Monday, March 25, 2013

Matt: Big Changes

Bom dia minha família e também meus amigos. Mais uma vez nós estamos aqui para ouvir aos palavras do Élder Doggett e Élder Doggett kkkk. Eu amo vocês muito e espero tudo lá nos estados unidos esteja bom! Thank you all for the wonderful E-mails and letters and I am happy to say that I no longer have to report back to everyone in one big massive e-mail because the rules of the Mission have changed! :) We now have more time to e-mail and we can also e-mail our friends! I guess with all the big changes in the Missions around the world the First Presidency didn’t see any harm in allowing Missionary’s to E-mail one another... I can’t wait to hear how all my friends are doing! :) Love you all so much. Also once again thank you all for the E-mails... They really mean everything to us Missionary’s. Thank you all so much! Also Brandon thank you for the wonderful story about our families... Your right when you said our Parents do more for us then I think we will ever realize. Sister Tighe the picture you sent of my dear friend Alex with short hair blew me away haha. It’s been awhile since I've seen that kind of hair on my old pal but he sure looks good haha love you all so much. Also Sister Chester thanks for sending those pictures of Jordan, Tyson, and Chris. I miss those guys a lot! haha also thanks for the wonderful quotes and advice. To answer your question Ben is three Minutes older than me... So he’s my big brother haha. Mom, Dad I love you both so much... With all my heart! Your love and support is unreal. Thank you for everything.

Well this past week was pretty intense as I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Elder Larsen... He’s home now (Thanks for the photos Dad) and it was a sad goodbye. We worked really well together and never had any problems. We also got along and had a good time. We had a lot of success together and I will never forget him. I love him so much and to answer your question Dad he is a full blown Cowboy haha belt buckle and all. :) He will always be a dear friend of mine. Well I'm sure your all wondering what happened with transfers and well I'm Senior now and my companion is Brasilian, He’s actually from up north so he’s got a pretty awesome accent but for some reason I can understand him so much better than some of the Brasilians here in São Paulo haha but he’s amazing. His name is Elder H. Silva and he joined the church 7 years ago but was inactive for some time until some members helped reactivate him and now he’s as converted as you can get! He’s a real power house when it comes to the Spirit and we had an incredible first week together! I can already tell we are going to have a lot of success together and really help the amazing people of Campanário! :) 

This week we worked hard together and had many more experiences with Daniel and the bar haha... We worked até a pó! Haha which means we just kept working and working without stopping... but for some reason I had a really strange feeling in my Heart this past week during all the work. Maybe it was because Elder Larsen went home that things got a little strange or maybe I just had a poor attitude this week? I'm not sure I still haven’t really figured it out what exactly is happening to me, but when we were having the most success I've ever had on the Mission I was feeling the most down... Kind of weird huh? :) Sometimes we learn the most valuable lessons during the times when we are most conflicted within the chambers of our Heart. To this point I'm still not sure what I'm missing... Its a strange feeling but I feel like the Lord has something big in store and right now I'm in the learning process. I just haven’t figured it out what "it" is that I need to learn haha. Sorry everyone I'm just writing my feelings right now and this e-mail is going nowhere haha but I just feel that there’s something I need to learn, something that’s coming haha but I just can’t figure it out! It’s a little frustrated but I know the Lord will help me and I just need to do exactly what he says. This past week I really focused on D&C 4... What an incredible section of Scriptures, verse 2 mentions that we need to serve God with all our "Heart might mind and strength," Than in verse 5 we learn we must "have our eyes fixed on the glory of God." Maybe it was because of these Scriptures that I really began to think of my own Heart and how far I've come in this Journey of the Mission and how much more I have to learn and because of this I was having these feelings. I've been thinking a lot of my own eyes and if their fixed on the glory of God or on the things of the world? I think its easier for us as Missionary’s to keep our focus on the things of our Heavenly Father or on the big picture because we teach about it every day and we have the Mission rules to protect us, but for those back home it’s hard to keep going strong in an ever growing world of addictions (Facebook, television, Video Games, Sports.) Without those distractions here on the Mission my Love for my Family has grown so much and so has for my love for my Heavenly Father... and because of this I’m nervous/scarred to come home because I don’t want to lose my sight on what’s truly important. WOW I just received an answer to my problem all week just by e-mailing my family and friends and writing about it... Very cool, everyone who is reading this you are reading an answer to my prayers haha :) I guess the reason I was most conflicted this past week was because I don’t want my time to end... I love you all so much and don’t get me wrong when my time is up its up and I will return happy and proud! :) But the Mission is Sacred ground for me (Just like my Brother Ben always says) and I'm scarred its passing to fast... I just need to give it my all with my eyes fixed on the Glory of God! :) I love you all so much and I'm sorry this e-mail is really lame for you all to read... but it was something I needed, I just needed to write down my feelings and figure everything out. Haha :) I love you all so much and there is no other place I would rather be right now, I feel at peace and I'm happy. I feel so much Love for the people of Brasil that I don’t know what I'm going to do when my time is up... I guess we learn best that we need to walk by faith. :) This past week I watched a really cool short film our bishop showed us called Brasil Doces Lar. It was in Portuguese when we watched it but I'm sure you can find it in English on YouTube. Its about a Family who served a Mission here in Brasil and the Love they gained from the Mission. If you have time you should watch it because it explains perfectly how I felt and feel now. :) I love you all so much and I hope that I can continue feeling this Love for ever. I hope you all know that I love you and I want everyone to learn one phrase in Portuguese so that when Ben and I return you'll be able to understand us because it will be the first thing we'll say to everyone." Eu te amo." :) Take care and remember I'm always here for you. Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett      

Ben: Angels

WOW... I say it every week and I will continue to say it until the end of my mission but thank you so much for the emails. I heard from so many wonderful family members and felt so much strength from their words. Mom and Dad I agredeço por seu amor e palavras de sabadoria cada semena. Eu te amo. Brandon I also wanted to thank you for your testimony cuz. It was very inspired and something I really needed to hear this week. It was amazing to hear from you and I know we do in fact have such a wonderful family... What a knowledge and joy we can be together forever. Also to Kris Tighe and Heather Stewart Chester thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart. I cant lie I teared up a bit in the pictures I received... What a treat for me. Kristin once again your emails every week have such a light and spirit that illuminate from them. I often think of the scripture in D&C 50: 24 that teaches about light and how we need to try everyday to in cooperate more light into our being and by reading your emails every week I feel I increase my light a little more and my own testimony, so thank you so very much... Lastly I wanted to thank my dear brother Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett. Matt or I mean Elder you bring such a peace and serenity to my heart every time I read your words. I cant lie training is a little overwhelming at times but reading your email really touched my heart and your words of inspired encouragement. You are a powerful missionary and example to me. I love you Matt, I love you Mom and Dad, I love you Brandon, I love Kris, and I love you Heather Stewart-Chester. What an amazing light you all have given to me this day. Also mom I wanted you to know I received the box with the journal and valentines candy... The laffy taffys were devoured in about 2 seconds of opening the package haha and the journal was an AMAZING present! I really needed a journal... I actually haven’t missed writing a day on my mission so every experience is with me. Thank you so much. Matt I also received your package... wow... It meant so much to me. Words cannot describe the love and the spirit I felt as I held that tie. I promise I will take good care of it for you during this next year. I love you so much. Well lets get onto the events of this past week.

It was the first week of training as I headed to Campinas last Tuesday to get my new companion fresh from the CTM. The day was filled with a 8 hour bus ride and many meetings... needless to say when I got my companion I was pretty much dead haha. He is a really awesome missionary who is excited to be here in the mission. He is a Brasilian and 18 years old. His home town is only about 8 hours from Campinas by bus (The same time I spent on the bus from Botucatu to Campinas haha) Its going to be an awesome transfer. As I mentioned its been a little overwhelming as I realized "Wow I have a responsibility to take care of this Elder and help him become the missionary the Lord knows he can become." We had some pretty intense experiences together already with the spirit protecting us and guiding us. In my blessing it says that "throughout my mission I will be in dangerous circumstances, but I will be protected so I should not worry and neither my parents about my safety." As we arrived in Botucatu it was about 10:30 at night as we headed to our apartment. I had my boxes that Mom and Matt had sent along with one of my companions suitcases. I took the lead as we started the journey home. The bus station is near our house, Its only about a 10 minute walk. I was in front of my companion carry the box along with some other supplies for the Zone leaders that President asked me to take to them. My companion had his other suitcase along with a GIANT pillow haha that sister Perrotti had given him. As we were walking I noticed a bunch of young men who were maybe 16 or 17 in front of us sitting in the front of the bridge that lead to our house. There were about 8 or 9 and I noticed that all there attention turned our way. My first thought was "Oh great my companion’s first missionary experience is going to be him being robbed." haha but then I felt such a piece and calmness wash over me. I heard the powerful and direct words "stop!" I immediately did so and stood there in the street. I could tell my new companion was a little worried about the situation, but I think he was more worried because he say that I was smiling and laughing. :) haha We were the only ones in the street along with the 8 or 9 boys. I then noticed someone else appeared from behind us and began to approach us. It was a man who was a little drunk and shouted "I know who you are, you're MORMONS!" He came up and began to shout and exclaim things to us in joy haha and was almost dancing. I felt that we should just sit there and listen to this him (it was pretty hilarious watching him dance). This went on for a good 10 minutes or so and I then noticed the boys near the bridge slowly one by one leave. As soon as the boys had left the man stopped his drunken dance and went on his way... and the bridge was free for us to cross in which we made it safely home.

