Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ben #11

I dont know where to begin... First thank you for the emails, they inspired and lift me so much. I love hearing from all you. Its a nice breather for me. I really looking forward to hearing from you all. Mom, Dad thankyou for your amazing advice once again and the testimony you both have. You both said some really powerful things in your emails that I REALLY needed to hear. I have been praying so much to my Father in heaven lately this week has been a tough/interesting week. Matt we are truely in the same boat. I just wished my trainer would just speak porteguese to me as well... but what can you do haha maybe this week I will try to present that Idea to him. He has made some big changes and talked with president. I hope things will start to turn around... there is a reason the Lord put me with him and I need to keep trying my best. My Patriarichal blessings is really shining new light onto its meaning about my companions on the mission. I think Im begining to understand it more deeply... When we teach, I still dont really know whats going on most the time, but hey its all good Im a missionary for God. I will know Portugese with time haha.
I really got down to studying the Book of Mormon this week, I want to know it like the back of my hand so I can be an effective missionary. It was intersesting because I came upon so many interesting scriptures that touched me so deeply as I really began to study them. Dive into the scriptures and you will come to know and love your savior so much. I read alot about full obedience, Its been really pressing deep on my mind because I always heared how crucial your senior companion is and how it will determine the kind of missionary you are. Im going to MAKE sure to stay strong cause I really want to be an effective misisonary for my Lord. I got one shot at this mission I dont want to waste it. 
The lord really taught me so much this week. Yesterday for some reason was really tough. I was putting my backpack on and then I felt full blown attacks from the adversary. Thoughts were creeping into my head about how I cant do this, Im a useless missionary, other men could be doing such a better job out here in Campinas, Im just a walking shell and cant teach these people of Brazil... but then the words of Neil L. Anderson came to my mind " you dont know everything, but you know enough." That gave me so much courage. Yeah, Im not the smartest guy in the world. Some things may take more time for me. Like when I first started moving pipe or working at Jamba. Those things where all hard at first, I felt like I would never be good at those jobs but with time and preserverence looked what happen!... I believe thats the same here. Yeah other misisonaries are going to sky rocket with the launguage and their ability to teach the Gospel... Me, it might take some time, but eventually I can become a tool. So, I tightend my backpack, straightened my tie and off we went. Satan will do everything to have us doubt our abilites and make us believe we cant to it, but with the lord all things are possible. Yeah I know its going to be hard, but the words from DC 84: 88 The Lord will send angels to bear us up when things get tough, we just need to be worthy to have them by our side. That scripture really meant alot to me. Jeffrey R. Holland once gave a talk on that exact thing in which he said "God never leaves us alone, never leaves us unaided in the challenges that we face. He will send angels in all froms Heavenly and Earthly." ( I must be doing something right cause I have a million earthly angels bearing me up everyweek I hear from them... in email or letter) I have really felt my testimony grow this week and my love in my savior. Through scripture study and through the words of the prophets we can really come to know our savior and his love for us. Strive to have faith in him and study his word. Marion G. Romeny once said, concerning the Book of Mormon something to the affect. "We cannot afford to not have that daily feeding of the scriptures." I add my testimony to an apostale of the Lord how true that is. We need to study and read them each day and make it a habit. Thus, the lord will teach and edify us and give us the strength to overcome Satans power.
I love this mission... Yeah, its insanely tough. The lord is pulling me and stretching me in everyway possible but I know its for my good. It even says that in DC 122: 7 that your hardships are given you for your experience. Keep that in mind when life throws curves at you. Well I want to give you a quick update on the mission as well. We are teaching a family and they seem to be really intersested. Remember when I told you last week that I went on a division? Well it was actually a family Elder Gamblin and I met. They are wonderful and so excited to learn of the gospel. They even came to CHURCH!!!! haha its hard to get people to come, but they came. I was so happy and excited to see them. The love you develop for the people you teach is undescribable. Its so amazing... Oh, and I want you all to know that now I officially have a Dog story of the mission, like every missionary haha! My companion and I clapped outside of this gate when we were tracking. This giant Dog came running up to the gate and SLAMMED right into it, going crazy. Barking non stop! My companion and I laughed cause it caught us both off guard... Then out of the corner of our eyes we saw the chain around the gate become losse and fall... We werent laughing anymore!!!! That gate flew wide open and we acted fast! I grabbed the gate and slammed it shut with the dog half way outside the gate I tryed putting my foot to its face to try and push it back in but he was snapping at my foot, and I wanted to keep my foot, I use it alot out here haha! Elder Clay and I held tightly to the gate trying our best to get it shut... Eventually we were able to get it closed since the owner of the house, and Dog, came out. He told us dont worry he doesnt bite... YEAH RIGHT THAT THING ALMOST TOOK MY LEG OFF haha. When we left we got a pretty laugh about that and the whole experience it was hilarious.
Well everyone know Im trying my best once more out here. I love this gospel and the things im learning. I still have such a long ways to go but I know eventually I will be where the Lord wants me. I love the emails and letters plaese keep them coming. I just got a letter from Millie and Kristin the other day. They had some great pictures in them and amazing testimonies! I must tell you, the Elders in my Zone went crazy over the cheerleading one haha! Ecspecially the Brazilian Elders haha it was pretty funny but thank you for the letters and pictures, pictures mean the WORLD... which reminds me Mom, Dad I would really like a picture of the house and the front yard... Maybe with the family also on the front yard as well. For some reason I just felt like I should ask for that. :) Well I love you all and have a firm testimoy of the Gospel. Know the church us true and I am suppose to be here in BRazil right now in my life. At times I miss America and my Family and friends, but this is my life now a missionary of God... From the words of Joseph B. Wirthlin... "Come what may and love it" I cant wait to hear from you all soon.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett  
p.s. Dad this is for you so you could see where I live... Its Joâo Paulo 2, Cond. Soa Rosa Bloca. F. 13

