Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Time for Matt

Alright so the first one is a picture of Michel Jackson as the Angel Moroni.... Im not sure why my Brazilian friend made it but its pretty hilarious and I had to take a picture. The Second and third picture of us just goofing off before we headed out to teach the people of Brasil! :) The fourth picture is after the church was broken into and we went there to look for some baptisamal papers for some of the members in our ward. The fifith picture is Elder Michal and my broken umbrella haha. The last picture is me right after the SNAKE attack! If you look close enough you can see her distugsting lip stick! GROSS!!!!!! I should tell everyone that its very custom here in brasil for people to kiss each other on the cheek but as Missionarys we are NOT supposed to so we need to be really carefull haha.

Matt #16

Wow this week has gone by fast and its really been a strengthening week for me.... Family, Friends, and those who I love with all my heart who read this e-mail. Words cannot express just how important a Mission is. Ive seen and witnessed things that I would have never seen in Rexburg and possible in my entire life ha but thats part of the strecthing process the Lord has preapared for us to grow! :) Jordan I loved your e-mail my friend, its intresting just how much letters and e-mails strengthen me each week. Im glad to report Jordan that I understood your e-mail word for word... Its intresting how the Portuguese just kinda comes haha but things are going great especially with the Language and also Ive already had two snake attacks down here haha one even kissed me on the cheek and I actually started yelling in English at her!!! She looked extremly scarred afterwards hahaha it was pretty hilarious, but its also a pretty serious matter. A lot of Missionarys get in trouble with snakes (Girls) especially down here in Brazil but Ive already learned how to avoid those situations and its not a problem for me haha :) I just have to think of all the incredible girls back home and the snakes dissapear here! :) But thank you for the E-mail Jordan. Also I havent recieved any letters for a month but President Tanner is visiting us tommorow and he said he is bringing everything for us. I hope I get my Care Package mom and lots of letters!!! :) Jenni thank you also for your e-mail about the Strippling Warriors and primary... It really touched my heart and I hope you know how much I love you and miss you.
         Well to start of this letter I want to touch on the subject "I choose to fill my life with things that invite the spirit...'' How can I acomplish this? One way you can do this is by listening to the song ''Consider the Lilies'' which is my new favorite song haha :) or you can do Three other very important things.... 1.Pray to Heavenly Father for guidance. One thing i've learned on the Mission is Heavenly Father is always there for you no matter what and he WILL answer your prayers. 2. Faith, There is a reason Faith is the first principle of the Gospel, Without faith all of our works are dead and we could not acomplish anything in our life. For example I have faith I will learn Portuguese and be able to be an Effective tool in the Lords hands. :) Because of the scriptures and what they teach of Faith I dont need to worry about my burdens or trials because I know the Lord takes care of us all.... read Alma 32 thats Faith. 3. This one is probabaly the most important and it works with Prayer and Faith, Its called Patience. Without Patience we could not fullfill our purpose. I love what Dieter F. Uchtdorf said about Patience. ''Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something and doing all that we can- working hard, hoping, and expressing Faith. Bearing hardships with fortitude even when the desires of our heart are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring but enduring well.'' That is so true. If we can learn and not only learn but master and understand these three very important principles we dont have to worry about finding things that will invite the Spirit and fill our lifes with the Spirit, because we will naturally find them in our own personal hearts. The Spirit will natural want to dwell with us when we apply and do the things we know we are supposed to be doing. :) Patience has been big for me this past week as I've really been stretched with learning this Principle.... I know that I will learn Portuguese, I know that I will be an effective instrument in the Lords hands as long as I continue and endure all things with a smile on my face and a Positive attutidue! :)
        This week has been a blessing for my Companion and I, We have recieved our first investigator who has recieved an answer about what we have been teaching and she said that she would like to be Baptised! I Pray that all will work out and that she will now do her part and come to church! haha that seems to be a big problem down here.... everyone loves hearing about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but when it comes to doing there part they NEVER follow through. Its so frustrating haha. But I know with consistant prayer and Faith we will recieve sucess.
       I hope you all know how much I love you.... I miss you all like crazy! haha Mom that was so hilarious what you did for Olivias birthday, thanks dad for sending the picture. I hope you know how much I love you all. Dad, Mom You both are my heros. I love you both so much and look up to you like never before. Your e-mails are incredible they give me so much strength and I wish I could respond to them in greater detail because they give me so much hope, you have no idea!!!! The one thing I will be eternally grateful for is that my Mission has opened my eyes to how important families are within the Gospel. When we teach the Principles of the Gospel within the walls of our homes we learn to love and strengthen each other! Its Awesome how amazing this Gospel is. I love you all so much and please keep the letters and e-mails coming. Tell everyone to send little e-mails of incouragement and Love. They really make all the diffrence you have no idea. Please remember how much I love you all and im so happy to be a servent of our Heavenly Father. Remember this work is more important then anything in the world. :) I love you too Ben, miss you like crazy! I love you too friends. I dont need to say names because everyone knows who they are but I love you all and I cannot wait for the day we all meet again. Also I have sent letters family so you should be getting them soon! :) Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett.