As I entered the house I knelt with my new companion in pray in gratitude and thanksgiving for the guidance and protection the Lord had given us. Family and friends I testify in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, our redeemer and Savior who lives that angels are real. They are sent from God to protect us from the dangers of the world. To lead us to the straight and narrow and safely guide us home. It was a powerful moment for me and my new companion as I remembered the words from my blessing. It has been a overwhelming week but I know Angels are here. I know God gives us strength to accomplish this great work with help from beyond the veil. Miracles haven’t ceased and neither have the ministries of Angels. I have been the witness of so many miracles and blessings from God here on the mission. I love this mission and the foundation it has set for my life. I still have one more year to give it all I can and to feast and learn upon the teachings of our savior Jesus Christ. This time is flying so fast and I don’t want it to end. Being able to serve the Lord for two years was the best decision I ever made in my life and I challenge any young man who may read this email to desperately strive to fulfill this great commandment of God and serve a full time mission. My heart is full and my love for this Gospel is un-shakable. Yes, at times its not easy and we have many trials here on the mission and yes, I still feel very unqualified to be a missionary... But as i mentioned last week I know that whom the Lord calls He qualifies. In this life we have to have these experiences of inadequacy and trials so that we can grow and become what God needs us to be... To close this email I would like to share with you all a quote I found this week from Neal A. Maxwell that reads " One's life... cannot be both faith-filled and stress-free..."Therefore, how can you and I really expect to glide naively through life as to say, 'Lord, give me experience, but not grief, not sorrow, not pain, not opposition, not betrayal, and certainly not to be forsaken. Keep from me Lord, all those experiences which made Thee what Thou art! Then let me come and dwell with Thee and fully share Thy joy!' "Real faith... Is required to endure this necessary but painful developmental process." (Neal A. Maxwell, "Lest ye be wearied and faint in you minds") Family and friends I know that angels are real. I know that God protects us. I know that sometimes in our lives we have struggles and difficulties but it’s how we can grow and become all that God knows we can become. I saw and gained a testimony of these wonderful truths this last week as I know them to be true is my pray and testimony to you all this week. May God be with you all this upcoming week and may you feel my lasting love for you all.

Ama Élder Benjamin B. Doggett

p.s. Millie Carter! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday last Saturday! I hope you had a special one... I was thinking of you and singing "Para bems para você" all day! haha love you! and Hey guess what? Next year on your birthday will be the day Matt and i come home... crazy huh?! haha love you and God be with you.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Matt #48

Well everyone another week has passed and time sure is flying! I need to start of by saying truly how much I love each and everyone of you... I had a strange experince this past week as I was looking through my (Old) photo album of all my friends and family. I just felt so much joy as I fliped through the pages, but I no longer felt the pains of homesickness... of course I still love and miss you like crazy but I'm starting to understand what true love really is, and I know that my time on the mission is running out... which means I just need to work harder and enjoy this speciel time the Lord has given me. I hope you all know how much it means to me that you take the time to share your testimonys and experinces with ben and I. It truly sounds like everyone is doing great and growing so much... Tyson I hope you know how much I love you and it was good to hear from you... I really miss all the good times we had but in only a years time there will be more memories to be made! :) Keep working hard and remember we all love you. Also Sister tighe thank you for the story of life in Hibbard... Your story brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my own twin Brother and the love we share for each other. Thank you for opening my eyes a little more on whats truly important. Kristin once again thank you for the E-mail you sent... Your testimony is something very speciel and I love growing and learning from it each week, thank you so much for everything! :) Ali thanks for the Jamba update... I cant believe how much has changed but im glad to hear our pictures are still up, I cant wait to see those once we get home. I think one of the first things I want to eat once I get home is a nice big power sized peach perfection haha I miss you all so much and I hope you know I love you. I hope I didnt miss anyone, sometimes its a little hard to remember all the details of e-mail because we only have a short amount of time but I truly love you all so much and always remember your all in our prayers. Dad, Mom... I dont know what to say other than I love you. Your e-mails bring such a strength and its incredible to see how much our love has grow for one another just because of the Gospel. Thank you all for what you've done for me. Dad I do have to say that I agree with what you asked at the end of your E-mail, and dont worry I will from now on! :)

Well I'm sure you want details from the past week... We had transfers and Elder Larsen will be going home this week... I wont lie this past week was crazy because he had to get everything prepared to go home. It was a great experience to be companions with him and see him as he prepared to go home... Hes nervous and scarred. Imagine going two years without facebook updates or watching the news or talking with your friends and family. Its kinda a scary thought for me now and I only have 11 months haha imagine someone for two years! :) Hes ready though and I'll never forget the time we shared together. I truly love him so much and hes taught me so much. Yesterday we had the chance to give talks in church (Kinda like a home coming talk for Elder Larsen) and it went awesome. I gave a talk about our potential with our callings and Elder Larsen talked about what hes learned from the Mission. It was a little strange because we each talked for 15 minutes (In Portuguese) and when I sat down I thought to myself "Woah thats crazy... I just gave a 15 min. talk in another language! Back home I struggled to give a 5 minute talk in English about Faith haha the Mission really changes you. :) Afterwards as I was sitting on the stand I began to look out in the adience and I couldnt help but tear up as I looked at my amazing branch. I saw all the recent converts Elder Larsen and I helped bring into the fold of our Savior and they all looked so happy and at peace. I saw our members who I love so much with a fire to work hard. I'm really excited for this coming transfer as it will be one that I never will forget. I will be staying in Campanário mais uma transferência as the senior companion... I'm really excited because we have so much work to do that it should be an awesome transfer! :) 

One thing that happened this past week that strengthened me and taught me a valuable lesson was Elder Larsen and I made a stop by our less active member Daniel... I know I talk a lot about it but we are trying so hard to help him stop drinking... Its just so hard for him but hes trying so hard. As we made a stop by his house we heard the T.V. was on but no one was home. We became a little worried and I had the strangest feeling come into my heart and I said "Elder Larsen we need to pass by as many Bars as we can on our way back to the Chapel." He agreed and as we were taking our normal rountine back to the chapel we turned up a side road without thinking and we began walking... Family and Friends I know that this Gospel is true. I cannot tell you why we walked up this road because to this very moment I dont know why... We literally were walking our normal path just talking one to another and we all of a sudden were walking up this hill haha. As we came to the end of the street we noticed Daniel sitting on the ground... His clothes we very dirty and when we walked up to him we knew he was more drunk than we had every found him. He could barley stand and as we were helping him up this man came up to us and said "Its about time! I'll make a promise with you Mormons, that if you can get this man here out of here I'll convert to Mormonism!" I almost said "Sir may we write down your address and pass by your house another day?" haha but dont worry our less active member took care of it by shouting "I AM A MORMON!" Haha it was a little funny because the man looked a little suprised but afterwards I felt heavy in my Heart... As we began to carry Daniel home we passed by the very Bar he had been drinking at... His "so called" friends were there laughing and pointing at us as we carried Daniel home... Like always I tried to lighten the mood with a joke by saying "Look at those old men in the great and spacious bar laughing at us." We began to laugh a little but it was hard... really hard. I felt like we were there holding on to the Iron rod despertly trying to carry Daniel back to the straight and narrow but those evil man in the great and spacious bar were calling him back with their laughs and pointing fingers. I couldnt help but feel sarrow in my Heart and it was hard not to feel alone on the street carrying daniel home. We did however get Daniel home safely and we gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for allowing us the chance to help him during his time of need. I know the Lord put us in his path for a reason that day. 