Picture time for Ben

These are some pictures. The one where im wearing the sáo Paulo shirt is near the Banana field its in the background and then the other one is me and Elder Clay teaching a new investigator... He is really receptive haha just kidding he is a practice dummy to practice with and the other one is us with the coke bottles to show Jenni and Matt S. how much we drink... haha it kills the parasites. Thats how good it is for ya! :)... Dont worry we didnt drink that much... but Jordan, Tyson, and Alex doesnt the dummy remind you of something? haha and OLIVIA! recognize the picture on the wall? haha! Its a great picture thanks for it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Matt #11

Wow what a crazy week its been for me... It was especially rough because Im no longer speaking english only portugues and thats made things much harder. My companion and I made this goal to farther my language abilites and only speak portuguese no matter what and its hard. A few days back while I was practicing the first liçáo I just began to cry. I thought how can I teach the Gospel in a foregin language when I still cant even introduce myself to the people I love here in Brasil; how can I bring people to understand the Gospel when I cant even understand their questions? How can I do this impossible task... Well I got my answer pretty quick from the Lord. Through him all things are possible. :) remember that. I realized this week that everything we go through in this life is preparation for the people the Lord needs us to become. He really pushes us and our faith to strengthen us so we can become loving parents and good examples to those around us. Remember that Patience is very important but the key to success is Patience with yourself. The Lord takes care of his children no matter what and even though this has been one of the hardest weeks for me its also been greatest week for me because of the blessings I realized Ive recieved because of my experiences here in Brasil. :) Ive learned to have Patience with myself that I will learn the language in time. Yesterday I gave my first talk in Portuguese and it went great, The pronounciation is killing me but that will just come with time. The people are great and the members are so supportive its crazy. I talked about preaching the Gospel and how every member a missionarie. I dont think people realize just how important the members in the Church or to missionarie work. Do everything you can back home to invite and help less active members!! Its so important!!!!! haha Other then that this past week has been a real growing experience for me. Ive learned so much out here already! Ive really been foucusing my studies on the Bible because EVERY one in Brasil knows the Bible inside and out and it makes it hard to teach when you know nothing about it haha but things are going great and I want everyone back home to know how much I love you and miss you all. A couple days ago I was thinking of all my family and friends back home and I began to get homesick..... Then I began to think of why I was here in Brasil and its to bring families together forever. Families are so important! Then I thought about my future Wife (Who could be reading this E-mail/Blog right now haha) and my future children and I realized just how important my Mission is. This Mission will shape me into the Priesthood holder the Lord needs me to become to be a good Husband and Father. :) Thank you all for your prayers and support. I feel your love every day Im out here and dont worry everythings going amazing. One thing I should mention is my sense of humor hasnt changed... yesterday while we were proselyting my companion was looking a little zoned out as we were walking so I pretented like I triped and started waving my arms like I was falling into the canal haha you should have seen his face he almost died!! haha :) I love you all so much and I think of you often. And dont worry I will learn this language because the Lord is on my side!     