p.s. Keep me posted on the olmpics! hahaha :) oh also mom, dad can you print of my e-mails and bens too? I think it would be really cool to have them all when we return from the mission. Thank you so much for your Love, Love you all! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ben #15

 Que loco! alguem vezes eu acho, em Eu estou em Brasil agora? Que mutio loco na? haha. Wow, you all are such examples to ME! Matt, thank-you for your inspirational story.The Lod truely guides us. Mom, Dad your spiritual words bring comfort to my heart at this time. The quotes and scriptures you give me I write down and study and ponder them. They give me strenght throughout the week. Kristin, Lauren I got your letters! Thank you for them and both of your unwavering testimony if the Gospel. You both have truely built it upon the rock :) Rachel I got your letter as well, Sis can I just say how much I appreciate your letters you have faithfully been writing me and giving me strength. I love hearing your stories from home so thank you please keep them coming. Also to my Uncle Curt and Aunt Karen... WOW, the letters you wrote me were a divine blessing haha. The questions I had this week were answerd in your letters. Thank you. Uncle Curt, It brought me comfort to know your sruggle with the launguage and the in time (the Lords time) It will all work out. Also Clint! Man I got your letter and cant even describe how excited I am to have another Doggett alongside Matt and I in the Field. Its going to be a definate strength thats for sure! You have a amazing testimony the people of Africa will be tremondously blessed by you.
         As Matt said this week was for sure a tough one. SIMILAR EXPERIENCES!!!! haha I dont know where to begin or what to share with you all at this time. My mind is racing a 100 miles per hour (actually this week we went about a 140 miles in a car haha maybe thats why?:) haha) trying to think of what would be benificial to you all, and what the spirit would have me share. My thoughts keep turning to the Book of Mormon. I have come to grow such a deep love and respect for that Book, what a blessing it is in our lives. It truely is what holds our religion together. Everything is weighing on this Book. Thats why my heart is broken when our investigators dont read. If only they knew what that Book contained! A message that Christ Lives, that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God! I mention this because I had a some what of a wake up call this week! We got a reference from a member to met with a man and his wife, his name was Fransico. We clapped at is door and were warmly welcomed into the house. There we taught him the Restoration of the Gospel and I felt the spirit so strong as we boar witness of the truth. We left that night with a sure conviction that this man, Fransico, was going to someday be the new Bishop of the Anhguera ward! :) We just knew it! Well, the wake up call!.. Last Friday around 7 o clock we clapped at his door. Excpecting the same warm welcome and gestures as last time, but we were mistaken. Instead the door opened slowly to Fransico standing there at his door. As I looked down I saw the Book of Mormon in his hands. I saw him next outstretch this Book of Mormon to us. Saying "Thank you for your time but I know your church isnt true. I dont need this Book, The cathloic is for me." - Family, friends I never truely understand how devestated I would be to hear these words. Instantly the spirit came and we asked if he had read, pondered, and prayed to God. He declared No he hadnt! and that He knew it wasnt for him! and said his goodbyes and shut the door. Turning around holding in my hands his Book of Mormon I felt so defeated. If only he knew how much this WAS TRUE, how much he DID NEED that Book. That what he had given back to us was the key... The key to everything we believe. There is no doubt in my mind that if he would have read, pondered, and prayed he would know for a fact this church is true... My heart goes out to him and he is in my prayers. He just wasnt ready... but in that moment I realized how important the Book of Mormon is to ME. I know its true. I have read every page and taken Moroni's challenge and testify, I know its true! It is the Key. Family Friends please read the Book of Mormon, make it a part of your life. By doing that you make Christ your life. I look back at my life and how many times I just walked by my Book of Mormon on my desk. Not fully realizing the power in its words. Its not just a good book... But the word of God I so testify! Never take such a precious thing for granet ( or however you spell that haha)
        Well I dont want you all to get bored of reading such a long email, but I just have so many things Im learning. I have to be honest. I look back at pictures of myself before I came out here and I dont feel like that guy is me haha. The mission is a blessing and I can see so many changes in my life and how I see things. A mission is a miracle, and I know it will make a miracle out of me, and anyone that serves. Its not easy being a missionary let me tell you. I feel so inadequate for this work, to be here in Brasil... But the Lord called me here, and like my wise Dad said "The lord didnt call me here to fail." I know thats true! This week I went to the Temple with one of our investigators Douglas, to show him around the grounds and teach of the Temple. We had the chance to go inside with him and sit in the waiting room of the Temple... As we sat there, I saw the room light up and the spirit filled me to such a capacity that brought tears to my eyes. I looked over and to my suprise our investigator also had tears in his eyes. He looked over at me and told me the peace he felt at this time... then said "Eu sei que este verdaderio." (I know this is true) Family friends... I know also, just like Douglas, that this church is true. Jesus Christ through a simple boy restored his church again on the Earth. I need to be here, I need to teach in the launguage of Porteguese no matter how hard it is! Because I know these things are true! I love you all and pray for all of you... and I mean all of you! :) Matt, YOU ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIANT! Keep working hard and know how much I love you. Remember we are in this together and Im only 45 miles away from you!... Again,  I thank you for your paryers and testimonies. I couldnt do this without them. I cant wait to hear from you all again... May God be with you all till we meet again.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Picture Time from Ben