That experince with Daniel was a great learning experince for us and we also had one more learning experince last night when we received our calls for transfers... One thing I have began to notice here in the Mission is a lot of Missionarys base success from Baptisms and the Callings they have within the Mission for example as District Leader Or Assistent to the President. Its so sad to see these sacred callings of leadership and growth within the Mission bring so much pride. We need to remember the Lord doesnt call us into a postition because we are qualifide for it... but that we may learn and grow from it. Last night got a little intense as many Missionarys around the Mission began saying things like "He doesnt deserve that calling" or "He only has that calling because he knows how to suck up to the Zone Leaders!" As I heard these comments from many Missionarys I became sad and began to think a lot about what they said. Callings within the Church are not important... Callings within the Mission are not important. In my Blessing it says that "You were pre-ordained to be a Missionary" It did not say I was pre-ordained to be a Zone Leader or a Assistent but a Missionary for our Heavenly Father... When you think about how many people have lived on this earth and how many few people have had the sacred privelege to serve Missions... Its crazy how few have had the chance. Its a privledge for me to be one of the few to preach the Gospel and bear the name of our Lord and Savior close to my Heart. :) We receive callings to grow from them. For example I'm senior know and my dear friend Brady will be a trainer! :) What a great time for us to grow and learn from this chance to serve others! I know this Gospel is true and I know that we are here to help others come unto Christ. Please dont feel that I am putting myself on a higher stand than the other Missionarys by saying these things... there just my thoughts and how I feel on this subject. Yesterday for example I was talking to our new member Clelie at church. (Elder Larsen and I had the chance to teach and Baptise her during our time together) and you know what she said to me with tears in her eyes. "Elder Doggett... I'm so sad right now..." I then asked Por que? and she responded "There will never be two Missionarys like you two, no one can re-place you both and its hard to say goodbye." Do you want to know how my Heart translated those words that she said to me? She told me that even if the best Missionary in the feild with a Million Baptism and had been Assistent to the President all His Mission came and was the next Missionary in the Ramo Campanário the following week, it wouldnt matter to her. Our investigators dont know what callings we have within the Mission... They only see two young representatives of our Lord and Savior who are bringing a message of joy and peace and to them that is something thats more speciel than any calling in the Mission.       
I hope this wasnt a boring/long e-mail to read this week... I feel like this e-mail was more for me so that I could put in order my thoughts about everything that will be happening within the following weeks. I hope you all know how much I love you and I couldnt be happier on the Mission. I'm learning so much and I know this is exactly where I need to be right now. :) I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon. Take care and know that I truly Love you all. Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett

Ben #47 Faith is Action

Nossa gente! I heard once more from so many wonderful family and friends this last week. Mom and Dad your emails as always touched my heart as I heard of your crazy adventures in Rexburg... and Utah haha Its good to hear everyone is doing great. I heard from my 2nd family as well :) which was a big booster to me. Love you so much and I have such a testimony on the power of Eternal families. Ali, wow was it amazing to hear from you and the news of good old Jamba. The Brasilians here have a hard time believeing that an American could make a good smoothie... but I still got it haha :) Love you and the team and be sure to tell them hi from Basil haha. Tyson haha your email was awsome I felt for a small moment we were all together again as memories of late nights at your house came flooding into my mind. Its crazy to me to see where all of us are going in our lives and the growth we are making as we are continueing to pressforward and preservear atê o fim! Im at 1 year, and as we say on the mission I have reached the sumit of the mountian and now "Its all downhill," it kind of makes me sad as I see how fast this time is passing and how much more I need to work to bring thy children unto God. I must give "my whole heart, mind, power, and force to progressing this work... as the field is white all ready to harvest" (D&C 4:4) Well, as for this last week it has been a pretty intense one for me. As you all can probably tell my mind is in so many other places right now. Dad I will try and include some funny stories from the mission but time this week is short haha... Anyways lets get to the events of last week starting with Transfer news! Yup its transfers once more and this transfer was a real shock to me haha

 Last night we heard about transfers and it turns out I will be training... I was a little in shock but im a Trainer. I felt and still feel very inadequate for the position but I know "Whom the Lord calls He qualifies." As I heard this news I layed in my bed as my thoughts went back to one yer ago when I entered the Rodoviária in Campinas with my trainer Elder Clay. I remember the fear of the unknown before me and the nervousness within. I remember it was pouring rain and a man came running up to me and began to dance infront of me while griping my hand. He was shouting and singing in Português. (It was also the first time I smelt Alchoal and someones breath haha) I sat there, an American smack in the middle of Basil without the ability to speak Português, with a man dancing while griping tightly to my hand... I was in shock haha :) and now to see how fast the time has passed by. Its funny cause in some way I still feel like that Elder one year ago as the unknown and nervosness was before him... but now I know through faith all things are possible (thank you Matt for that amazing and powerful email) This last week I learned a very powerful lesson but at the same time so basic... Faith is Action, We must trust in the Lord and have faith in His son Jesus Chirst and do as Matt said "and step into the darkness and do our part" and then the blessings will come. Spencer W. Kimball once said that "Some want the Harvest before they plant the Crop." We have to show the Lord that we will accept His will in any given circumstance even if we dont know why. In Moses 5: 6 we see that Adam , our first parent understood this principle as an angel appeared unto him and asked "Why does thou make burnt offereings? Adam Responded: I know not, only that the Lord hath commanded it." Sometimes we dont understand a principle or commandment of the Lord but as we act and fullfill what the Lord has asked we will begin to see our own testimony and understanding grow. Faith is a principle of power. Its a knowledge that you know you have a spiritual potential beyond your own understanding. I felt this so strong this last week as I saw this very power of Faith is Action. I challenge all of you to try a little better and exercise you faith and ACT and trust in the Lord and I promise in due time you will see the blessings I so testify.

I must apoligize alot of things are happening here in the mission right now and in my area of Botucatu and my mind is a little jumbled right now. There is so much I want to say to you all and so many experiences I want to share (Dad I really want to share every little detail of my mission with you haha) but time really is so short. I just want everyone to know through the thick of the confusion and unknown that Faith is the key. It is the light that will brighten any cloudy day as long as we do our part. That our knowlege of this Gospel and that we are sons and daughters of a living God alone can bring a relization and power to guide us through any trial of hardship. As Matt said we must have a conversion not just a testimony... Conversion is an on going thing that must be nourished and fed. My prayer is all of you will seek this own conversion and change within your own lives. Know that though right now the unknown, confusion, and inadqeucies that I feel are great... I know they can be overcomed through trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though I know not His will, I must be as Adam and just DO, is my testimony and love for you all this day. I promise next P-day will be filled with more stories and adventures here in Brasil but until then I hope you can feel a small portion of Elder Benjamin B. Doggett back home. :) Once more it was so wonderful to hear from so many of you this week and though I cant email you all I want you to know how much it helped me right now... I Love you all and may God be with you til we meet again. 

Ama Élder Benjamin B. Doggett

p.s. As for Sueli mom things are going great with her. We have taught her all the lessons and she knows this is all true. When we taught her the Plan of Salvation she began to  cry as she said she had a dream about this Plan once but her Pastor told her that nothing like that exists and the will of God is unknown to us concerning the next life... She as a strong testimony and is reading faithfully the Book of Mormon. Her Husband is struggleing a bit as the other night we had to go search for him in the bar... He was completely under but extremly friendly as he anounced to everyone in the bar "im his American friend from the land of Potatoes." :) haha Pray for him that his heart will be softened... Anyway thats the update I love you all so much. Have a blessed week.

Matt #47

Everyone thank you for the Birthday wishes... It was one of the greatest Birthdays in so many ways. Thank you family and Friends for the tender E-mails you all sent to ben and I. The blessings you bring into our life is something that I cannot describe, thank you my friends and family for the E-mails and for the word of advice and Spiritual strength you all bring to me... Dad to respond to some things you mentioned I'm very impressed with your study of our Missions. Actually the football team that I cheer for is Santos, and when I say that Soccer is big that's an understatement here in Brasil. Its actually one of the only sports really played here in Brasil. The main player right now for the Santos team is Naymar and its hilarious how many people worship him haha. Also I'm sorry but my shoes are destroyed haha I will try and sent a picture and buy some new shoes but I haven't been able to find any good shoes they sale around here which has made things a little frustrating but its ok! :) I've become very good with inventing new tricks to improvise for my destroyed shoes. (For example I just use the other Elders shoes haha thank you Elder Larsen and Elder França) This always makes me laugh because before the Mission I was always upset when others used my things (Ben knows exactly what I'm talking about) but the Mission changes people I promise, and now I am the one using everyone elses things haha :) Also mom I hope you know I love you and I pray for you and our wonderful family everyday... Happy Birthday and know that I truly love you with all my heart. make it a good Birthday. Also Ben thank you for the wonderful present... I have one I'm sending here in a little, sorry its a little late. Once again thank you all for your love and E-mails. Your truly all incredible examples to me. Love you

