Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matt #10

Where do I begin.... ha this week has been such a growth for me. I,ve learned so much! First off my trainer is incredible, he is one of the hardest working missionaries in the world and he pushes me like crazy. I had the chance to teach the first liçáo a few days ago and it went terrible haha I forgot how to pray and I wasnt able to teach at all. I remember leaving the house of the investigator and I just began to cry. How am I supposed to teach the Gopesl of Jesus Christ, how am I supposed to communicate with the people how can I do what the Lord asks of me if I cant communicate with the people I love. Well its a very simple answer. I dont teach people the Spirit does and the Lord promises us that when we do our part he will bless us and do his part. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting in our Ward and so I decided that it was time I forget myself and do my part and preach the Gospel to everyone even if im not speaking good portuguese. I bore the most broken portuguese testimony you have ever heard haha but I felt the Spirit like never before! Thats when it hit me that im a representive of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ and he will help us in our times of need. :) Afterwards I just decided to talk with everyone I meet haha and I,ve had a lot of people laugh at me but I no longer care because im here for one purpose. To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We have 30 members in our ward and a lot of in actives so we,ve been working hard to bring people back into the church. One way I learned progress the work is the members of the Ward. We have a lot of young women but only two young men so we,ve really tried to work in getting young men into the church. We have several investigators who are really progressing. One is Filipa. Hes 19 years old and loves the missionaries. I was really able to connect fast with him because hes our age. One thing ive also worked really hard on is becoming friends with the members which is really hard because I love telling stories and talking but I cant becuase i dont know the language,so one way ive made friends belive it or not... is by singing Katy Perry songs. For some reason everyone down in Brasil loves her music... who would have thought that listening to Katy Perry would become a blessing on my mission to make friends with the members and in so recieve referrals for potential investigators! :)
I just want everyone to know how much I love you... and Ben remember I love you too. It sounds like we are experiencing the same things, just remember to keep your head up and remember we are here in brasil to bring people unto christ. Everyone I love you so much and I recieved letters from Rachel,Jenni, Kristin, Erika, Olivia. Thank you so much! Olivia your letter was stolen but I did recieve the pink envelope and its the thought that counts! Thank you so much :) I love you all and dont worry about me im having the greatest time of my life here in brasil just remember your all in my prayers everyday! One thing I should tell you is that its winter here which means its only like 80 degrees everyday and super humity haha I have the most hilarious farmers tan in the world. When I take my watch off it looks like im still wearing it. Also one funny story is that all the members of our ward laugh at me because they say I cant be serious. They say I smile way to much and it kinda freaks them out haha I just responded by saying how can you not help but smile when you following the commandments of ourLord and Savior. Remember that :)

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