This is just gross. Thanks Elder Ben for sharing it. -eL

These are some pictures of our visit to the Campinas Temple. It is a beautiful Temple overlooking the city of Campinas. Its nothing like I have seen. Thats my investigator Douglas that I mentioned in my Email. What a great day at the Temple so powerful!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Matt #15

Youll all never understand how much e-mails,letters, and your examples strengthen me each week.... My eyes are filled with tears right now so its a little hard to write this e-mail hahah. The Spirit testifys to us everyday! We have experiences everyday that will strengthen our testimonies, we just need to learn to realize these blessings. Now im not sure what the Lord wants me to write today and Im not sure I can follow up my incredible Brothers e-mail. Benjamin is a Spiritual Giant and every time I read his E-mails im blown away by his strength! Thank you for your example Ben and for you incredible words of incouragement they really do more then youll ever know. :) Also thank you everyone else for your E-mails. I truly have incredible friends who I truly Love with all my heart. Jason congrats on the Mission call and dont worry about not speaking another Language because the real Language we all learn on the Mission is the Language of the Holy Ghost and thats a difficult Language to learn haha. 
      This Week has been a little tough, weve really had to learn about pacienciá this week and what it means to rely on the Lord for strength... I wont go into huge detail about the events of this week but it was hard, Several things that did happen this week was we lost all of our progressing investigators who had dates for Baptisim and the day before church someone broke into the chapel and stole everything and destroyed the Bishops office... I was in shock and felt overwhelmed. I remember just crying and thinking to myself why am I here? I didnt want my companion to see me crying so I tagged behind him as we walked to our next appointment. The mission is tough haha thats for sure and I remember thinking to myself (Matt your all alone here in Brasil without your Family and Friends.) I remember I countinued to say this in my mind, Your alone, Your alone, Your alone.... And then I looked up and saw my shadow and my shadow was split in two against the wall because of the Lights around us and everytime I took a step it looked like someone else was taking a step right behind me... Then I realized that every step I was taking something wasnt following my step but that I was following my Saviors footsteps. I realized that we are never alone even during the hard times. We must always remember that we have the power of prayer. We can talk with our Father in Heaven in any circumstance no matter how difficult the road gets. He will always respond and answers or prayers as long as we have Faith and pray with Real Intent! :)
     The rest of my week was incredible and after I realized this fact that we are never alone I become happy again and I felt that incredible spirit of Faith and Love return to my Heart. I want everyone who is reading this letter to know how much I love you all. There really isnt a day that passes by that im not thinking of you all trust me! Haha the Mission is tough work that is for sure, I have learned more about life in the past 3 months then I learned in 3 years of High School haha I know with every fiber of my soul that this is where we all need to be. Jason im excited for you to get in the field and experience the incredible growing experiences of the Mission. Remember the Lord is always with you even during the days you feel alone. Mom, Dad thank you for putting up with me throughout all the years. I love you so much and I hope that I can be the example and half the parent you both are! I love this Gospel and I love this work, there really is nothing like the Mission! I want all my Incredbile friends to know how much I love you all. You all are truly the best! Also Happy Birthday Olivia I hope its the best Birthday ever! Im just sad Im going to miss being the town creep again this year haha. :) Ben thanks for the E-mail about the Pipe field and Jamba haha how true that is!!! Kristin thank you for the E-mail you testimony is a huge strength to mine, thank you! 
      Always remember that I love you all and even if you never hear from me much on the Mission dont forget that I think of you all always. I love you all so much and I hope to hear from you all soon. :) 
P.S. I found out you can send DVDs like of the family and friends talking kinda like a letter through a DVD haha We have a DVD player in our apartment and everyone said its ok as long as its apropriate and its like a letter. :) Love you all      