Well as way of news my dear friend Elder Lords will be heading home tonight so I'm actually at the Mission office right now with President Tanner and several other Missionary's as we say our goodbyes. Hes such an incredible Missionary and to see this happening has taught me a very valuable lesson. After almost 1 year on the Mission I've begone to understand what it means to have true conversion into the Gospel. Its something not easy to acquire and from what Elder Bednar taught, its something that takes a life time to acquire. I'll never forget what my dear Brother Elder Doggett taught us that whenever he was passing through something hard he would look down and see the name of our Savior Jesus Christ close to his Heart... I notice that you can tell which Missionary's have the name of Christ held close to their heart... Elder Lords is a perfect example of a Missionary who appreciates his time and privileged to be a Missionary and you can see true conversion in him whenever he bears testimony of the Gospel. As the events have occurred this past several weeks I've really tried to understand what true conversions means and how we can obtain this within ourselves. As I was praying to know more and understand more of this simple but complex doctrine I had an experience that was very interesting.... last week after church one of our strong members for 15 years came out of the primary room and said that she will never come back to church for as long as shes alive or the Bishops wife is alive. She stormed out and from that point last week no one has had the chance to talk to her because she doesn't want visitors .. How could this have happened? How could a member of 15 years just walk out and forsake all that she knows to be true? Well I've enjoyed the chance to eat lunch with her on several occasions before this happened and I have heard her testimony several times... but when it comes down to really being converted she didnt have it. How is that possible you may ask? Well I've come to the conclusion that you may have a Testimony that the Gospel is true but when it comes down to living its principles and being converted to it, thats a whole other story. In the study guide in the back of the Book of Mormon we learn that "Conversion" is also the same thing as "Born again", Lets all open are Scriptures now and take a look at Alma 7:14... what do we learn we need to do? What does "be born" or "Converted" have to do with our Salvation? As I pondered on these question the Spirit really hit me hard. I learned that we may have a testimony of the Gospel but if we dont have a repented Heart thats willing to come unto the Lord, then we cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Theres that word Heart again... It seems that everything boils down to the Heart and desire within the Gospel. Lets move back to when Ben wrote about seeing the name of our dear Savior close to his heart... When he noticed the Name of the Savior he wasnt only realizing the Savior was close to his heart but he was also taking the name of the Savior and putting it into his heart as well. I guess you could say that my dear Brother took the first step in true conversion by realizing the Lord is everything in his life. He took the first step in actually writting the name of the Savior within his own heart. That name must always stay with us no matter what... we must also do the same. Like always I hope this makes sense. All in all I hope everyone realizes that we must have more than a testimony during these challenging times if we expect to persever until the end... I know sometimes its hard to let the natural man go and really be converted but personally I believe the first step to change is taking that step into the darkness of the unkown. Maybe that darkness is a Mission... or maybe its marriage or a calling in church. Whatever it is dont be scarred but have faith. Remember the Lord is always with us no matter what. My challenge for everyone is to remember the Savior... Remember that he is close to our heart no matter what. Remember whatever Rightoues desire you have the Lord will help you. :) 
I love you all so much and I hope you know I really enjoyed your e-mails today... I'm sorry it took me awhile to send the e-mail but its been a crazy few weeks... as a matter of fact I really havent had a good p-day for awhile haha. We are always running around like crazy, but thats also a good thing. :) The time sure is passing by fast. Lets remember to enjoy every moment we can with the ones we Love and the time we've been given. (Thanks for that great reminder Alex Love you bro.) :) Remember I love you all and I had a fantastic Birthday. I did start crying at one point as I missed my loved ones but to be honest it was one of the most incredible birthdays in the world! I mean come on, theres nothing better then having the chance to share your testimony of the blessings of the Gospel then on your birthday. It was pretty amazing! :) Love you all once more and I hoped you enjoyed this small and lacking in detail e-mail but remember I love you all no matter what. Take care until next week! :)
P.S. Olivia my address is Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett
                                         Rua Dr. Luiz Miranda da Rocha
                                         159-8 Andar
                                          PQ. JABAQUARA São Paulo
                                          CEP: 04344-010 SP
  Love you and take care! :)

Ben #46 Book of Mormon Birthday

Wow 20 years old... where is the time? I thank you all for your emails, I was truely touched by all your words. Dad and Mom thank you and yes, everything is going great :) Mom and Dad thank you for the birthday money I got me some sweet presents haha and Dad I will try to send my address here in Botucatu but to be honest at the moment I dont know it from the top of my head haha Mom my shoes are doing great. I havent had any problems... yet. Thank you once more for your emails they were so powerful and I loved the good ol Rexburg update. Family, your emails were so inspired this week and I thank you so very much. My friends also sent some pretty power emails as well that brought some very strong emotions of appreciation for them in my life. I love you all so very much... Matt I just wanted to take a small moment and share with you how much I love you and missed you last Friday. It was the first birthday I shared without you... but in some small way I felt so much peace and love from you. I hope you enjoyed that little present I sent :) and that Elder is in my prayers. Once more everyone thank you for the emails they mean so much to me. I had so many birthday wishes and words just cannot describe how much it meant to me even if I cant write personally. What a birthday... I will never forget it... and by the way on the subjects of birthdays a very beautiful and special women to me is having a birthday this friday on the 15th so all of YOU wish her a Happy Birthday haha I LOVE YOU MOM AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 
As for this past many invents happened... Many spiritual things occured in my mission that I just cant explain. I had some very intense and powerful lesson as we are teaching many people now here in Botucatu. One lesson though that I just cant get out of my head is the power of the Book of Mormon and of its divinity in our lives. Do we truely understand the power of that Book? This last week we encoutnterd a lady named Sueli who is about 50 years old. She attends the Congragraçáo no Brasil. This religion is pretty strict about having other faiths talk with them. We met her late on Thursday evening and actually taught the first lesson to her husband as she was cleaning the kitchen. She was in the other room listening to our message and soon enterend as we began to talk about the Book of Mormon. She soon sat down and began to ask some pretty intense questions regarding the Book of Mormon. I felt the spirit so strong and began to testify of its reality that it in fact was brought forth from God in our days to guide us and direct us through the storms of this life. I read with her Helaman 5:12 "that we must build upon the rock of our redeemmer which is Christ." I felt the spirit so strongly as my companion and I began to teach her using the Book of Mormon. We left a copy with her and a challenge to read 3 nefi 11.
The next morning was my birthday. I woke up earlier then the other missionaries cause I couldnt sleep. I just sat in my bed with my thoughts to myself. I really missed my family and friends. I got up and washed my face and looked in the mirror for some time. I just sat there staring... I noticed then how different Ben Doggett really was from the boy one year ago. his desires, plans, likes and dislikes all were different. How much the Lord had truely had changed this boys heart... But how? I humbley bowed down and said a silent pray of gratitude for this last year and all I have learned and every trial I have passed through and truely pondered my testimony. Sueli then came into my mind from the previous night and her questions concerning the Book of Mormon. I then descided to open my own sciptures and I felt prompted to read Lehis dream in 1 nephi 8. In it it has many powerful lessons for us to learn as Elder Bendnar has taught us, but I felt prompted to focus on the Iron rod. In 1 Nephi 11: 25 we learn what the Rod singnifiys, in the words of Nephi "and it came to pass that I beheld that the rod of Iron, which my father had seen, was the Word of God, which led to the fountain of living waters, or to the tree of life." the tree represents the love of God. Family and friends can you see how important the Sciptures are? Can you see how important the Book of Mormon is? It is the rod! It is how we can stay on the sraight and narrow. This change I saw in the mirror only came through the power of the sciptures. In my life toward the end of Senior year when everything seemed to be upside down. When my priorities where a mix and my faith dwindling I allowed the scriptures to lie on my desk un-opened. My hands had let go of the Iron rod and I was falling into that endless fog as Lehi describes. From the tender mercies of the Lord He provided many angels in my life to help guid me back to that rod and allowed me the chance to grip it with all my foce so I could experience the Atonement of Chirst and partake of the fruit or those sacred convenants "Which was more desirebale then anything else." and now here I am... Im 1 year on my mission and I have the chance to now help others to grip onto the Iron Rod (Sciptures) to come unto the tree of life and partake of the fruit.
As I closed my sciptures, tears ran down my face. I have had 20 birthdays and many wonderful presents throughout my life... but the greatest present I have received was right in front of me. I was holding it in my hands It was brought forth by the hand of God through a living Prophet. It contains the fullness of this gospel and testifys that Jesus is the Chirst. I have the opportunity everyday to give it freely to others so they can recieve the same gift of Eternal Life and that sweet and pure knowledge that I have. It was a birthday I will never forget as I realized and felt the power of the Holy spirit in such a way that I just cant describe. Family and friends you dont know how much I love the Book of Mormon, how much that Book means to me. It is the Keystone of my testimony and I testify it is the keystone of our religion and I challenge everyone of you as Alma did to have a change of heart! (Alma 5: 12) Read the Book of Mormon I beg of you. It is the only way to hold on for it is the Rod that leads to Eternal life is my testimony to you all this day.
 In conclusion im sure you all want to know about Sueli, well we followed up with her yesterday and she told us she read 3 nephi 11 and even marked many sciptures that stuck out to her. She shared with us how she felt a fire in her heart and how she just couldnt stop reading. She knows these things are true and we have marked a Baptism with her for next week. I hope we all will search for that fire within ourselves as we study and search the scriptures daily so we too can cling to the Rod Of Iron and partake of this wonderful joy the Gospel has to offer. I love you all and thank you once more for the wonderful birthday wishes. So much has happened in my life and im so grateful for this Gospel and the Holy Sciptures. and for all of you. God be with you all till we meet again. Sorry this email was long today there was just so much I wanted to share with you and felt this was what needed to be said I so pray. Love you all and God bless you.
Ama Élder Benjamin B. Doggett