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ben #10

Well... What a week. I have no idea where to begin first off I received letters this week and wow were they a huge help for me. Like my brother Matt this week has been a tough one for me. Dad, your email you sent was for sure inspired. I have been really frustrated this week cause I have noticed some missionaries dont really like the rules much. I stood up for myself at our zone conference and some started to laugh at me and telling me it was just cause I was a new missionary, they then told me give it a few months and I will be doing just the same stuff... NO WAYhaha I only have one chance to live this misison and I want to give it my best. Its the Lords time not mine. I will have plenty of time in the future for all those other things. Now its the Lords time. So Dad thank you It helped so much and gave me that extra boost cause I was really discouraged about it all, but I know what I want as a missionary and I want to serve my Lord with all my heart.
Well this week was another roller coaster. I dont know where to start. Our investegators have been really wishy washy. Im praying for them all the time that they will read the Book of Mormom and pray. I am not going to give up on them!  Please pray for them also...This week I really tried to talk with people. Because at the start of the week (along with Matt haha we both really are going through the same stuff) I broke down. I remember we left a house where I taught the first lesson. When I finished teaching, my companion pretty much just  had to teach it again cause they didnt understand a word I said. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is. When we left the house I remember just sitting down on the curb and placing my hands tightly to my face and slowly letting the tears come... I felt so helpless, so alone, and so useless, I began to again think to myself Heavenly Father why on Earth would you call me here? I am just wasting your time. I cant even teach your gospel to these people! Then I felt something incredieble inside me. This sense of peace and longing... I looked up and say the prettiest sunset overlooking the banana fields of Campinas. I then knew it doesnt matter if I cant talk I just have to rely on HIM, and know that through time I will speak it. I know every week I say something to that effect and its because I see how important it really is in our lives. We need him, we need our SAVIOR. 
The next day after that experience they put us on a division cause my companion had a trainer meeting with president Tanner... My companion that I was assigned with was ElderGamblin, he has been out the same time I have... can I just tell you how nerve racking that was haha. and what made it even scarier was that I was in charge as senior companion cause we were going to my area Anhanguera... AHHHH I was so scared, but I cant tell you how much success we had that day. It was by far the best day I had. I talked with so many people and they actually understood me! It was such a awesome experience... I still dont know harldy anything put it just built my testimony on putting our trust in god... Be quick to remember him in EVERYTHING! The perfect example was the nephites at the end of Helaman. Sameul taught that we need to be quick to remember our God and not slow. The nephites were being pretty slow also... I was really slow before my mission haha let me tell you... but now I see how important it is so give thanks to him for everything we have. This mission is great and really opening my eyes to the things that are really important. Im working hard and trying my best, mom thank you for your scriptures you sent. I really needed those. I know that the lord will help me through this. Its hard living in a different country, you see things that you would NEVER see in America... haha I wont go into details. Some things are funnier then others, but I love this gospel and this work I have a sure and firm testimony... And I want to end with a funny story if thats ok haha
Last Saturday We were teaching a family (Igor and his family) When a man burst in through the doors. He started yelling and saying random things I couldnt really understand him but I did here Americans in there so I was like oh he is talking to my companion and I so I stood and I smiled and shook his hand... He had the weirdest look on his face and I just introduced myself and he looked even more confused... By this time I knew something was wrong as well. He looked and me again and then just left... It wasnt until we left the house that I asked my companion what that was all about. He told me that that man really hated Americans and thought how rude they were!... Well he couldnt see me while he was saying all of this... So imagine his shock when this white American who can barley speak his launguage walks up to him with the biggest smile and shacks his hand... My companion and the family thought it was the funniest thing. You should have seen his face! It was pretty funny.
Well this is a really long email and your probably bored from reading it. Just know I love you all and Im working my hardest. Im going to follow the rules with exactness Dad and mom cause I cant afford not to have the lords blessings ecspecially right now. :) I love you all and cant wait to hear from you all soon. Have a great week!!!! MATT I LOVE YOU ALSO BRO KEEP UP THE WORK
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. Rach! I got the pictures they were awesome thank you so much!   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matt #10