Ben #14

 This week has been a WOW... First off let me tell you that it has been freezing this week! I never would have thought I would be cold in Brazil since I grew up in Rexburg but it happened haha. It has been raining non stop with intense lightning storms. I have never seen anything like it its crazy! The rain drops are the size of my HEAD! haha (ok that might be a little over the top) non- the less they are huge. Its also great to hear how everyone is doing in good ol Rexburg, Im sorry to hear about papa Roy send my love to the Hepworth family. Isnt it great though we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the great Plan of Salvation, what a blessing. Wow, alot of families moving in and out of the ward... Mom, Dad am I even going to recognize the ward when I get home? haha and Dad thank you for the words on prayer. I have really been focusing this week on having a personal relationship with my father in Heaven and your words inspired me even more. I LOVE MY PARENTS and their words of spiritual strength. Well, Jason is going to Oklaomah ( Sorry I slaughtered that name) MAN THATS AWESOME! Jason man welcome to Gods army, Its the best! Jordan I just love hearing from you... Porteguese is still a test of faith for me, to answer your question about it, but I know on the Lords time he will bless me with the gift of tounges. I just need to focus on the gifts of the spirit he has already blessed me with. I just need to learn to be PATIENT, its key! Lauren, It was so great to hear from you please keep me informed on life back home. Thank you for your testimony and so right you are. EVERYONE CAN BE A MISSIONARY, look for those oppurtunities to share the gospel with all your heart and serve. Dont worry about the letters. I know how crazy life gets.
      There is so much I want to share, but I just dont have time. This week has been a very spiritual growth for me. As I have been sitting here thinking about what I could share with all of you back home I feel inspired to share about a fight I had this week... A VERY REAL FIGHT... I have really been fighting a ongoing battle with the adversary. He keeps trying to pull me down and weaken my ability to mangify this calling as a missionary. He has been bringing thoughts of, again, doubt, fear, and frustration. That there is no way I can do this. As I got down on my knees and put to practice true communication with my Father in Heaven The strong feeling of peace and comfort came to my mind and these words pressed so deeply into my heart- Refrain from repeatedly thinking or saying negative words about yourself. There is a clear difference between humility and humiliation... Identify and use your unique talents rather than dwelling on your weakness ( the words of an apost. sorry no name) I then realized I need to have childlike optimism in all things throughout my life. Then I can confidentaly say "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Matt, you and I have similar experiences I have come to find out :) there are days when I want to crawl into th edeepest hole, and then dig a little deeper haha... but through the Atonement and true faith in Christ. All things will be possible.
     As Jeffery R. Holland once said " The adversary is real, we dont like to talk about it more then we have to, but sometimes we forget how REAL he truey is!" We know he is through the scriptures. In the first chapters of Mormon we see that he leads an entire nation to destruction... but Family, Friends have faith in Christ and childlike optimism for the future. When you feel incapable get on your knees and PRAY! Then you can win the fight over Satan, William Cowper declared "Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees." Thats powerful huh? Its cause HE knows through Christ as our anchor he shall have no power! I testify of this truth cause this week I have witnessed first hand the power of this Gospel, Pray, and CHRIST. Its real, and I know it will bless all of you. Keep doing what is right and do your best. SATAN HAS NO POWER OVER YOU WITH CHRIST. Pray!
In closing once again it was awesome to hear from all of you and your testimonies. To hear the updates and all your lifes. Mom, Dad once again thankyou. You have no idea what your emails do for me. Oh, and send my congrats to Nate thats awesome! Matt... I love you bro. I cant believe I wasted time fighting with you when I could have been gaining a memory of laughter... Never again will I let that past :) Know I am doing great, Basil is alot different then America, but Im loving every moment! I have alot of great investigators and we even commited a family for baptism in two weeks. I hope everything continues well. They read the Book of Mormon together and really really love it! There is so much power that comes from the Book of Mormon, I love it.. Please keep them in your prayers. Sorry for how long this Email is. There is just so much I wish I could tell you all but this is all I have time for. In closing I want to share something that came to my mind that I feel will help you out Matt and I know you can relate to this
"Right now on our mission we are in the middle of the pipe field with the sun beating down on us and the mosquitos attacking us! Right now on our mission we are in the biggest rush at Jamba! Its the hottest day in the summer and its buy one get one free. The line is out the door! HAHA Remeber this important thing we have learned through out all our jobs... Take it one step at a time. Eventually the line will be finished, and we will sit in the shade injoying a nice Otter pop. Eventually all the people will leave in Jamba and the rush will be over... Things seem tough now with teaching, or the launguage. but remember it wont last forever. Eventually we will be what the Lord needs us to be. Keep a smile on your face and TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME"... I love you all again. Cant wait to hear from you all soon.
Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picture Time from Ben