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Matt #46

Well everyone I am so sorry once again the e-mail is late and will be short... Its interesting when things are going so good and then the Lord knows its time to once again have us grow. Before I start thank you everyone for the E-mails... I know this will be one Birthday I will never forget. This past week was one of the most craziest weeks for me on the Mission. (I know I always say that but I'm serious this time.) Right now I'm E-mailing from the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. Its one of the coolest Hospitals in the WORLD!!!! You should look it up if you all get the chance haha, Also don't worry I'm totally fine. I'm actually here not because I'm sick but because one of the Missionary's I live with is really sick. He was diagnosed with Crones disease when he was 14 and well this past week he had some complications and puss started filling up in his Stomach and well one thing lead to another and know I'm in a trio with Elder Larsen and Elder França. Its been a pretty stressful week for us Missionary's and really stressful one for me as old memories of my own twin brother began filling my mind. I remember how scared I was for my amazing Brother when he was in the Hospital... Those same emotions and pains have slowly creep-ed back into my mind for Elder Lords this past week and I began to feel very helpless... We now have two areas to take care of and we are trying to keep everything balanced and organized... but to be honest I felt like I was drowning in a sea of stress! Haha I guess that tends to happen on the Mission or in life in general huh? :) but I've learned some very valuable lessons thats for sure. 

 I think the message I want to share with everyone is a very simple phrase... "I will rest in thee." This past week I have felt pretty overwhelmed and I even broke down and silently began to cry a few days ago as I stared at a photo of my Mother... I was thinking of my home and how easy it would have been to just stay home and sit around, but like I once said I would never give up the Mission experinces for anything... I've learned so much and I really owe my Heavenly Father everything. I love you all and I hope you all never forget that. I'm sorry if this E-mail seems all over the place but I'm a little tired so I apologize haha. :) I know this Gospel is true. This past week after we got home I sat down at my desk and looked at the amazing photo of my Family... I then realized that it was March 1st and in only a few days I would be 20... I felt a lot of emotions at this time and I silently began to cry. It felt like the weight of the world was falling down on my shoulders and I felt ready to explode! Then I heard these simple words. "I will rest in thee." go through my head. I then noticed I was staring at a photo of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ right next to the photo of my family. How fast we are to forget the Lord sometimes especially ME! :) I hope we all realize that no matter what pain or trials we are experiencing we can rest in our Savior... Our Heavenly Father sent is only begotten son to atone for our sins. He experienced EVERYTHING for us. The Atonement makes all things possible and no matter what we're feeling we can find peace in the Atonement... Never give up and keep on going, Remember a smile and a good laugh can do more for you then you really know. Stay Positive and happy through all afflictions and remember we can find rest in our Lord and our dear friend Jesus Christ. 

I'm sorry if this e-mail isnt the greatest, I actually had a really big e-mail written and planned but I just dont have the time. I love you all very much and I hope you know that I know with all my heart that anything is possible through the Lord. I love the quote that states "It will all be Worth it in the end..." How true that is. I love you all very much please never forget that. Also thank you for the wonderfull birthday wishes. I have the most amazing Family and Friends in the whole world... I love you all so much. Please prayer for Elder Lords as he really needs strength during this time. Love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you all soon. :) Well its time to go... Elder Larsen and I just heard a family walk by and they were all speaking English fluently... I think they are Americans haha so its time to run! Love you all with all my Heart. Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett

P.S. Ben I receieved your Package... I cried like a big baby in the office and everyone was like "Elder Doggett whats wrong?" I only started laughing and said "Elders nothing is wrong... I just have the most incredible twin in the world who I love so much..." I truly love you Ben. I loved what you said that in the future when we have imaginary sword fights like we did when we were kids... you wont be the lone hero survivor but you always want me fighting right next to you... The same goes for you my Brother... I always want you by my side, Your my best friend. I love you with all my heart. 

Ben #45 Hope Faith Charity

Nossa minha mente tem muitos coisasa que eu gostaria falar mas eu não sei onde eu preciso incínar. mas tudo bem vamos lá. kkkkkk Well what a week family and friends. It flew by faster then my mind can comprehend. So many things happened this last week that I dont know where to start, so I pray the spirit will guide my words to in someway touch your hearts. First thank you everyone for the emails mom, dad, my beautiful sisters. Sister Chester-Stewart (Thanks for Miguels emails) Heidi, Aunt Karen. It was so amazing as my brother Matt once said to read how all my friends are doing on their missions. I often picture the Stripling Warriors as they were fighting in the midst of those terrible battles with no fighting experience whatsoever. They were fighting men with ALOT of experience but not one was lost or killed because they remembered that it was their God who gave them strength. The mission is alot like that sometimes. We are 19, 20 with little experience, knocking on doors of people whohave an education, married with a family...or a Pastor of another church haha We are fighting hard to defend the truth and help others come unto Christ and each of us are having our own experiences to make and mold us into the men we should be. Elder(s) Doggett, Stewart-Chester, Sommer, Buck, Manwaring, Hastings all of us are facing the front lines and giving it our all. IM so happy and grateful for my friends and their dedicated service to this work... I know this mission is changing our lives forever... and I know "our mothers did teach us in our youth to walk uprightly before God." Thank you  mom sincerly from the bottom of my heart and also I would like to say thank you to all my other moms (You know who you are. :) Once more thank you for the emails and also the birthday wishes. I cant believe Im coming on 20 years, so many memories are running through my mind. Its crazy to see how fast the time is flying by. I love this mission and this country of Brasil. The Lord has been so good to me over my 20 years and I give Him praise for His infinate goodness. I not always gave Him the honor and attention I should have during my teenage years as I lived my life and missed out on many growing oppurtunites but please know that I know without a doubt He is in fact my strength and I will go and do whatever He asks of me because He knows me best and knows exaclty where and what I need to be doing at this point in my life. Once more I love you all and thank you so much for your words of inspirtation this week.
Well as I mentioned before many things happened this week and it really was an emotional Rollar coaster for me. My family is aware of the wonderful blessing the Lord has promised me during my mission from my Partiarchal blessing and also from the dangers I will face here in Brasil. My father shared a story from his mission experiences in which the Lord protected him in a time of danger. (Dad it was pure revelation that you shared that story with me this day) I testify that the Lord in fact with protect us. He is looking out for us and we cant forget the blessings He has given us. In 4th Nephi we read that just in 300 years the people completely turned from God and His son Jesus Christs and His teachings and we read in 4th Nephi 1: 38 that "They intentionally rebeled against the Gospel of Christ; and taught their children not believe." wow, thats pretty crazy. (They werent like the srtipling warrior moms haha) but in all seriousness they forgot all the blessings and miracles that they had witnessed... They forgot that they had seen the Chirst and heard His voice and yet WILLINGLY REBELED. Why? How? There is a srtong lesson to be learned from 4th Nephi and its pages. Im so grateful for the blessings the Lord has given me throughout my mission and the new out look I have on everything in my life. I know of my potential and that all things are possible in the service of my God as long as I remember Him always through Prayer, Scripture study and complete obedience to the commandments. I know His blessings will come we read this in D&C 58:1-4  "That after our trials come the blessings." (Read those verses) but during those hard times and dangers, during the times when we forget our Savior and begin to allow pride into our hearts and allow the difficulties to swallow us how can we remeber Him?... Hope. Hope is defined as the feeling that.... "Events will turn out for the best." When we excercise hope we, "look forward with desire and reasonable confidence." (Elder Steven E. Snow) Hope ,though, works together with Faith, and charity as Moroni taught in Moroni 10: 20-21 "Wherefore, there must be faith and if there must be faith there must be hope; and if there is hope there must also be charity. (21) And expect ye have charity ye can in nowise be saved in the kingdom of God; neither can ye be saved in the kingdom of God if ye have not faith; neither can ye if you have not hope." Dieter F. Uchtdorf added this brief decspiction of these 3 points of Moroni, he said, " Hope is one leg of a three legged- stool, together with faith and charity. These three will stabilize our lives regardless of the rough or unseen surfaces we might encounter at times."
These 3 things are so important in out lives and will in fact carry us through any part of our lives good or bad. This last week I was struggling a little bit with the work. I have been working so hard to try and praech the Gospel here but this area has been tough on me. Every door I went this last week they were either Catholic or just didnt even want to talk to us. I was really down because I know the joy that comes from this Gospel. I was trying so hard to help them realize that this message we have will in fact change their lives forever... but were having little success. I was discouraged and worn out. I was walking in the road with my companion and the rain was pouring down on us. (I was actually shivering here in Brasil if you can believe it.) The rain was coming down hard with deafening thunder in the air. I was drenched and driping from head to toe.  All our appointments fell and I knew my companion was just as bummed as I was as I watched him kick a soda can clear through the air haha. I felt prompted to say a pray right then in the street so I stopped my companion and began to pray. I remembered the pray of faith we need to exercise and then felt the prompting of this message today. "Ben have hope that all will be well" Family friends have hope that all will be well in the end. As we contiuned on I was just smiling and even began to laugh and my companion soon began to join in. When we returned home I gave a prayer of thanks and gratitude for this lesson I had learned in the pouring rain as I knew all would be well. The next day we met a women in the street named Claudia who told us she had been thinking alot about religion in her life and where to find the truth. We went to her house and there taught her whole family. Everyone listened so intently to our message and everyone felt the spirit. I was amazed at how well the POrtugese came and how I was able to teach and respond in such a way as for them to understand. I knew the Lord was guiding me in every moment. As we left the house my Companion turned to me and said "Elder Doggett they are the reason we are here in Botucatu." I felt the same way. That night I thought about the previous night and if I had allowed my hope to fail and to not carry on if I would have encountered that wonderful family today. If I had been like the Nephites and forgotten that in my God all things are possible would I really have been ready to teach and listen to the promptings of the spirit. Family and friends there is so much I would like to share with you as I always mention. So many mission experiences that have shaped my life forever. My birthday is this week and i think in just this one year alone I have grown in so many ways I never imagined possible. I am so grateful for the Lord and for teaching me so many vaulable lessons this week as I know He has a plan and purpose for us all. Never forget that Christ does in fact live and HE loves you all so very much. In the thick of it all there is hope and always will be no matter what life throws at you. Always remember He is with you and will never abandon you... I love you all and thank you once more for the support and love you all have given to me this year here in Brasil and thoughout my life. MAy God bless you all this upcoming week as we all search to increase our hope in the future, or love for our fellow men, and faith in the Atonement of Christ our brother, savior and reedeemer is my prayer and testimony to you all this week. LOve you all and may God be with you till we meet again.
Ama Èlder Benjamin B. Doggett  

