Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ben #14

 This week has been a WOW... First off let me tell you that it has been freezing this week! I never would have thought I would be cold in Brazil since I grew up in Rexburg but it happened haha. It has been raining non stop with intense lightning storms. I have never seen anything like it its crazy! The rain drops are the size of my HEAD! haha (ok that might be a little over the top) non- the less they are huge. Its also great to hear how everyone is doing in good ol Rexburg, Im sorry to hear about papa Roy send my love to the Hepworth family. Isnt it great though we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the great Plan of Salvation, what a blessing. Wow, alot of families moving in and out of the ward... Mom, Dad am I even going to recognize the ward when I get home? haha and Dad thank you for the words on prayer. I have really been focusing this week on having a personal relationship with my father in Heaven and your words inspired me even more. I LOVE MY PARENTS and their words of spiritual strength. Well, Jason is going to Oklaomah ( Sorry I slaughtered that name) MAN THATS AWESOME! Jason man welcome to Gods army, Its the best! Jordan I just love hearing from you... Porteguese is still a test of faith for me, to answer your question about it, but I know on the Lords time he will bless me with the gift of tounges. I just need to focus on the gifts of the spirit he has already blessed me with. I just need to learn to be PATIENT, its key! Lauren, It was so great to hear from you please keep me informed on life back home. Thank you for your testimony and so right you are. EVERYONE CAN BE A MISSIONARY, look for those oppurtunities to share the gospel with all your heart and serve. Dont worry about the letters. I know how crazy life gets.
      There is so much I want to share, but I just dont have time. This week has been a very spiritual growth for me. As I have been sitting here thinking about what I could share with all of you back home I feel inspired to share about a fight I had this week... A VERY REAL FIGHT... I have really been fighting a ongoing battle with the adversary. He keeps trying to pull me down and weaken my ability to mangify this calling as a missionary. He has been bringing thoughts of, again, doubt, fear, and frustration. That there is no way I can do this. As I got down on my knees and put to practice true communication with my Father in Heaven The strong feeling of peace and comfort came to my mind and these words pressed so deeply into my heart- Refrain from repeatedly thinking or saying negative words about yourself. There is a clear difference between humility and humiliation... Identify and use your unique talents rather than dwelling on your weakness ( the words of an apost. sorry no name) I then realized I need to have childlike optimism in all things throughout my life. Then I can confidentaly say "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Matt, you and I have similar experiences I have come to find out :) there are days when I want to crawl into th edeepest hole, and then dig a little deeper haha... but through the Atonement and true faith in Christ. All things will be possible.
     As Jeffery R. Holland once said " The adversary is real, we dont like to talk about it more then we have to, but sometimes we forget how REAL he truey is!" We know he is through the scriptures. In the first chapters of Mormon we see that he leads an entire nation to destruction... but Family, Friends have faith in Christ and childlike optimism for the future. When you feel incapable get on your knees and PRAY! Then you can win the fight over Satan, William Cowper declared "Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees." Thats powerful huh? Its cause HE knows through Christ as our anchor he shall have no power! I testify of this truth cause this week I have witnessed first hand the power of this Gospel, Pray, and CHRIST. Its real, and I know it will bless all of you. Keep doing what is right and do your best. SATAN HAS NO POWER OVER YOU WITH CHRIST. Pray!
In closing once again it was awesome to hear from all of you and your testimonies. To hear the updates and all your lifes. Mom, Dad once again thankyou. You have no idea what your emails do for me. Oh, and send my congrats to Nate thats awesome! Matt... I love you bro. I cant believe I wasted time fighting with you when I could have been gaining a memory of laughter... Never again will I let that past :) Know I am doing great, Basil is alot different then America, but Im loving every moment! I have alot of great investigators and we even commited a family for baptism in two weeks. I hope everything continues well. They read the Book of Mormon together and really really love it! There is so much power that comes from the Book of Mormon, I love it.. Please keep them in your prayers. Sorry for how long this Email is. There is just so much I wish I could tell you all but this is all I have time for. In closing I want to share something that came to my mind that I feel will help you out Matt and I know you can relate to this
"Right now on our mission we are in the middle of the pipe field with the sun beating down on us and the mosquitos attacking us! Right now on our mission we are in the biggest rush at Jamba! Its the hottest day in the summer and its buy one get one free. The line is out the door! HAHA Remeber this important thing we have learned through out all our jobs... Take it one step at a time. Eventually the line will be finished, and we will sit in the shade injoying a nice Otter pop. Eventually all the people will leave in Jamba and the rush will be over... Things seem tough now with teaching, or the launguage. but remember it wont last forever. Eventually we will be what the Lord needs us to be. Keep a smile on your face and TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME"... I love you all again. Cant wait to hear from you all soon.
Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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