Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Matt #46

Well everyone I am so sorry once again the e-mail is late and will be short... Its interesting when things are going so good and then the Lord knows its time to once again have us grow. Before I start thank you everyone for the E-mails... I know this will be one Birthday I will never forget. This past week was one of the most craziest weeks for me on the Mission. (I know I always say that but I'm serious this time.) Right now I'm E-mailing from the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. Its one of the coolest Hospitals in the WORLD!!!! You should look it up if you all get the chance haha, Also don't worry I'm totally fine. I'm actually here not because I'm sick but because one of the Missionary's I live with is really sick. He was diagnosed with Crones disease when he was 14 and well this past week he had some complications and puss started filling up in his Stomach and well one thing lead to another and know I'm in a trio with Elder Larsen and Elder França. Its been a pretty stressful week for us Missionary's and really stressful one for me as old memories of my own twin brother began filling my mind. I remember how scared I was for my amazing Brother when he was in the Hospital... Those same emotions and pains have slowly creep-ed back into my mind for Elder Lords this past week and I began to feel very helpless... We now have two areas to take care of and we are trying to keep everything balanced and organized... but to be honest I felt like I was drowning in a sea of stress! Haha I guess that tends to happen on the Mission or in life in general huh? :) but I've learned some very valuable lessons thats for sure. 

 I think the message I want to share with everyone is a very simple phrase... "I will rest in thee." This past week I have felt pretty overwhelmed and I even broke down and silently began to cry a few days ago as I stared at a photo of my Mother... I was thinking of my home and how easy it would have been to just stay home and sit around, but like I once said I would never give up the Mission experinces for anything... I've learned so much and I really owe my Heavenly Father everything. I love you all and I hope you all never forget that. I'm sorry if this E-mail seems all over the place but I'm a little tired so I apologize haha. :) I know this Gospel is true. This past week after we got home I sat down at my desk and looked at the amazing photo of my Family... I then realized that it was March 1st and in only a few days I would be 20... I felt a lot of emotions at this time and I silently began to cry. It felt like the weight of the world was falling down on my shoulders and I felt ready to explode! Then I heard these simple words. "I will rest in thee." go through my head. I then noticed I was staring at a photo of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ right next to the photo of my family. How fast we are to forget the Lord sometimes especially ME! :) I hope we all realize that no matter what pain or trials we are experiencing we can rest in our Savior... Our Heavenly Father sent is only begotten son to atone for our sins. He experienced EVERYTHING for us. The Atonement makes all things possible and no matter what we're feeling we can find peace in the Atonement... Never give up and keep on going, Remember a smile and a good laugh can do more for you then you really know. Stay Positive and happy through all afflictions and remember we can find rest in our Lord and our dear friend Jesus Christ. 

I'm sorry if this e-mail isnt the greatest, I actually had a really big e-mail written and planned but I just dont have the time. I love you all very much and I hope you know that I know with all my heart that anything is possible through the Lord. I love the quote that states "It will all be Worth it in the end..." How true that is. I love you all very much please never forget that. Also thank you for the wonderfull birthday wishes. I have the most amazing Family and Friends in the whole world... I love you all so much. Please prayer for Elder Lords as he really needs strength during this time. Love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you all soon. :) Well its time to go... Elder Larsen and I just heard a family walk by and they were all speaking English fluently... I think they are Americans haha so its time to run! Love you all with all my Heart. Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett

P.S. Ben I receieved your Package... I cried like a big baby in the office and everyone was like "Elder Doggett whats wrong?" I only started laughing and said "Elders nothing is wrong... I just have the most incredible twin in the world who I love so much..." I truly love you Ben. I loved what you said that in the future when we have imaginary sword fights like we did when we were kids... you wont be the lone hero survivor but you always want me fighting right next to you... The same goes for you my Brother... I always want you by my side, Your my best friend. I love you with all my heart. 

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