Matt #45

I love you all so much... Your e-mails are so great and I just love reading your incredible testimonys. These past week was a little a really good week and I'm happy to say that I'm just super happy with my life... I dont have any regrets with my Mission and I'm just so happy. I cant believe its coming up on the year mark for ben and I here in a little while. To be honest this whole journey has been kind of a blur but I've loved every second of it! :) Thank you all for the E-mails as well. Kristin I always love your incredible Testimony you share with Ben and I each week. Keep up the Hard Work. Also thank you so much for the photos and letter. They mean everything to Missionarys in the feild haha. :) Alex I'm sorry my friend but no matter how hard you try I dont think you could every beat me in a "Socom 3" match... haha I miss you my friend. Olivia I hope you know I really enjoyed your E-mail but I didnt get the letter you sent... sometimes things get lost in the mail here which is terrible but dont worry I already sent a letter a week back that might help with your questions... Just remember to never be afraid and that no matter what happens the Lord will be happy for your decision and so will I. :) I love you my friends and remember you all have a special place in my heart. Sister Tighe thank you for the wonderfull news and update on life back home... I do have to mention when you said Cosmo has about 11 human years now I almost died. Where did the time go? I love you all so much never forget that. Heidi thank you for showing Parkers photos with Ben and I... It made me realize I'm not alone in this crazy battle, I know that my friends are in the same battle and it was a big strength to see him with his Missionary tag and clothes. Heather Chester thank you for the Nacho lines and for the good advice... its much needed, also thank you for the wonderfull photos I also get to see of Brady. LIke I said its a HUGE strength to see my friends in the field with Ben and I. Love you all so much! Rachel thank you for the Mission updates and also I just have the say the photos you sent of Laurens wedding were killer... I dont know if its because I've been gone for almost a year or if its just been awhile since I've seen my friends but wow... everyone looked really good haha :) Mom and Dad I got your awesome package... I really appreciated the Journal you sent. As a matter of fact I began to cry as I realized how much of a sacrifice it was for my family to sent such a simple Package... It means so much to me that you did this, thank you both. I love you so much. Dad I'm sorry to say but I havent heard a single thing about maguel, but I know hes going wonders in his MIssion. Well I think that covers the e-mails for this week. Thank you all so much and I hope you know I love you all from the bottom of my Heart.

 Well this past week has been insane... As you may already know (Dad) The Missão São Paulo sul will be dividing the first of July into the São paulo Sul mission and the São Paulo Santos Mission. We as Missionarys have know for awhile. (Actually back when Elder Bednar was coming to our Mission the rumor spread pretty quick) but because of this things have been a little crazy for us but in a good way... Its a very exciting time to be in the Mission feild during some really big changes. :) Its a great Blessing. But what this means is that here in a little while we will recieve a New Mission President and PResident Tanner will have to decide who he will keep and who will go... Kinda crazy but he told us not to freak out. President Tanner is an incredible President and he will do excatly what the Lord needs him to do. If we get switched to a New President its not because he didnt like us but that the Lord knows that these Missionarys have the Gifts and Talents necessary to help farther the kingdom of our Heavenly Father with the new President. I dont know what will happen but we will see in the Summer. I'm pretty Excited I wont lie! :) 

 Well thats all the big news I could think of for now... This past week has been incredible... I really am learning so much here in the Mission and there is no place I would rather been. :) I do need to apoligize because I havent prepared any message or Scriptures with me today. Its been a really busy week and we've had a lot of success but I feel uncontrolable love for each of you right now. Our lifes are an incredible Journey and sometimes I'm in shocked with how blessed I was to have one of the greatest lifes in the world growing up with loving friends and family within the Gospel. I dont care what anyone says, Rexburg is a really good home. and I miss is a lot haha :) but I love brasil and I love the amazing people here. This Gospel is true it really is. If there is one thing I could say to everyone reading this E-mail is do what my incredible Brother Ben has taught us to do... Look for our own personal "Sunsets" to look at and enjoy each day (Especially during the hard times) I know that this is where we need to be and I know this Church is true. Sometimes things arent easy. Yesterday I had one of the most intense lessons on my Mission as the relationships between a family rested on Elder Larsen and I's shoulders as we tried to hold a family together who are dealing with a father who cant stop drinking... (Remember Daniel) Its incredibley sad and I'm sorry but I HATE alchol. It does absoulotly no good for anyone and my heart aches everytime we talk with this family. Its been tough on us and even tougher for them, but the Lord has truly guided our words. Can you imagine two teenage boys giving advice to a family about addictions with Alchol? I never dreamed I would be doing something like this without a degree or something but here we were yesterday doing excatly this... and you know what? We knew excatly what needed to be said thanks to the Spirit. :) I love this family and I know that things are going to work out. There really trying but rememeber all things are possible in the Lord. I love you all so much and I know this isnt to much. But I hope this E-mail helps in some form. I hope you all never forget I love you and this Mission is the greatest thing I could have ever done in my life. The Gospel will change anyone as long as we put are trust in the Lord and open our Hearts. Remember by two or three testimonys we can have a sure knowledge of all things. That means we must open are minds (Study the Scriptures) and open are Hearts (Let go of Pride and Pray) When we do this we can know for ourselves these things are true. I love you all and I hope you know I havent fogotten a single one of you. Your always in my prayers. Until next week rememebr that we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father which means we all have the potential to change. I love you all so much and I know this Church is true, I just cant say these several things enough haha :) God be with you till we met again.     

