Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures and Letters #8

Elder Matthew with his Mission President and Sister Tanner
 Dear family of Elder Doggett,

Your son arrived in our mission yesterday.   We are so excited to finally meet him and serve with him in this great missionary work.  He is wonderful, and we love him already.
We are sending you an official letter and hard copy of these photos, but because the mail sometimes takes a long time, we also decided to send you a quick email for your peace of mind.  Elder Doggett is serving with a wonderful companion, Elder Wright.

Thank you for preparing him, continuing to pray for him, and sharing him with us now.

President and Sister Tanner

New Companion! (They kind'a look like each other)

CTM Boys and Girls!
Alright everyone im heading out to the field so you might not hear from me in awhile! :) Remember I love you all and Im so happy! I have to make this super quick but Today I got to go downtown, I placed two Books of Mormon in 30 minutes and got attacked by a homeless fat man who wasnt wearing a shirt! hahah it was scary but hilarious. I love you all so much and always remember you all in my prayers. I love you all! oh and p.s. its winter here and it was like 80 degrees today.... haha :)
Elder Matthew

Well Everyone I finally made it here in Campinas. I cant lie it is a
little overwhelming. I became so used to the CTM in Sâo paulo and now
im on my own. Out in the city of Campinas having no idea what is going
on haha! Thank you mom and Dad for your words this week it really
helped me out like you wouldnt believe. It brought tears to my eyes
because you both were truely inspired in what you told me. Its really
hard walking the streets and having no idea what is going on around, I
cant believe how much I took english for granite and having the chance
to communicate with those around me back home... but I have to keep my
head up and keep trying my best. My Mission president told me to just
keep smiling and I wont have to worry haha so thats what im going to
try to do. NOt worry about and just keep trying. but that story mom,
that you shared about Elder Hastings... thank you it really really
helped so thank you thank you thank you... IF you find a chance to
talk with him ask him for ANY advice haha I would love to hear it.
But enough about that Im sure you want to hear how Campinas is, well
its great! haha my apartment is right in the city like downtown so the
bus stop is right there. oh, which reminds me I had a way funny story!
Yesterday when I was getting my bus card for the city of Campinas and
getting registed and all that stuff, this man came up to us and
started doing this weird dance around us and grabbing our hands. I had
no idea what was going on but afterwards he smiled and told us all
this crazy stuff about how we are blessed now or something haha. That
was my first experience, fresh off the bus in Campinas. MY senior
companion thought it was so funny because of the look on my face! I
had a pretty good laugh about it afterwards as well... Oh the mission
haha! :) but back to my apartment. Its a pretty small apartment but
(its all good because we are missionaries we dont need anything big!)
I love it! It was a little messy when I arrived... actually really
messy but because I have an amazing mom who taught me how to clean
(thank you mom, you were right all those years!!!!), we went to work.
Im pretty happy with the job we did. I actually wish I could have
taken a before and after picture! haha! but in all seriousness thanks
mom for all those years teaching me the importance of that. A clean
place allows the spirit to dwell there. I never really understood that
till now, so thank you so much.
Well tonight were going to teach a teenager by the name of Matteus. Im
a little bit nervous but it will all be ok because we are on the Lords
errand. He actually has commited to being baptized so my companion and
I will be going over everything with him this night. From what I have
gathered he is a little bit nervous and heistant to be baptized so I
hope tonight we can eliminate any fear he might have and let him know
that by following Christs example he will be blessed. If tonight goes
well then I will have my first baptism in the field, I pray that the
Lord can be with us tonight and allow the spirit to teach through
us... ecspecially since im so new and dont know the launguage.
Campinas is great and very beautiful. Im excited to be here even
though I am a deer in the head light most of the time haha but like
you said mom, through time it will come. I wont give up and I will
give it my all. Matt... Im sending this email to you as well and want
you to know how much I love you, keep trying your best. Im almost
positive you and I are going through the exact same things! Its hard
but know it will all be ok. Your going to do great out in Sâo Paulo
Sul! Remember we have each other here in Brazil and the trials of the
mission will make you strong, and teach us to rely on our savior and
his atonement... It will all be ok.
Well I want you all to know how much I love you and am so grateful for
your love and support back home. it means so much to me. I love this
gospel and this work. I have a firm testimony of the truths and
doctrines of this gospel... Thats why im here in Brazil to bring this
truth to this great people and help invite the spirit to their lives
so they can feel that wonderful spirit... "Forget myself, and go to


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