Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ben #9

What a week! First off give my congrats to Clint that is awesome! I had a feeling a Doggett would be going to Africa haha! Also Jordan man im sorry to here about your headaches! God speed brother! Well Eu ensperça que os tudos cosias em casa são tudo bem? ( I hope everything back home are all good) Thats awesome to hear mom that Alex and you got to visit... bro you are reading this email so know how much love I have for you! From what my mom told me your doing awesome. Whenever things get tough turn it over to the Lord with a sincere heart... I say that to everyone because thats something very important I Iearned this week. Last week when I wrote you all I was upset. I was so discouraged and frustrated with the launguage and how tough it was. Dad, you asked about my companion... well thats also one of the reasons I was down. I wont go into any details but just know how grateful I am for the things Mom and you taught me. You taught me to have full obidence and that is just what I am doing out here. Im trying to work hard and diligentally follow ALL the rules even the simple ones, there is so much power that comes from being obedient even when others might not. As long as you do the Lord will bless you... but I found that when I was becoming discourgaed last week, everything was going around me and what I wanted. The word I I I I I kept poping up. I decided that what I needed to do is get on my knees and pray to my Father in Heaven to provide a way for me to bear this. I cant tell you how scary it is to be in a city with 2 million people and not know how to simply communicate, but through the power of God and his son Jesus christ and the Holy ghost, Why should I be afraid? I carry his sons name near my heart. I just have to rely on him to help me through this. This week was tough but I learned a simply truth that the Lord will take care of me... No matter what. I just have to keep a smile on my face and laugh when I make a mistake and try better next time. 1 Nephi 3: 7 I know that the lord giveth no commandment unto the children of God save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which he asks... Im here, doing what he asks, and I know without a doubt he will take care of me. :) on the note of laughing at your mistakes I have a funny quick story... At a members house when I said the pray I tryed to thank the lord for the wonderful members and for feeding us this day... but I think I said thank you for these members for giving us much hungry... The members thought it was so FUNNY, :) it was funny I just had to laugh with them. Laughing is the key! haha 
Well lets see what has happened this week. Alot haha! We taught Matteus and now his brother Igor is interested. We commited them both for baptism on the 23 of June... I think, its the 23, I dont know it was in Porteguese haha. Matteus asked yesterday if I would baptize him. I was in shock! haha but I agreed so I cant wait... You know there is something so unique in teaching the gospel. People always would say "The mission will make you a man" I always laughed at that and joked around with it... but I think I am begining to find out why. The light that fillls peoples eyes when you teach them of this gospel is undescriableable. You develop a sincere love for Gods children and want them to hear this gospel. I think thats what makes you a man, finding that true love of god and that gentle whisper of the spirit as it touches the hearts of all. I love these people and trying to grab hold of this culture. Last week my companion and I sat on the side of the curb to take a little break from all the walking and I cant tell you how many kids came up to talk with us, and fly thier kites (thats huge here by the way) I love them... Though some of the kids thought I was retarded and were asking my companion (little did they know I could understand them haha I got a good laugh out of it! :)
I just cant tell you how unique the mission experience is. Its nothing like rexburg being here in Brazil. and it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Mentally, physically, and ecspecially emotionally... But this is where I need to be. At this point in my life the lord needs me here to preach his gospel the best I can. There are nights I cry and days I miss everything about home, but its only for a moment cause the spirit grabs hold of me and brings me back to my purpose. To invite others to come unto christ... The thought has often crossed my mind, I am so incapable of this. Me, Ben Doggett, of all people in the world living in Brazil trying to learn porteguese, teaching the gospel. Why me? Well the words of David A. Bendar then enter... "you are incapable, actually its impossible for you to do this missionary work im not going to lie to you... but Ive got news for you... you have the spirit of the lord. You are his representative! Therefore you become capable"... I know I will become capable. I know sometimes we are going to have good days and bad days but if you do as Moroni said and pray to god the father with real intent... I REPEAT REAL INTENT he will answer you. I found the peace that comes from that. The lord hasnt forgotten me and I want you all to know that I will learn, I will try, and I ecspecially wont give up. 
I love being a missionary and love this gospel and for the chance I have to teach these wonderful people. Alot of people here live in such humble circumstances, but still they have a smile and there face and willing to give 10 fold back to you. I hope someday I can be like them and give back 10 fold and show that same love to others. I love you all and pray for you all daily. The gospel is true... I just wish you could see the light in peoples eyes when they hear this glad message and accept the Holy ghost... I will keep trying my best and trying to talk this launguage. I know with god all things are possible.... I love this quote it keeps me going every moment out here in the field it says "To the world you are one... but to someone you could be the world." This life is a great journey. Dont take it for granite, take it all in! I love you all and God be with you till we meet again! oh, real quick MATT it sounds like you are doing awesome bro I love you and keep working hard. We are in this together! :)
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. I finally recevied everyones letters...Olivia, Erika, Millie, Kristin, thanks you girls! They were such a boost for me I really cant tell you how much it meant. Love you all!

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