Ben #44 Pray Com Fe

Thank you family and friends for your wonderful emails and inspirational comments this week. I heard from so many family members and friends this week. I cant tell you all how much I love you and miss you dearly but at the same moment feel so close to everyone of you. I am so grateful unto my loving father in heaven who blessed me with the life and family I had before my mission there in good old Rexburg idaho. I cant believe the time has flown by so fast. Matt and I are coiming on our 20th birthday... I dont believe that to be honest. haha but its crazy to see the time pass by. I just want my family and friends to know back home how much this boy here in Brasil loves everyone of your emails and I read them over and over. Please forgive me if I cant respond personally to some of the emails. My mission has been a little crazy lately with opening a new area and actually, as some of you probably already know, there is many new missions opening around the world and 5 here in Brasil. Last week we had interviews with Presidente Perrotti and he told all us missionaries that missão Campinas has been divided in half. Some with stay in Missão Campinas and others will go to Missão Piracicaba. Presidente told us not to worry about the changes because wherever we serve is exactly where the Lord wants us to be. We just have to remember our purpose and continue serving with all our heart. WHen Presidente Perrotti was talking to all us I just felt so much peace come over me. Many missionaries where panicing and a little upset about the big change coming our way, but I just felt a serenity envelope me. I recieved a definate answer about this new mission and I know where the Lord wants me :) It His will be done not mine, I will just go and do what the Lord commands me to do. We find out in June about who is leaving the MIssão Campinas and who is changing so I will keep you informed haha. This whole transfer and new announcment has got me thinking alot though about my entire mission and everything that has happened. Im coming on a year now here on the mission and every mission experiences have taught me to put my whole trust in the Lord and just do as he asks. From tough companions to tough areas I have learned that everything is possible through prayer and faith and humbley accepting the Lords will. A part in my Partiarchal Blessings states "I will be a humble missionary because I understand my relationship with my Father in Heaven." I know that in all our life choices that come before us we have to humble bow our heads and offer a pray of faith... this concept and simple doctrine has been swimming around in my head all week, and today I feel prompted to share with you teh power of a faith filled prayer.
New mission, New area. Alot has been on my mind lately as this last week was a another prova de fé. Every house I went to they just didnt want to hear us, but I kept on treking onward. We meet some wonderful families and taught them the first vision but the follow ups lead to them not wanting to hear more. As alot of you have read during this last year there has been many times I have gotton on my knees in humble prayer unto my God and have felt the sure hands of Him wrap around me. This week I was touched by the power of a faith filled prayer. I was reading in 3 Nephi 18: 18-23 about the importance of prayer and how we have to "pray always unless we fall into the awful hands of the inamigo." Jesus teaches the simple nephites how to pray and receive knowledge from our loving Father in Heaven. Family friends do you realize that the Nephites were simple people without much knowledge? But with sincere pray and faith the LOrd teaches us that we can recieve knowlegde from with on high. In this moment I am taken back to another time in History many years later when a simple 14 year old boy without knowleged, exercised his faith in pray unto the Lord and was given some pretty neat knowledge from on high... a knowledge that changed my life and changed your life as well. Do we truely honsetly understand the power of Pray? It is pure communication with God. Jesus taught an intersesting lesson in MAtthew 21: 18-22 in this part Jesus is making His journey from Bethany to Jerusalem when he came upon a fig tree. We read in verse 18 that "Jesus was hungry" and upon approaching the fig tree noticed it bear no fruit. IN this moment Jesus condems the fig tree saying "Let no fruit grow henceforth and forever." The tree then withered and died. Peter then exclaims "Master behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away." Jesus then answers them in 21-22 saying "Verily I say unto you if you have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done unto the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believeing, ye shall receive." IN this moment the Lord teaches us that in pray faith must be present it just cant be a motion we go through it must be sincere and real. So many times unfortuantly we forget that. Yes, the fig tree was destroyed but we learned a vaulable lesson. First, that prayer without faith and never doubting will bring miracles... and second the Lord our savior Jesus christ is in fact our savior and reedemer. He is the son of God, and that He indeed had power over nature. He could change His own circumstances in any given moment but because He loved YOU He gave up His life. HE allowed those men to take and beat Him and cast Him into prison... and eventually was crucified for us... because He in fact loves you so very much.
This is my testimony to you all this day. We have tough days and we have things that are unexplainable that occur in our lifes, but through our savior Jesus Christ and His infinate love for us, that through sincere heartfilled pray, never doubting... We can overcome all things.
Right now this last week I gained such a testimony of this. I fill my relationship with my loving Fahter in Heaven is growing each day and each trial I face. As I mentioned I had an interview with Presidente Perrotti. ( I love him so much) It was an interseting interview as we sat and just talked. We laughed together, we cryed together and felt the power of the spirit. Presidente looked me in the eye and said "ELder Doggett, I know this new area is tough... actually toughest in the mission, nut there is a reason teh Lord wants it opened right now and wants you specifically here... ELder Doggett here in Botucatu the Lord has a wonderful thing planned for you. HE has a atribute here for you to require that will make you exactly what He wants you to be. He has something great in store for you here on the mission and after." As I heard these words tears ran down my face as I felt the Lord answer my sincer heartfilled pray. I testify to all you the Lord has a plan for all of us. Put your trust in HIm and search for His correction everyday. You can become all He knows you can. I know this to be true. Before my mission I had no idea what the future had in store for me... but know my mind is clear one my focus straight as I know in my weakness I trust in the Great Master, my Savior JEsus Christ. Who knows what will happen here in a little bit when June comes around but whatever happens I know its the will of God. I challenge you all this week to sincerley pray unto God and give him thanks for all you have and I promise you will begin to fill a piece and a love envelope you as His arms are out stretched before you. There is so much I want to say to you all but time just doesnt permit. I hope as always you could feel a part of the joy and spirit I feel everyday here In the mission. It is quite an experience. I love you all so much and I ecspecailly love my missionary service. Believe me whenI say its hard sometimes but I know the LOrd is on my side and in Him I trust completly. May God be with you all this week and I hope to hear from you all soon. I love you all and God be with you as you give Him your hearts
Ama Élder Benjamin B. Doggett  
P.s. Matt I love you so much and im so happy to be sharing this mission experience with you... you are such a strength and powerful missionary to me.

Matt #44

Well everyone this has been a week to remember (Like always) :) I just hope everyone knows how much I love each of you. I do need to be honest though... I was thinking about E-mails this past week and I realized that every week I try my best to sum up the experineces we're having here and the growth we feel each day but to be honest its impossible to really sum up the Mission experinces... Its just unreal how much has changed and how much time has past, but it really only just feels like I left yesterday. This week I had some pretty amazing moments as I really thought about how far we've come in this journey. I was looking through some old photos from last Christmas with all my friends. I was looking at this picture where I was standing with all my friends at a Christmas party we had at Kristins house and I just started laughing to myself as I saw the funny face Jordan was pulling while wearing his T-Shirt that had Gandolf the White on it haha, and also how Maguel never smiled when we took pictures and we always laughed about that after the pictures were taken. I than began looking at the faces of each of my friends in this particular photo and I stoped on where I was standing... I couldnt regonize the boy I used to be in this Photo, to be honest I couldnt recgonize anyone. In this moment the Spirit really touched my heart and I realized that these past 10 months has been something I would never trade for anything in the world... I'm not the same person I was ten months ok and I know that all my incredible Friends have changed as well... but thats ok. Its all part of Gods wonderfull plan for us all, to grow and change for the better... I love the Mission. Thank you everyone for your incredible E-mails. You know who you are and I love you all very much. One thing I do need to say is that I no longer can write individual E-mails to those back home without permission from my Mission President. I never realized that it can only be to family when it comes to E-mails. Luckily I can countinue to write big mass e-mails to everyone and receive E-mails from others or anyone but one it comes to individually writting (One on One) outside of my Family it must be with permission from my President. Please dont feel sad or offended but I'm just trying my best to be as obedient as I can. One thing I thought about was "Sacrifice" Remember always that sacrifice is the greatest form of Love and I truly love each of you back home... I really need to do everything I can to be more Obedient. Love you all so much and please dont stop sending E-mails... They really mean the world to me but please dont feel sad when I dont respond. Just remember that I'm always here and I'm definetly feeling your love and support through your e-mails, just remember your all doing more for me than you'll every realize. Love you all. 

