people into the gospel, we've also talked about the power of family and friends and that the most powerfull power in this gospel is the spirit and love.... without the two you could never acomplish anything! This gospel is real and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, I've felt his power during the hard times and the good times and I know he loves all his chilrden! Thank you all my family and friends for you prayers! Remember I love you all so much. And mom please tell the camerons thank you for the letter it meant so much to me! Love you all   

Ben #5

Where to begin it has been one crazy week with so many spiritual experiences! I so bad want to tell you all of them but of course time wont allow it. I have been really thinking of the importance of family this week and Mom, Dad I just want you to know how much I love you please send my love to Jenni and Matt and congrats on the amazing wedding I loved the pictures you sent. I cant stress how important this Gospel is, whoever reads this email, please know my testimony on temple marriage. With that you can have eternal joy... I mean come on who wouldnt want eternal families right! haha
Well family and friends Brazil is awesome! I tried this awesome new fruit thats called cockie... SUPER AMAZING! I think I wrote home about it in an email that probably wont get sent to ya till a few weeks. It stinks about the letters cause I think they sent alot to my mission home, I think all the letters the girls sent headed there... bummer! But Mom and Dad I got you letters and boy where they a huge help. Thank you Dad for your personally wxperience about your mission. I needed to hear that cause next week we are actually going out to try and place some Books of Mormon ( I said books because of the movie Best two years haha) but yeah Im heading out next week... There going to drop us off in the center of Sao paulo and give us a few hours to try and talk to everyone in the area. Wish me luck and pray for me. haha I was a little nervous cause its still extremley hard to communicate but I can understand most porteguese. Today in the Temple a man talked to me about his mission to Africa. Now, while I wasnt able to communicate my feelings and thoughts I still was able to understand him, it was a really neat experience.
This week was a wonderful and very spiritual experience. Read mosiah 24 13-16 and that pretty much sums it up when applying it to my life. This week at first was really hard with the launguage but these verses brought so much peace and joy to my heart. Its amazing what the sciptures can do in you life. Whenever things may seem crazy in your life you can turn to those and feel the savior wrap his arms tightly around you. It nrought tears to my eyes to know how much our savior really does love and care for us. Yeah, I may be weak and yeah, i may not be the smartest guy when it comes to the gospel but I have a sure testiomony that my savior lives. I never really could fully understand that role till I got out here. I never imagained a mission to be like this. Its all a choice, choose to be happy in all you do. Cause every moment I have come to realize you spend down and depressed is a precious moment you could have been loving and serving those around you. It really humbling to realize. Be of good cheer and serve your lord with all your heart and on the morrow I will save you... So true are those words. Family and friends I love you all and wish I could share every single moment and experience I have had but in time I will be able to. This work is so important to do. Everyone who is able should serve a mission is will work wonders in you life. I love this mission, and cant wait to bring people unto the knowledge of their eternal father. I love you all so much thank you for all your support. Im sorry once again how short this is but dont worry I found out that once I get out into the feild I get more time to email so its not so rushed... Again I send my love to you all and know this church without a doubt is real. Thank you for all the pictures and emails Mom and Dad and thank you Olivia and Kristin for you wonderful emails they mean so much. I really miss you all but The lord needs me right now and I wont fail him. Tchai until nest week and may God be with you till we meet again
Sincerly Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

Matt #4

Holy cow this week flew by so fast!! I want to start off by saying how much I love this gospel and everyone back home. I ran into matt hendricks today in the ctm! looks like he final made it to brasil haha. I want you to know that this experencie in brasil has changed me so much... I cant believe how much I have been given in my life. A few days ago a missionarie showed up in the CTM wearing only his missionary tag and his best clothes. He had no white t-shirt,no dress pants, no church shoes. but he showed up ready to serve and it touched my heart... Im sorry mom but I give him many of my white shirts and socks so you might need to put some money on my debit card haha. This missionary doesnt know who gave him clothes and I wasnt the only one who gave him items but I saw pure gratedute on his face as he recieved these items. I love this gospel and I love my mission. I still havent improved on the language but I no longer care haha If I never learn the language thats fine by me. I'll just convert my investigators by smiling at them and let the spirit teach them hahah. This is the best experience of my life and I miss you all so much and I LOVE you so much. But I need to be here this is defiently where the lord needs me to become the man he needs me to be. one of my favorite sayings goes like. "the lord doesnt call you because your qualified, only that this calling will make you qualified for the future" how true that his. His hand is in everything I do and to be honest I cant wait to leave the CTM and teach real people with real problems! I love you all so much and thank you all for the letters and support it means so much to me here. Dad I love the pictures you send please send more. pictures are muito imperdande here in the field haha. Also mom I love you more then anything... I owe you so much for the lessons you've taught me in life, you'll always be the most important women in my life! please let jenny and matt know I love them and congrats on the wedding. Let Matt know I approve of him as my new brother haha. I have the most incredible family in the world and the most incredible friends in the world. I pray for all of you everyday, remember that there is two young inexperienced twins in brazil giving everything they can to the lord and they love each and every one of you back home! haha one story that happened today was I was walking on the street and an old man stoped me and started speaking so fast I didnt understand a single word he said but some how by the spirit I was able to hold a little conversation with him in broken portuguese! It was awesome and he did look a little confused but he just smiled and so did I haha. This gospel is true and the Book of mormon is the word of God I KNOW it is with all my heart. God speed and I cant wait to hear from you all again. P.S I found out I cant respond to friends until I leave the CTM but please keep sending e-mails they mean the world! I love you all  