OK so we found a random couch in the middle of NOWHERE and thought it was the funniest thing so we got a picture in front of it. Sorry its a little poor quality... Next we went shopping in a FANCY super market haha and found a giant kiss and I mean huge!!!! Only in Brasil would you find something like that :) hope you enjoy, love you all!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picture time from Matt

Alright so these are pictures of us at a ward party. We sang Backstreet boys and YMCA. It was way fun! Then there is a picture of Elder Michal and I teaching English. and then me with the family of our Ward Mission Leader. There an awesome family! :)

This is a picture of the family again and also of our Ward Primary. I love all those kids their hilarious. The last picture is with my friends from the CTM (From left to right) Elder Illum, Elder Woodruff, Elder Justinsin, and me. Oh by the way you're correct... Elder Woodruff is the great great grandson of President Woodruff... Hes and incredible Missionary. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Matt #14

Man... this has been a tough week everyone.... I found where they sell Nutela and ive put on like 20 pounds of pure choclate but other then that everything is going fantastic! haha :) Gee willicures I dont really know where to begin. We finally are making progress with our investigators and things are really looking up. They still wont commit to coming to church but I feel the Spirit testifying to them whenever we teach and I know that they will eventually do their part when the Lord feels they are ready! We do have one young women who is ready for Baptism and she has been to church but she thinks that she needs time before she can be baptised, we also are still teaching our Preacher (Leandro) Remember him from my first e-mail? Hes a tough man to teach because hes sooo knowlegeable about the Gospel. We gave him Several books to read like The teachings of Jospeh Smith, Gospel Principles, and the Book of Mormon and he read them all in one week and also had a book of notes and questions about what he read.... Its muito dificil to teach him because his questions are crazy hard to answers but he loves us so much and he always listens with an open heart, he always says after our lessons (there is something diffrent about you too?) and Im also like yeah well duh we are teaching you the true doctrine of christ here listen to the Spirit in your heart meu amigo!!! haha but we will keep on trying with him and hope he will change! :) Well not much more has happened, I have survived my first transfer which means im half way done with my training! Yeah!!! Its been quiet the journey from start to finish but ive loved every second of it! My Portuguese is still kinda suffering and there are definetly days I want to lock myself up in my room and hide because I cant understand a word that is said to me but whenever this feeling enters my heart I hurry and run and try and talk with someone on the streets in Portuguese. When we do our best to preach and share the Gospel with those in need, a feeling of peace and comfort with enter our hearts... how true that is! :) I would like to hurry and share with you one thing that I am really learning out here in the field... its called Self-Confidence.... Why is it so hard for us to believe in ourselves and our gifts? Ive never realized it until know but im extremly hard on myself when I dont need to be! We need to all remember that we are Gods children and we have gifts that he has given us to help farther the work of the Gospel. :) Remember your always doing better then you think. Be happy, Be positive, and BE PATIENT with yourselfs. On the Lords time all things are possible whether your struggling in school, or with your marriage or any problem in life for that matter. Look back on your life and remember the one time you felt the Spirit of God the stongest.... now remember that feeling of the Holy Ghost and hold on to it with all your heart! This Gospel is real and I know it is with all my heart! :) I love you all and I miss you like crazy. I just cant believe im actually on my Mission.... WOW haha. :) I love you all and your all in my prayers. Also sorry chris and Jason thats its taken me so long to get your e-mails but I figured when I hadent heard from you that the e-mails ive been using were wrong... haha remember I love you guys and im also praying for you! :) P.S. SEND PICTURES/LETTERS THERE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!! haha 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ben #13

