Monday, March 25, 2013

Matt: Big Changes

Bom dia minha família e também meus amigos. Mais uma vez nós estamos aqui para ouvir aos palavras do Élder Doggett e Élder Doggett kkkk. Eu amo vocês muito e espero tudo lá nos estados unidos esteja bom! Thank you all for the wonderful E-mails and letters and I am happy to say that I no longer have to report back to everyone in one big massive e-mail because the rules of the Mission have changed! :) We now have more time to e-mail and we can also e-mail our friends! I guess with all the big changes in the Missions around the world the First Presidency didn’t see any harm in allowing Missionary’s to E-mail one another... I can’t wait to hear how all my friends are doing! :) Love you all so much. Also once again thank you all for the E-mails... They really mean everything to us Missionary’s. Thank you all so much! Also Brandon thank you for the wonderful story about our families... Your right when you said our Parents do more for us then I think we will ever realize. Sister Tighe the picture you sent of my dear friend Alex with short hair blew me away haha. It’s been awhile since I've seen that kind of hair on my old pal but he sure looks good haha love you all so much. Also Sister Chester thanks for sending those pictures of Jordan, Tyson, and Chris. I miss those guys a lot! haha also thanks for the wonderful quotes and advice. To answer your question Ben is three Minutes older than me... So he’s my big brother haha. Mom, Dad I love you both so much... With all my heart! Your love and support is unreal. Thank you for everything.

Well this past week was pretty intense as I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Elder Larsen... He’s home now (Thanks for the photos Dad) and it was a sad goodbye. We worked really well together and never had any problems. We also got along and had a good time. We had a lot of success together and I will never forget him. I love him so much and to answer your question Dad he is a full blown Cowboy haha belt buckle and all. :) He will always be a dear friend of mine. Well I'm sure your all wondering what happened with transfers and well I'm Senior now and my companion is Brasilian, He’s actually from up north so he’s got a pretty awesome accent but for some reason I can understand him so much better than some of the Brasilians here in São Paulo haha but he’s amazing. His name is Elder H. Silva and he joined the church 7 years ago but was inactive for some time until some members helped reactivate him and now he’s as converted as you can get! He’s a real power house when it comes to the Spirit and we had an incredible first week together! I can already tell we are going to have a lot of success together and really help the amazing people of Campanário! :) 

This week we worked hard together and had many more experiences with Daniel and the bar haha... We worked até a pó! Haha which means we just kept working and working without stopping... but for some reason I had a really strange feeling in my Heart this past week during all the work. Maybe it was because Elder Larsen went home that things got a little strange or maybe I just had a poor attitude this week? I'm not sure I still haven’t really figured it out what exactly is happening to me, but when we were having the most success I've ever had on the Mission I was feeling the most down... Kind of weird huh? :) Sometimes we learn the most valuable lessons during the times when we are most conflicted within the chambers of our Heart. To this point I'm still not sure what I'm missing... Its a strange feeling but I feel like the Lord has something big in store and right now I'm in the learning process. I just haven’t figured it out what "it" is that I need to learn haha. Sorry everyone I'm just writing my feelings right now and this e-mail is going nowhere haha but I just feel that there’s something I need to learn, something that’s coming haha but I just can’t figure it out! It’s a little frustrated but I know the Lord will help me and I just need to do exactly what he says. This past week I really focused on D&C 4... What an incredible section of Scriptures, verse 2 mentions that we need to serve God with all our "Heart might mind and strength," Than in verse 5 we learn we must "have our eyes fixed on the glory of God." Maybe it was because of these Scriptures that I really began to think of my own Heart and how far I've come in this Journey of the Mission and how much more I have to learn and because of this I was having these feelings. I've been thinking a lot of my own eyes and if their fixed on the glory of God or on the things of the world? I think its easier for us as Missionary’s to keep our focus on the things of our Heavenly Father or on the big picture because we teach about it every day and we have the Mission rules to protect us, but for those back home it’s hard to keep going strong in an ever growing world of addictions (Facebook, television, Video Games, Sports.) Without those distractions here on the Mission my Love for my Family has grown so much and so has for my love for my Heavenly Father... and because of this I’m nervous/scarred to come home because I don’t want to lose my sight on what’s truly important. WOW I just received an answer to my problem all week just by e-mailing my family and friends and writing about it... Very cool, everyone who is reading this you are reading an answer to my prayers haha :) I guess the reason I was most conflicted this past week was because I don’t want my time to end... I love you all so much and don’t get me wrong when my time is up its up and I will return happy and proud! :) But the Mission is Sacred ground for me (Just like my Brother Ben always says) and I'm scarred its passing to fast... I just need to give it my all with my eyes fixed on the Glory of God! :) I love you all so much and I'm sorry this e-mail is really lame for you all to read... but it was something I needed, I just needed to write down my feelings and figure everything out. Haha :) I love you all so much and there is no other place I would rather be right now, I feel at peace and I'm happy. I feel so much Love for the people of Brasil that I don’t know what I'm going to do when my time is up... I guess we learn best that we need to walk by faith. :) This past week I watched a really cool short film our bishop showed us called Brasil Doces Lar. It was in Portuguese when we watched it but I'm sure you can find it in English on YouTube. Its about a Family who served a Mission here in Brasil and the Love they gained from the Mission. If you have time you should watch it because it explains perfectly how I felt and feel now. :) I love you all so much and I hope that I can continue feeling this Love for ever. I hope you all know that I love you and I want everyone to learn one phrase in Portuguese so that when Ben and I return you'll be able to understand us because it will be the first thing we'll say to everyone." Eu te amo." :) Take care and remember I'm always here for you. Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett      

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