Ben #4

Como vaí! Hello family and freinds once again another great week in Brazil. Matt and i are pretty much ready to go out now haha cause it is the same thing over and over again in the MTC but its all good, Im loving the spirit here. I actually had the oppurtunity to go to the temple and do baptisms in porteguese. I was confirming. I was pretty nervous cause you have to speak clear and say every word right but as soon as I started to speak the words just flowed. Its amazing with the spirits help how things work out, he is always there for you... im not going to lie this week was a real tough one for me. The launguage as really been kicking me, but I just keep having a positive attitude about the work. I am out here a part of gods army and he wont fail me now. Its funny you mention Alma 26 cause I just studied that chapter for about an hour yesterday morning, what a great chapter Dad. I too hope I can be like Ammon and describe my mission in that way. I also read in Alma 32 cause im really trying to develop more faith. As I went through I came to know through the hloy ghost that in order to have faith one must be confident, but to have strong faith one must be obident to the gospel of jesus christ. I cant stress enough how important it is to follow ou savior Jesus Christ. My testimony and faith have grown so much this week even though its been one of the hardest ones... Trials in out life and here in the mission are given to us to see if we will exercise our agency to follow our savior. Yes, we may endure for a night and it may seem like the sun will never rise, but in the dawn the SUN WILL rise, without fail. Joy comes in the morning. I am looking to the morning and I can see the sun slowly rising. Im just pressing forward. Dont give up on the lord his blessings are eternal and they are there for us to take. I know that no matter what I can rely on him. Even if I never get the launguage I know he wants me here in Brazil cause someone needs me to be the conduit of the spirit for them, I dont know who but I have to try my best... Family and friends. Yes, I miss you are dearly but I love this mission so much I have come to know my savior in such a close personal way, he is the ultimate comfort for us. We just have to turn our hearts to him and embrace his love. Then he can work miracles
I love you all thank you for the emails. Alex its was great to hear from ya, keep fliping those hamburgers! haha sorry I wish I could respond individiually but there just isnt time. Its nice getting emails they help out so much. I didnt get the chance to hear from alot of people this week but mom and Dad good luck with the wedding and send my love to Jenni and all my sisters. Thats crazy,  my sister is getting married! Also to you personally mom. I cant call on Mothers day cause we are in the MTC but I want you to know how much you mean to me. I dont know where I would be without a mother like you. I took the life I had back home for granite. I am truely blessed to have been born into our family and raised in such a great home and community what a blessing... This mothers day just know your sons thoughts are turned to you! and the wonderful life you have given him. Yeah, he is across the world but his heart is with you :) I love you so much along with everyone else... please keep the emails coming. I love them.... oh real quick I got a letter from jenni and rachel tell them thank you I really enjoyed them love you all
sincerly Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Matt letter #3