Ok everyone I need to write this fast. I spent all day playing Fotebol with all the Brasiledos in my Zone so I have like 10 minutes to write a quick email and then I have an appointment so I need to hurry, but first mom. I didnt thank you last week for the package. I know its a sacrifice and I cant tell you how much it means to me I love you so much, I havent recieved it yet but knowing its on the way gave me such a boost! Dad, I got your letter with all the emails that you sent. SMART! I have re-read it a thousand times already thank you, you both are amazing parents and like my wise brother said in his last email TELL YOUR PARENTS how much you love them :)... ok lets get to it, Alot happenend this week but I will need to save the stories for next week... actually I will hurry and tell you a quick one.
This week the Lord has once again taught me some powerful lessons. I have really been trying hard to focus on the spirit. We finished a lesson with a tough old lady. We have been teaching here and she wants to be baptized but her emotions are so hard to read. I hope the Lord will bless me with the gift to know what is on her mind. Anyway, when we finished the lesson and left her house we started back up the hill, My companion pulled out his planner to see what was next on the agenda (haha that reminded me of Mr. Wallines class in Jr. High AGENDA! wow back to the story) I turned around and saw a man carrying a cart down the street. He suddenly collpsed! I saw the whole thing. I hurried and shouted to my companion and we began to run down the street. I had no idea what was going on but I just felt prompted t o run down to him and see if everything was ok... We helped him up and began to take to him, he was an old feeble man with tears in his eyes explaining he could not go on... We began to help him... Cool right? Well we talked to him about the church and the spirit was so strong, but then something else happened. He asked us to help him with his cart we happily agreed but then I had the strangest impression something completely different then what I was feeling moments before... The spirit told me this was not the thing to do. I shuggred it off and we started to help him. The feeling kept pressing me but I kept putting it off thinking as a representative of christ, I know this is what christ would be doing helping this man, but it kept coming! The further we went the stronger it became.... I then couldnt hold it back. I said something to my companion about my thoughts about the situation and he with a sigh of relief explained he too felt weird about this. We turned and told the man we couldnt go any further but we would love to come by some other time and talk more of the church... HE bacame upset, but soon, after some ranting, understood, and we left.
I have no idea what would have happened or if anything even would have happenend but I know the spirit was directing me and my companion. The lord takes care of his missionary´s I KNOW IT. Im so grateful for the spirit in my life and its guidance. Family, Friends... PLEASE do everything you can to have the spirit. Read the scriptures, pray, and live worthy to have it. Do we really understand what guidance is? Its protection! The spirit will protect you! I have a firm belief in this. Do all you can to have it Everyone I love you so much, Thank you for the emails and letters... I wish today I had more time but I dont haha so next week I promise to share more mission stories :) My testimony is growing and the lord is teaching me so much about myself... haha things I wish I would have know when I was in High school HAHA but im growing so much. I hope I can be a good misisonary and serve the Lord with all my heart... Like I said before I have one shot at this, I need to give it my all.
I love you all and thank you for your support!... Oh, and Alyssa good luck in Boston. You will have a great time sown there! :) give me your address when you get one down there LOVE YA ALL! oh, and Elder Clay and I have found alot of great people this week who love hearing about the gospel. Some even accepted Baptism so we will see how they progress... oh, and I have to give a talk this week in church so wish me luck haha!
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. Thanks Dad for the corrections haha but it really is BRASIL! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Matt #13

Thank you so much family and friends for the e-mails this week! There always so incredible everytime I read them! And also I got letters this week from Mom, Dad, alyssa, Rachel, olivia, kristin, millie, and clint! Thank you all for your love and supporting letters. They help soooo much out on the mission you have no idea haha :) and the pictures are amazing thank you. And also Im glad to hear you finally got my package of songs and pictures mom and dad. I was actually worried it got lost haha. Dad thank you for correcting my spelling.... I miss you all so much but I need to tell you dad that in Brasil they spell it with a S not a Z haha in america we spell it like Brazil but not here! :) haha Well where do I begin... this week has been crazy busy for me, it looks like we might have 10 people being baptised in the month of July but we will see what happens. Its tough here because everyone is excited to hear the word of God but the minute they have to do their part and pray and come to church they always say that we should just say a prayer for them because their not worthy.... AHHH it drives me crazy when they say that and wont commit haha but I know the Lord will help them as long as we keep doing our part to bring them unto Christ! :) Well this week was incredible... I spent several days with a Brazilian companion because we had Divisions and it was so much fun but extremly challenging because I still dont understand a word anyone says to me. So when I had a Brazilian companion he couldnt translate what people said to English so I really had to work hard and it payed off :) The language is coming a long just fine now and im no longer scared. I know with the help of the Lord I can accomplish all things. One thing I want to share with you that I had the chance to do last night was I had the chance to give my first blessing in Portuguese to a new born baby... I will never forget that experience. The baby has been ill for a little while and a member in our ward asked us to give him a blessing. I will never forget the Spirit my companion and I felt as we excercised the power of Our Lord and Savior. It was kinda funny because I couldnt stop crying afterwards because I remembered all the times I recevieved a fathers blessing from my incredible Father. It made me so excited for the day that I could bless my family with the same Spirit and Power! :) I realized this week how important families in the Gospel really are! We have a less active member we are working with and she and her daughter are the only members in their family. She said to us with tears in her eyes. (I love all my children with my whole heart but in return only one has ever said they love me back...) Mom, Dad I love you both so much. Everyone who is reading this letter tell you parents how much you love them and never forget how much they sacfrice for you. The Gospel is so important within the family and I hope that in my future I can raise a good family in the Gospel. I like to compare what our less active member said with our prayers. We all know our Heavenly Father loves us but have we ever truely expressed how we feel for him? Remember that. Im sorry everyone this e-mail is written fast, I just dont have much time haha im super busy but extremly happy! :) If you cant tell from my e-mail Im just the happiest person alive and I think I scare a lot of people here because of it haha but oh well. I love you all so much and remember your always in my prayers. Love Elder Doggett. P.S. My address is:
Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett
Rue Dr. Luiz Miranda da Rocha
159-8 Andar
PQ. JABAQUARA são paulo
CEP:04344-010 SP
Just post that on facebook or something and tell everyone to write and send pictures! :) haha I love you all so much.   

