Monday, July 9, 2012

Matt #13

Thank you so much family and friends for the e-mails this week! There always so incredible everytime I read them! And also I got letters this week from Mom, Dad, alyssa, Rachel, olivia, kristin, millie, and clint! Thank you all for your love and supporting letters. They help soooo much out on the mission you have no idea haha :) and the pictures are amazing thank you. And also Im glad to hear you finally got my package of songs and pictures mom and dad. I was actually worried it got lost haha. Dad thank you for correcting my spelling.... I miss you all so much but I need to tell you dad that in Brasil they spell it with a S not a Z haha in america we spell it like Brazil but not here! :) haha Well where do I begin... this week has been crazy busy for me, it looks like we might have 10 people being baptised in the month of July but we will see what happens. Its tough here because everyone is excited to hear the word of God but the minute they have to do their part and pray and come to church they always say that we should just say a prayer for them because their not worthy.... AHHH it drives me crazy when they say that and wont commit haha but I know the Lord will help them as long as we keep doing our part to bring them unto Christ! :) Well this week was incredible... I spent several days with a Brazilian companion because we had Divisions and it was so much fun but extremly challenging because I still dont understand a word anyone says to me. So when I had a Brazilian companion he couldnt translate what people said to English so I really had to work hard and it payed off :) The language is coming a long just fine now and im no longer scared. I know with the help of the Lord I can accomplish all things. One thing I want to share with you that I had the chance to do last night was I had the chance to give my first blessing in Portuguese to a new born baby... I will never forget that experience. The baby has been ill for a little while and a member in our ward asked us to give him a blessing. I will never forget the Spirit my companion and I felt as we excercised the power of Our Lord and Savior. It was kinda funny because I couldnt stop crying afterwards because I remembered all the times I recevieved a fathers blessing from my incredible Father. It made me so excited for the day that I could bless my family with the same Spirit and Power! :) I realized this week how important families in the Gospel really are! We have a less active member we are working with and she and her daughter are the only members in their family. She said to us with tears in her eyes. (I love all my children with my whole heart but in return only one has ever said they love me back...) Mom, Dad I love you both so much. Everyone who is reading this letter tell you parents how much you love them and never forget how much they sacfrice for you. The Gospel is so important within the family and I hope that in my future I can raise a good family in the Gospel. I like to compare what our less active member said with our prayers. We all know our Heavenly Father loves us but have we ever truely expressed how we feel for him? Remember that. Im sorry everyone this e-mail is written fast, I just dont have much time haha im super busy but extremly happy! :) If you cant tell from my e-mail Im just the happiest person alive and I think I scare a lot of people here because of it haha but oh well. I love you all so much and remember your always in my prayers. Love Elder Doggett. P.S. My address is:
Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett
Rue Dr. Luiz Miranda da Rocha
159-8 Andar
PQ. JABAQUARA são paulo
CEP:04344-010 SP
Just post that on facebook or something and tell everyone to write and send pictures! :) haha I love you all so much.   

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