Where do I begin.... ha this week has been such a growth for me. I,ve learned so much! First off my trainer is incredible, he is one of the hardest working missionaries in the world and he pushes me like crazy. I had the chance to teach the first liçáo a few days ago and it went terrible haha I forgot how to pray and I wasnt able to teach at all. I remember leaving the house of the investigator and I just began to cry. How am I supposed to teach the Gopesl of Jesus Christ, how am I supposed to communicate with the people how can I do what the Lord asks of me if I cant communicate with the people I love. Well its a very simple answer. I dont teach people the Spirit does and the Lord promises us that when we do our part he will bless us and do his part. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting in our Ward and so I decided that it was time I forget myself and do my part and preach the Gospel to everyone even if im not speaking good portuguese. I bore the most broken portuguese testimony you have ever heard haha but I felt the Spirit like never before! Thats when it hit me that im a representive of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ and he will help us in our times of need. :) Afterwards I just decided to talk with everyone I meet haha and I,ve had a lot of people laugh at me but I no longer care because im here for one purpose. To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We have 30 members in our ward and a lot of in actives so we,ve been working hard to bring people back into the church. One way I learned progress the work is the members of the Ward. We have a lot of young women but only two young men so we,ve really tried to work in getting young men into the church. We have several investigators who are really progressing. One is Filipa. Hes 19 years old and loves the missionaries. I was really able to connect fast with him because hes our age. One thing ive also worked really hard on is becoming friends with the members which is really hard because I love telling stories and talking but I cant becuase i dont know the language,so one way ive made friends belive it or not... is by singing Katy Perry songs. For some reason everyone down in Brasil loves her music... who would have thought that listening to Katy Perry would become a blessing on my mission to make friends with the members and in so recieve referrals for potential investigators! :)
I just want everyone to know how much I love you... and Ben remember I love you too. It sounds like we are experiencing the same things, just remember to keep your head up and remember we are here in brasil to bring people unto christ. Everyone I love you so much and I recieved letters from Rachel,Jenni, Kristin, Erika, Olivia. Thank you so much! Olivia your letter was stolen but I did recieve the pink envelope and its the thought that counts! Thank you so much :) I love you all and dont worry about me im having the greatest time of my life here in brasil just remember your all in my prayers everyday! One thing I should tell you is that its winter here which means its only like 80 degrees everyday and super humity haha I have the most hilarious farmers tan in the world. When I take my watch off it looks like im still wearing it. Also one funny story is that all the members of our ward laugh at me because they say I cant be serious. They say I smile way to much and it kinda freaks them out haha I just responded by saying how can you not help but smile when you following the commandments of ourLord and Savior. Remember that :)

Photos from Matt

"These are pictures of my apartment and also of our pre confrence dinner. Its was a ton of fun. We are the cheifs for the dinner and we gave people spiritual food (Scriptures) Also thats a picture of a avacado! We made some great dip." -Matt