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ben #12

ok this is a super short one because its the 4th of July and my p-day... Its been a party with the American Missionaries!!!! haha We tried to make Hambugers but they didnt really turn out that well... Its really hard to make Hamburgers here that taste like they do in America you know? haha but I hope you all have a great 4th of July. I missed home alot today as I rode the bus around Campinas. 4th of July´s were always the best, but then I realized its not always you get to have a 4th of July in Brazil! Take in EVERY MOMENT! haha so the homesickness soon went away... all in all I hope everyone had a great time.
Matt... Once again its amazing how close our mission experiences are. This last week was i think was the hardest, most challenging part of my whole mission. Last friday at about 10:00 in the morning, at the start of our second portion of companionship study my emotions came crashing down. I felt so helpless, so alone, and so discourgaed... I just began to cry. I NEVER CRY WHAT IS THE MISSION DOING TO ME!!!!! haha I felt like a little kid again. My companion just put his arms around me... In frustrartion I said in a mumbled voice. "Why am I here in Brazil... WHY HEAVENLY FATHER, Im so useless!?" I sat there... completely broken. You have read in my emails that I have already had some hard times, like when I sat on the curb... I remembered those feelings I had, and the spirit that testified to me of my purpose... but for some reason I allowed my selfishness to cloud that experience. Then a thought came to my mind... Satan knows all of us! He knows our weaknesses. These are the last days and he is NOT going to stop. If he can get us discouraged and doubt our abilities then he might be able to stop you from doing a great work. He might be able to stop us young men from serving missions or in my case make us think we cant succed. He might be able to stop a young women from being married in a Temple of God and the chance to sustain a eternal family with children secured in the Gospel... Dont let him WIN we have the Lord! After that impression I got on my knees and thanked the Lord, as I prayed the Lord brought peace to my soul. I just cried... This gospel is true, So many memories came flooding in of times I never thanked my Lord. He has truely taken care of me. I had so much back home and I just lived in my perfect little bubble, never truely giving him true sincerce prayer. Give the Lord your heart always make him a part of your life. Dont allow yourself to be poisoned by degree dont tolerate it! Never alow the Adversary to pull you down but turn to the Lord and pray with your heart! SATAN CANT WIN! When you feel discouraged never give in cause tommorow will always be brighter.
Sorry time is short this week, but I wanted to thank you for all the support and love. I feel it lift me through the day. This week was a tough one but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The launguage will come, teaching will come, Love will come... Only through the Lord. Family, Friends... I have such a new understanding of my savior and what he has done. Our brother suffered for us and our sins, after He was mocked, betrayed, beaten, murdered by those whom he loved and served... and then resurrected... I testify he lives... He lives, I know it! Nothing is going to change that belief, that knowledge I now have. Pray to him whenever you are overwhelmed and lost. I know he will lift us if we allow him. You just need faith, I ve learned faith is a choice... so choose faith in your savior.
Everyone I love you and pray for you. Sorry I dont have much time this week to share much about the mission but just know im trying my best... Missionaries following rules... still a tough one out here for some Elders haha, but Im really trying to be an example. Ecspecially to my companion. Stand up even when you feel alone! I love you all and I love this gospel. Im trying to be a good missionary. This week, though tough, I feel like I changed dramatically. My thought process. My view on what things are important. What this gospel really means to me. I wasted so much time back home. Precious time I could have spent with you all. I love you all so much and really look forward to when I can hear from you all again. Dad good luck with everything your in my prayers and know how much I love you! Mom thank you for those points of the mission. I wrote them down in my study journal Your amazing and know how much I love you always, and sisters, I love you more then Brazilians love Fotebol!... ITs great to have parents who are so in tune along with great siblings who have such strong testimonies. haha Matt bro KEEP AT IT. The lord is shaping us in so many ways. Dont allow like I said in this email satan to pull us down cause if he does that then we cant be intruments and progress the work. Smile and remember we are in this together... Love you all again and cant wait to hear from you all again keep the emails coming!!!!! CHURCH IS TRUE! Get me pictures of this amazing 4th of July and stories and details please!!!! haha 
Elder Benjamin B. Doggett 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Addresses