As for the events of this week it was pretty speciel... I had some moments that are to personal to share but I really came to understand more about the Love our Savior has for each of us. Remember we are all Sons and Daughters of our Heavenly Father and this means that we have the Potentiel to do all things and no matter what happens its all part of Gods plan for us. Yesterday I had the Sacred Oppurtunity to be part of the Baptisms of "Clelia Aparacida de feitas" and her daughter "Agatha Aparecida de Oliveria" and "Eduardo." Yesterday Elder Larsen and I had the chance to Baptise three amazing individuals who all have incredible stories... I dont have time to share all their stories but I would like to focus a little on Clelia as she truly has a speciel place in my heart here in the Mission. My joy was overwhelming yesterday as I had the chance to step in the waters of Baptism and be part of their Baptisms. I had the chance to Baptise Clelia. Shes around 40 years old and has an amazing story I will have to share with you all once I return. We've been teaching her and her family all for awhile now because we Baptised her son Igor a few months back and after his Baptism she wanted to know more about the Church. There were many things that happened to lead to this Baptism and I cannot describe the details of her past life or the many Spiritual experinces that lead to this Baptism... But I will never forget when I helped her down into the waters of Baptism and lowered her down into the water. When she came out she had tears in her eyes and looked at me. I couldnt help but start crying as she whispered "Thank you Elder Doggie for changing my life" It was a moment I will never forget as I began walking out of the water I just couldnt control the tears from rolling down my face and Elder Larsen and I entered into the restroom afterwards and we just gave each other a hug for the wonderfull blessing the Lord gave us that day. As I was changing I thought of my Brother Elder Doggett. He wrote last week that after his Baptism he kneeled down and gave thanks to the Lord for the Blessings he had recieved. I too had a heart full of Joy and gave all my thanks to the Lord for the incredible experince. After the Baptism I had the chance to talk with Clelia later that night and she just cried and cried as she talked with Elder Larsen and I... She then said this "You know why I know this Church is True? I know this Church is true because I know my Heavenly Father truly loves me... There is no way that a False Church with False doctine could send two young man far from their homes and familys to share a message about the Love of our Heavenly Father. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ because I can feel the Love of our Heavenly Father when two young men speaking another laguage testify of his love for each of his Children." There where many other things that happened and many more things she said, but I just cant describe the events of this week... I wish I could talk to you all face to face about these experinces because to be honest I feel like I'm a little bad at typing good messages so please forgive me. Just remember that I love you all so much and I know this church is true. I KNOW its true... I love you all with all my heart and I cant wait to see you all again soon. Until then remember that this is the greatest experince ever and theres no other place I would rather be. My joy is full. Love you all so much! :) Love Elder Doggie

Ben #43 Testimony

Wow... thank you all so very much. I recieved once more very inspirational emails from all my family and friends. I would love to write you all individually but things are crazy in my new area ecspecially today! Thats why im emailing so late. I have been sent to "Botucatu" its on the outskirts of the mission in the middle of no where! haha literally! My companion and I, Elder Cirqueira, are opening this area. Its just a small branch in this area but they do have a pretty nice church building. Botucatu has a ton of hills and mountians and is almost country like once you make your way to the outskirts of the city. The city itself is pretty big and everything is really old like kinda from the 1800's old (I think Rachel would really like to see this place and take pictures) In the center of the city they have a giant Catholica Igreja thats was built in the 1800's. Its huge and Ive never seen anything like it in my whole life, I took pictures of it and I will send them home. Its really neat to see all the old historical sites here and the cobblestone streets, which I heard destroy your shoes haha. (Dont worry mom my clothes and things are doing great but I havent recieved the package yet, all in due time) Im really loving it here but with moutians and hills its really hot, it like traps all the heat into one place! haha but I know its going to be a good transfer. I cant lie though this week has been really tough. As I said we are opening the area and have no one to teach and no idea where anything is. This week we clapped alot of homes and made many contacts to try to progress the work. It was a tough week because as I said the city is very old and most the people are Catholic and dont want to hear our message... but I believe with all my heart there is a reason God wants me here in Botucatu and I know the work will move forward and that there is someone here thats needs to hear the Gospel. As I said things have been crazy. Opening an area is not easy that is for sure but I have faith in the Lord that He will provide a way for me to acomplish His work. ONce more thank you everyone for the emails as they meant so much to me in every sense of the word. I feel the spirit so strong everytime. Matt your email really touched me and to hear your strong testimony of this Gospel. You are doing everything the Lord requires of you and you are for sure honoring that sacred name you wear next to your heart and living the higher law as we read in Matthew 5. ITs amazing to see I have my brother and so many friends doing this very thing in their lives right now along with a awesome cousin. Hearing the success and joy they each are experienceing is so priceless to me, but ecspecially witnessing the conversion in all our lives. As Matt said today we are all very different people today then we where one year ago. (l have a nice little beer gut now haha KIDDING KIDDING) but in all seriousness its true, we are all different men now. I cant wait for the day when I can look ELder Doggett, Elder Stewart-Chester, ELder Sommer, ELder Manwaring, ELder Hastings, ELder Buck, Elder Nygren, and all my other friends from back home in the eye and cry and share my love with them and my sure conviction of this restored Gospel much like Alma the younger and his freinds, the Sons of Mosiah after their missions. I know it will be a glorious day.
Time is short and my heart is once more filled to a ever growing love for this sacred mission and love for this Gospel. This last week I had such a powerful lesson taught to me by a loving Father in Heaven. As I mentioned it was tough this last week, Gate after gate was slammed in my face and I was even yelled at by many people. I was a little in shock at first cause this has never happened here on my mission yet. Usually everyone is very receptive to our message and welcoming but here no one wanted to hear our message. We kept on treking through it though and kept on working. My companion was getting frustrated with the people and little success we were having and even I found that every step seemed to become heavier and heavier as we kept on going. I felt so useless and weak in this area. Why did the LOrd want me here in this area opening it? No one wants to hear our message here? I remember I then felt the sure inpression to  "look up," and I saw my "Brasilian Sunset" I have mentioned this many times to you all as this has given me countless hope and courage through those difficult times. MY first transfer after a difficult lesson I just feel on the street and began to cry but felt the hand of guide lift me as I saw my Brasilian sunset for the first time. IN this moment once more the lord filled my heart with so much love and peace that I knew this is where I need to be. D&C 1:19, 23 says, "The weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones... That the fullness of the Gospel may be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world, and before kings and rulers." I may not have a great knowledge of the Gospel. My Portugese may be weak and simple but as Boyd K. Packer once asked us members of the Church, "Do you have an abiding testimony in your heart? DO you know that the Gospel of Jesus Chirst was restored through the prophet Jospeh Smith, and that we have a HEavenly Father, and that Jesus Chirts is our savior and reddemer?... If you beleive and know thses things to be true... then that is enough." In that moment I felt so much joy. I walked with joy in my heart the rest of the evening carrying the message of the restored Gospel because even though im weak  I have a sure convivtion in my heart that this is the Church of Jesus Chirst and that Joseph SMith was a prophet of God in these the latter days, that God lives and is our loving Father... and that Jesus Chirst is in fact the savior and reddemer of all mankind. I have no doubts... only a conviction. I know without a doubt... and that is enough. 
WHen I returned home that evening I was overcome with the spirit. I knelt down and poured my heart out unto God in humble suplication to His will. I remember on Chirtmas I shared my testimony with my family and the girls also heard this testimony as I felt the hands of our savior wrap warmly around me one evening. I in this moment felt the powers of heaven bring so much peace to my heart once more as I felt the sure hands of our loving savior wrap around me. Jeffery R. Holland once said, " I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation NEVER was easy. We are the CHurch of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, and HE is our great Eternal HEad. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never easy for Him?"  I know this missionary work isnt easy. There is so many days and weeks much like this one when you are doing everything in your power to progress the work and feel so helpless, so weak. You feel like your inadequcies are going to get the better of you... but I testify to you all that God lives and loves us all so very much. We are His children and He will provide a way for all of us to acomplish HIs work. I cannot express to you in these simple words or in any of my emails for that matter the change I feel within my life. I never truely understood my relationship with my Father in Heaven and His pure and eternal love for me. I never truely understood the impact of serving a fulltime mission and the conviction it woulçd bring in my heart of this Gospel and the joy that comes from living His commandments... but I feel it and know it. and though I may be weak in HIm ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. FAmily and friends my message for you all this week is simple and short and I hope you may feel the impact of the whisperings of the Holy Spirit testify to you of these words from a humble boy from Rexburg Idaho. As NEil L. Anderson said " YOu may not know everything but you know enough." You know enough and you have a testimony of this Gospel. This week remember your conversion and your sure witness of this great church. If you may be stuggling remeber the words of Dieter F. Uctdorf when he said " We may not have a conversion like unto Saul, as he was walking the road of Damascus an angel appeared unto him and boar witness of the truths within the church." But I know you all can recieve a witness for your self that this is the true church of God and that Jesus CHirst lives and that Joseph SMith is in fact a prophet of God. I know these things to be true and bear this smiple testimony to you all this day. Im sorry this week isnt filled with a gand message or many stories from the field... just know how much I love this gospel and mission with all my heart and how happy I am to be here in BRasil. As matt said time is flying and I will not pass up any moment to give myself to God. I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon. May God be with you all and I promise next week I will have more time to write its just im really working hard to get the work moving here and there is so little time. LOve you all and God be with you till we meet again.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett   
p.s. Fotos of the Igeja and the sunset I saw. :)