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ben #9

What a week! First off give my congrats to Clint that is awesome! I had a feeling a Doggett would be going to Africa haha! Also Jordan man im sorry to here about your headaches! God speed brother! Well Eu ensperça que os tudos cosias em casa são tudo bem? ( I hope everything back home are all good) Thats awesome to hear mom that Alex and you got to visit... bro you are reading this email so know how much love I have for you! From what my mom told me your doing awesome. Whenever things get tough turn it over to the Lord with a sincere heart... I say that to everyone because thats something very important I Iearned this week. Last week when I wrote you all I was upset. I was so discouraged and frustrated with the launguage and how tough it was. Dad, you asked about my companion... well thats also one of the reasons I was down. I wont go into any details but just know how grateful I am for the things Mom and you taught me. You taught me to have full obidence and that is just what I am doing out here. Im trying to work hard and diligentally follow ALL the rules even the simple ones, there is so much power that comes from being obedient even when others might not. As long as you do the Lord will bless you... but I found that when I was becoming discourgaed last week, everything was going around me and what I wanted. The word I I I I I kept poping up. I decided that what I needed to do is get on my knees and pray to my Father in Heaven to provide a way for me to bear this. I cant tell you how scary it is to be in a city with 2 million people and not know how to simply communicate, but through the power of God and his son Jesus christ and the Holy ghost, Why should I be afraid? I carry his sons name near my heart. I just have to rely on him to help me through this. This week was tough but I learned a simply truth that the Lord will take care of me... No matter what. I just have to keep a smile on my face and laugh when I make a mistake and try better next time. 1 Nephi 3: 7 I know that the lord giveth no commandment unto the children of God save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which he asks... Im here, doing what he asks, and I know without a doubt he will take care of me. :) on the note of laughing at your mistakes I have a funny quick story... At a members house when I said the pray I tryed to thank the lord for the wonderful members and for feeding us this day... but I think I said thank you for these members for giving us much hungry... The members thought it was so FUNNY, :) it was funny I just had to laugh with them. Laughing is the key! haha 
Well lets see what has happened this week. Alot haha! We taught Matteus and now his brother Igor is interested. We commited them both for baptism on the 23 of June... I think, its the 23, I dont know it was in Porteguese haha. Matteus asked yesterday if I would baptize him. I was in shock! haha but I agreed so I cant wait... You know there is something so unique in teaching the gospel. People always would say "The mission will make you a man" I always laughed at that and joked around with it... but I think I am begining to find out why. The light that fillls peoples eyes when you teach them of this gospel is undescriableable. You develop a sincere love for Gods children and want them to hear this gospel. I think thats what makes you a man, finding that true love of god and that gentle whisper of the spirit as it touches the hearts of all. I love these people and trying to grab hold of this culture. Last week my companion and I sat on the side of the curb to take a little break from all the walking and I cant tell you how many kids came up to talk with us, and fly thier kites (thats huge here by the way) I love them... Though some of the kids thought I was retarded and were asking my companion (little did they know I could understand them haha I got a good laugh out of it! :)
I just cant tell you how unique the mission experience is. Its nothing like rexburg being here in Brazil. and it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Mentally, physically, and ecspecially emotionally... But this is where I need to be. At this point in my life the lord needs me here to preach his gospel the best I can. There are nights I cry and days I miss everything about home, but its only for a moment cause the spirit grabs hold of me and brings me back to my purpose. To invite others to come unto christ... The thought has often crossed my mind, I am so incapable of this. Me, Ben Doggett, of all people in the world living in Brazil trying to learn porteguese, teaching the gospel. Why me? Well the words of David A. Bendar then enter... "you are incapable, actually its impossible for you to do this missionary work im not going to lie to you... but Ive got news for you... you have the spirit of the lord. You are his representative! Therefore you become capable"... I know I will become capable. I know sometimes we are going to have good days and bad days but if you do as Moroni said and pray to god the father with real intent... I REPEAT REAL INTENT he will answer you. I found the peace that comes from that. The lord hasnt forgotten me and I want you all to know that I will learn, I will try, and I ecspecially wont give up. 
I love being a missionary and love this gospel and for the chance I have to teach these wonderful people. Alot of people here live in such humble circumstances, but still they have a smile and there face and willing to give 10 fold back to you. I hope someday I can be like them and give back 10 fold and show that same love to others. I love you all and pray for you all daily. The gospel is true... I just wish you could see the light in peoples eyes when they hear this glad message and accept the Holy ghost... I will keep trying my best and trying to talk this launguage. I know with god all things are possible.... I love this quote it keeps me going every moment out here in the field it says "To the world you are one... but to someone you could be the world." This life is a great journey. Dont take it for granite, take it all in! I love you all and God be with you till we meet again! oh, real quick MATT it sounds like you are doing awesome bro I love you and keep working hard. We are in this together! :)
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. I finally recevied everyones letters...Olivia, Erika, Millie, Kristin, thanks you girls! They were such a boost for me I really cant tell you how much it meant. Love you all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Matthew #9

