Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ben #13

Ok everyone I need to write this fast. I spent all day playing Fotebol with all the Brasiledos in my Zone so I have like 10 minutes to write a quick email and then I have an appointment so I need to hurry, but first mom. I didnt thank you last week for the package. I know its a sacrifice and I cant tell you how much it means to me I love you so much, I havent recieved it yet but knowing its on the way gave me such a boost! Dad, I got your letter with all the emails that you sent. SMART! I have re-read it a thousand times already thank you, you both are amazing parents and like my wise brother said in his last email TELL YOUR PARENTS how much you love them :)... ok lets get to it, Alot happenend this week but I will need to save the stories for next week... actually I will hurry and tell you a quick one.
This week the Lord has once again taught me some powerful lessons. I have really been trying hard to focus on the spirit. We finished a lesson with a tough old lady. We have been teaching here and she wants to be baptized but her emotions are so hard to read. I hope the Lord will bless me with the gift to know what is on her mind. Anyway, when we finished the lesson and left her house we started back up the hill, My companion pulled out his planner to see what was next on the agenda (haha that reminded me of Mr. Wallines class in Jr. High AGENDA! wow back to the story) I turned around and saw a man carrying a cart down the street. He suddenly collpsed! I saw the whole thing. I hurried and shouted to my companion and we began to run down the street. I had no idea what was going on but I just felt prompted t o run down to him and see if everything was ok... We helped him up and began to take to him, he was an old feeble man with tears in his eyes explaining he could not go on... We began to help him... Cool right? Well we talked to him about the church and the spirit was so strong, but then something else happened. He asked us to help him with his cart we happily agreed but then I had the strangest impression something completely different then what I was feeling moments before... The spirit told me this was not the thing to do. I shuggred it off and we started to help him. The feeling kept pressing me but I kept putting it off thinking as a representative of christ, I know this is what christ would be doing helping this man, but it kept coming! The further we went the stronger it became.... I then couldnt hold it back. I said something to my companion about my thoughts about the situation and he with a sigh of relief explained he too felt weird about this. We turned and told the man we couldnt go any further but we would love to come by some other time and talk more of the church... HE bacame upset, but soon, after some ranting, understood, and we left.
I have no idea what would have happened or if anything even would have happenend but I know the spirit was directing me and my companion. The lord takes care of his missionary´s I KNOW IT. Im so grateful for the spirit in my life and its guidance. Family, Friends... PLEASE do everything you can to have the spirit. Read the scriptures, pray, and live worthy to have it. Do we really understand what guidance is? Its protection! The spirit will protect you! I have a firm belief in this. Do all you can to have it Everyone I love you so much, Thank you for the emails and letters... I wish today I had more time but I dont haha so next week I promise to share more mission stories :) My testimony is growing and the lord is teaching me so much about myself... haha things I wish I would have know when I was in High school HAHA but im growing so much. I hope I can be a good misisonary and serve the Lord with all my heart... Like I said before I have one shot at this, I need to give it my all.
I love you all and thank you for your support!... Oh, and Alyssa good luck in Boston. You will have a great time sown there! :) give me your address when you get one down there LOVE YA ALL! oh, and Elder Clay and I have found alot of great people this week who love hearing about the gospel. Some even accepted Baptism so we will see how they progress... oh, and I have to give a talk this week in church so wish me luck haha!
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. Thanks Dad for the corrections haha but it really is BRASIL! :)

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