Elder Matthew R. Doggett
Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission
Rua Dr. Luiz da Rocha Miranada, 159
8 Andar
Parque Jabaquara
04344-010 Sao Paulo- SP

Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
Brazil Campinas Mission
Rua 10 de Setembro, 38
13023-100 Campinas - SP

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Matt # 12

Well Im over whelmed right now... The E-mails I read each week bring such a spirit I cannot describe, Thank you all so much and remember I love you all very much. This week was especially hard for me. The Lord really threw some tough curve balls at me to strenghten my testimony and my ability to preach the gospel in portuguese. But I worked hard and I endured another week and it was great! :) This week was super crazy for me Ben I just need to tell you to keep hanging in there and pray always! I thought of that primary song a lot this week that goes :Heavenly Father are you really there do you hear and answer every childs prayer, some say that heaven is far away but I feel it close around me as I Pray: I know I kinda skipped around in the Song but thats what I repeatedly sang over and over again this week because I needed his help.... and he responded. Ben I love you so much and miss you like crazy! Do you remember that one time in sacrement meeting when I was saying jokes to you and you got upset at me and you turned and looked at me with a serious look and said :Matt STOP acting like a GOOF ball... and after you said that we both couldnt stop laughing. haha :) I miss you and love you with all my heart. Well this week has been crazy, Its was around 90 to 100 degrees without humitity added to that tempature. When you go on the internet and look at the tempeture for são paulo remember to add an extra 10 to 15 degrees on it because im in an area called the Baixada and its hot. We are surrounded by mountains on all sides which keeps all the heat in and it hasent rained once this week haha its crazy HOT here. Yesterday when I went outside to proselyet my clothes instantly burst into flames and I had to go back inside and change haha :) its crazy but I love this weather and heat its great! This week was a little tough for me... I tried to only speak all portuguese and it was tough I feel like the Sons of Mosiah right now (Alma 26:27) My afflictions are great but with patience the Lord will give me success. Theres nothing like missionarie work, Ive never been so tired in all my life Physically, mentally, Spiritually, and Emotinally and the language is a frustration Ive never experienced in all my life. Its so painfull when your heart is full of spiritual words but your mind is full of little portuguese haha but I did a pretty good job this week I wont lie thanks to the Lord. Im going to try it again this week and see how well I do. But something I realized this week that I need to share with everyone is its not about me learning a language out here anymore... but about helping bring people unto christ. The Portuguese will come on the Lords time Im not worried about that anymore. My biggest concern for this week is focusing and learning a much harder language, Its called the Language of the Holy Ghost. Its so important as missionaries that we learn to listen to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost when we teach our amazing investigators. I know with time things will come as long as I turn everything over to the Lord. The Lord promises that he will never forget his rightouse follows and how true that is. Thank you everyone back home for love and support. Its means everything to me you have no idea! Letters and E-mails rejuvinate me each week its the best. I love you all and remember the Lord loves you all even more. One incredible story I want to share that happened with us this week was my companion and I were walking to an appointment and for some reason all of our appointments were falling threw. But we decided to go back to our last appointment which was very far away that just fell threw and try again to see if they were home. When we got there.... they werent home. haha So we walked away very sad about our progress for the day and even more sad as to why the Lord would give us the impression to return when no one was home... Then a man pulled up in a Taxi. He said he had been looking for us all day and for some reason he had a feeling to wait in that area, the same area we had a feeling to return too. He had been crying and said he needed God in his life. His name is rubeans and we will be teaching him this next week. We hope things work out with him. The Lord prepares all his children for the Gospel and im so glad I have the chance to be apart of this incredible work. :) I love you all so much and thank you for everything. Also I will try and write letters but its hard haha I love you all and remember I never forget about any of you in my prayers! :)   

Monday, July 2, 2012

Picture Time for Matt

More pictures with the sun rise and of me studying the Language in the morning on our chalkboard haha. 

Alright so I know it's a lot of pictures but I'm sure you'll all love them. There pictures of me in my area and also me in the primary room in Brasil. Also the other pictures are of me, Elder wright, Elder michal, and Elder Heywood who are in the same house as me. It was my first time trying Brazilian pizza that Elder wright and I won because we had the highest numbers in our distract for the week. It was extremly diffrent from American pizza haha.