Well everyone I am in the field preaching the Gospel!!!! Man there is nothing like missionary work ha its tough and when I say tough thats an understatement.... but im loving every second of it.:) To start off the hardest part of my mission is over... saying goodbye to my incredible twin brother. That was the hardest part about the mission ive never cried so much in my life haha. But it was a good experience and I know that lord is on our side. Thank you benjamin for the amazing letter I read it everyday and thank you family for the letters! They bring so much joy to me you have no idea. Well where do I begin haha this week has been crazy. I have an american companion named Elder Wright! Hes incredible ive never met anyone who works harder then he does. My first day I didnt get to my apartment until 7 at night and it was pouring rain and we were both soaked (Along with all my lugage) but we droped everything off at the house and went to work. :) You´ll never believe the experiences I´ve had already but i´ll give you an idea of whats going on. So its rained everyday since i´ve been here and im right by the beach! its beuatiful but very wet and our ceiling in our apartment leaks like crazy haha but its all good! We live right above a pet shop so everymorning we are woken up by roasters haha but they´ve got some awesome animals down there. Alright my investigators we have 7 progressing investigators right now and one of them is a preacher of another fé, seu nome é leondro. Hes very kind but extremly hard to teach because he knows the biblio like the back of his hand but he said if we can convice him its true he will bring his whole congrigation of 30 people with him haha little does he know we wont be convincing him but the Holy Ghost will!!! :) Also we are teaching a young teenage girl named Brunna and shes very difficult. She believes everything we´ve taught her but she just doesnt see why she needs to be baptised by proper authority. We are really praying for her! But we have many other investigators and we are extremly busy. :) One thing about brazil is there is muito igrejas here or many churches here. Like there is a diffrent church on every corner which is good because many people love religion so we make a lot of contacts but it also makes things hard because there attached to there church and only there church. But the people are so nice and loving. The language is hard... very hard. I can´t talk with people and its very hard because I love making friends. I never thought in my life that the power of language and communication with others would be a blessing in ones life. Theres so much I took for granite back home and I apoligize with all my heart, I was very spoiled back home... remember that blessings are all around us, you just need to learn to recongnize and appreciate the small things in life because once there gone its the small things you miss the most. My address is the same as on that little piece of paper I handed out on my farewell. Remember I love you all so much!!!!!! Im also having the best experience of my life. One story I would like to share with you happened to me on my third day in the field. We were knocking on doors and we meet a young man named filipa, he let us in and we began teaching him. Everything went beyond good. He was prepared to hear our message. at the end of the lesson my incredible trainer Elder Wright turned to me and said Elder Doggett bear you testimonie and invite him to be baptised without even thinking about it I turned to filipa (one of Gods children) and bore a very simple testimony about what had been taught and then with tears in my eyes I asked him in simple broken portugues (você vai seguir o exemplo de jesus cristo sendo bastismo na igreja de jesus cristo dos satos dos ultichmos dias por alguem que tem autoridadi de deus.) He excepted with a smile and the spirit was incredible. :) I love you all so much, never forget that. Remember this church is so true I know it without a doubt in my heart. And even though this has been the hardest time of my life, I know the reward will be great in the end not only for me but for those I bring unto Christ. Portugues é muito dificil haha but with the lords help I will learn! I love you all and may God our loving Father be with you till we meet again!       

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures and Letters #8

Elder Matthew with his Mission President and Sister Tanner
 Dear family of Elder Doggett,

Your son arrived in our mission yesterday.   We are so excited to finally meet him and serve with him in this great missionary work.  He is wonderful, and we love him already.
We are sending you an official letter and hard copy of these photos, but because the mail sometimes takes a long time, we also decided to send you a quick email for your peace of mind.  Elder Doggett is serving with a wonderful companion, Elder Wright.