Its great to hear from you mom, dad, and the family. Its horrible that I only have a short amount of time to write but its all good! haha Im a fast typer thanks to all the video games haha just kidding but everything is going great! Dad irmao maricio (the one who added you on facebook) is my language teacher and hes the greatest man in the world. Your more then welcome to write him and ask how things are going in Brazil and with my language haha. Also mom I found your letter in my suitcase and I got the first of the letters from my family. Airmail is the best it gets here so fast so keep them coming!! I jump up and down yelling everytime I get a letter, its great! Well to start off I want everyone to know how much I love you and second off I love it here... I want to talk a little about becoming humble in the lords work. Two days ago my Brazilan roomates and amigos left the CTM to preach the gospel. When they were getting ready to leave my companinon and I and Ben and his companion bought them both several ties because we noticed they each only had two ties... when we gave them the ties they began to cry. It was in that moment that my heart was soften and the lord hit me with some spirtiual knowlege! It remind me of when I was home purchasing ties at fareals and I was so ungratfull that I had the money to purcheas my clothing for the mission. I have been so blessed all my life and I believe it only takes a mission for all young men to realize this. One thing I would also like to write is that the mission is soooo HARD! haha its crazy tough! I've never felt so pushed in all my life. The language is killing me haha but Its also coming to me so fast. Fear is the oppisite of faith and when we come to the lord he will lighten our burdens.... this doesnt mean it wont be tough only that the atonement will allow us to handle the weight of our burdens because the lord will bless us with strength! In Mosiah cchapter 24 verse 13-15 we read all about burdens being made light through christ! Its incredible please read your scriptures as much as possible it will bless your life I promise you that. One more thing really quick the weather has final cooled down now that its winter here haha and it feels great! I should tell you that today I was able to do confermations in the temple for baptisms and the amazing thing is was it was in portuguese I was somehow able to do it (by the power of the lord) haha Brasil is amazing and I want you to know how much I love you. Words will never be able to describe what you've done for me. I love you both so much and mom and wil NEVER be able to repay you... You were right the mission definetly opened my eyes to the old spoiled boy I used to be back home haha! I love you all so much and remember that I love you all! Oh one last thing that I think you all would love to hear... all the missionaries and teachers laugh at me because they say that my smile and laugh will be what makes my investigators be baptized not my portuguese!! I now am known as the way to happy missionarie. I think its the best nickname in the world. I love you and please let everyone know I love you all!

Ben letter #3

Comó Está familía e amigos!!! ok seriously I cant believe another week has gone by! The days are blending together I cant believe it! Im leraning so much and I see the growth I have made. This week has been a spiritual roller coaster! I wish i could explain and tell you everything that has happened but once again, no time. I do though have some pretty sweet letters on there way home to everyone that have some of them in it so I hope you get them sooner rather then later. Im almost done with the MTC... YES!!!!!! haha I cant wait to get out and start teaching real people. I had the chance to teach a bunch of teenagers last saturday that were from the saõ paulo ward. Alot of them were about two years younger then me. It was really something teaching them, I was so nervous to be honest. but then a scripture came into my mind, its from D C 30: 11 it talks about how we shouldnt fear man cause God is with us as missionaries. I know that was a tender mercy from the lord bringing that to my mind. I went in with total confidence and a smile on my face it was awesome. Of course it could have went better since my vocab. is so limited but when I boar my simple testimony the spirit was in fact there. It was so incerdiable I just cant tell you. I also have a talk last Sunday about Joseph smith and that too was so powerful for me. Its the first time I put my talk aside and went on what the spirit wanted me to talk about. I have never and I mean never! done that in my entire life haha. I love it. having the spirit always there is such a sweet feeling. Because of this MTC experience im beggining to recognize the spirit. I love it
MOm and Dad I got your letters thank you so much they really do help so much out here in the field. Also it was great to hear how everything is going on back home. keep it coming I love all the stories. I really enjoyed the one about the house almost burning haha classic tree stump story! Also mom we did get your little treat across the street and let me tell you it was amazing. I never had anything so good since ive been here. And im not going to lie alot of the other missionaries were pretty jelous! Also please forward this letter to whomever you would like. I wish I could add more people but it takes time so I will have to wait till I get out in the field. Let Alexs mom and dad know how much I love them and how grateful I am for their support. Also that is so sweet to hear about Parker! Dad thank you  the picture of us at the temple, it was a real uplifting thing for me. Also if possible please send some pictures of.... anything really haha. I love pictures. ANyway my time is almost spent and I have some laundrey i need to do ahhhhh lol I forgot about that, but just know how much I love and miss everyone of you. I love this work so much as well, There is really no other place I would rather be. Its a whole new experience thats for sure but hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience and Im not going to waste it. Love you all again and I cant wait to hear from you all soon... Dad Thank you for that advice the lord is bound when you do as he says... I love that promise and am going to strive for it in all I do out here. I want that blessing from the lord! I love you all so much and may God bless you. thank you for the great boost this week.
Love from BRAZIL Elder Benjamin B. Doggett