Thank you for preparing him, continuing to pray for him, and sharing him with us now.

President and Sister Tanner

New Companion! (They kind'a look like each other)

CTM Boys and Girls!
Alright everyone im heading out to the field so you might not hear from me in awhile! :) Remember I love you all and Im so happy! I have to make this super quick but Today I got to go downtown, I placed two Books of Mormon in 30 minutes and got attacked by a homeless fat man who wasnt wearing a shirt! hahah it was scary but hilarious. I love you all so much and always remember you all in my prayers. I love you all! oh and p.s. its winter here and it was like 80 degrees today.... haha :)
Elder Matthew

Well Everyone I finally made it here in Campinas. I cant lie it is a
little overwhelming. I became so used to the CTM in Sâo paulo and now
im on my own. Out in the city of Campinas having no idea what is going
on haha! Thank you mom and Dad for your words this week it really
helped me out like you wouldnt believe. It brought tears to my eyes
because you both were truely inspired in what you told me. Its really
hard walking the streets and having no idea what is going on around, I
cant believe how much I took english for granite and having the chance
to communicate with those around me back home... but I have to keep my
head up and keep trying my best. My Mission president told me to just
keep smiling and I wont have to worry haha so thats what im going to
try to do. NOt worry about and just keep trying. but that story mom,
that you shared about Elder Hastings... thank you it really really
helped so thank you thank you thank you... IF you find a chance to
talk with him ask him for ANY advice haha I would love to hear it.
But enough about that Im sure you want to hear how Campinas is, well
its great! haha my apartment is right in the city like downtown so the
bus stop is right there. oh, which reminds me I had a way funny story!
Yesterday when I was getting my bus card for the city of Campinas and
getting registed and all that stuff, this man came up to us and
started doing this weird dance around us and grabbing our hands. I had
no idea what was going on but afterwards he smiled and told us all
this crazy stuff about how we are blessed now or something haha. That
was my first experience, fresh off the bus in Campinas. MY senior
companion thought it was so funny because of the look on my face! I
had a pretty good laugh about it afterwards as well... Oh the mission
haha! :) but back to my apartment. Its a pretty small apartment but
(its all good because we are missionaries we dont need anything big!)
I love it! It was a little messy when I arrived... actually really
messy but because I have an amazing mom who taught me how to clean
(thank you mom, you were right all those years!!!!), we went to work.
Im pretty happy with the job we did. I actually wish I could have
taken a before and after picture! haha! but in all seriousness thanks
mom for all those years teaching me the importance of that. A clean
place allows the spirit to dwell there. I never really understood that
till now, so thank you so much.
Well tonight were going to teach a teenager by the name of Matteus. Im
a little bit nervous but it will all be ok because we are on the Lords
errand. He actually has commited to being baptized so my companion and
I will be going over everything with him this night. From what I have
gathered he is a little bit nervous and heistant to be baptized so I
hope tonight we can eliminate any fear he might have and let him know
that by following Christs example he will be blessed. If tonight goes
well then I will have my first baptism in the field, I pray that the
Lord can be with us tonight and allow the spirit to teach through
us... ecspecially since im so new and dont know the launguage.
Campinas is great and very beautiful. Im excited to be here even
though I am a deer in the head light most of the time haha but like
you said mom, through time it will come. I wont give up and I will
give it my all. Matt... Im sending this email to you as well and want
you to know how much I love you, keep trying your best. Im almost
positive you and I are going through the exact same things! Its hard
but know it will all be ok. Your going to do great out in Sâo Paulo
Sul! Remember we have each other here in Brazil and the trials of the
mission will make you strong, and teach us to rely on our savior and
his atonement... It will all be ok.
Well I want you all to know how much I love you and am so grateful for
your love and support back home. it means so much to me. I love this
gospel and this work. I have a firm testimony of the truths and
doctrines of this gospel... Thats why im here in Brazil to bring this
truth to this great people and help invite the spirit to their lives
so they can feel that wonderful spirit... "Forget myself, and go to