Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matt #7- First Proselyting/Matt's Laws

My goodness its my final e-mail before I leave for the field and I'm sad to say that the normal Matthew doggett is less then prepared to enter the field but Elder Doggett is ready. Its taken me the whole MTC experience to remember that this work isn't at all about me and I dont teach the investigators but the spirit does... Well this week I really want to stress to everyone who reads this letter the importance of the temple! Please go there as often as possible!!!! Its a place of peace and learning and its the closest you can get to our Heavenly Father on the earth. So please I encourage everyone to go! :) This past week has changed me more then anything I've done on my mission... I had the chance to begin preaching the gospel on the streets of casa verde and hand out Book of Mormons! In three hours I couldn't hand out a single Book, its crazy to be the odd ball out when no body speaks english and its so hard struggling to speak the language but let me tell you what my problem was when I began... I only thought about myself and how cool I would look if I could hand out my Books not about the people who would be blessed for reading them. It took me three full hours and rejection after rejection before I realized this. Then I said a very short but strong prayer in my heart and the minute after I prayed I saw a young teenager boy walking towards me. Without even thinking I walked over to him held out the Book Of Mormon and testified of the truthfullness of that incredible book with the most broken portuguese you have ever heard haha but guess what he took it... and He began to read as we walked away. After three hours of disappointment and rejection just handing out that one Book changed everything! My heart has never burned with the spirit like it did when I testifiyed of that book and the incredible thing is I did nothing... the spirit did everything! :) Remember that while you need to learn the language to teach, its the Spirit that converts! I want everyone to know how happy I am and I cant wait to get to the field next week. Also I havent recieved any letters from my friends yet but I'm sure I'll get them soon and rachel thank you so much for the pictures they are such a blessing!!! Airmail is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Well I also need to add some humor to my letter because thats who I am so I want to share the Matt laws that I came up while here in the CTM
1.Thou shalt not look up thy neighbors girlfriend if thou leavest the mission before him
2.Thou shalt take a shower at least 3-4 times a week preferably 7
3.Thou must act like a gentelman at all times
4.Thou shalt always high five thy companion if thou recievest a baptism of eternal worth
5.Thou must study all the days of thy Mission
6.If thou becomest a Distract leader, Zone leader, or Assistant to the president thou mayest freely tell any women waiting for you to increase your chances of finding an Eternal Companion.
7.Thou shalt not covet thy companions Tie.
8.Thou shalt not kill thy companion even if he grinds your gears
9.Thou shalt love thy mission with thy whole heart
10.Thou shalt love the people of brasil and love the lord with all thy might, mind, and strength, and give all you have to this incredible work! :)
I love this gospel with my whole heart and I miss you all back home so much but I've never been happier! Please keep Ben and I in your prayers because I know this next week will be crazy. I'm entering the field not knowing any portugues hahaha but the Lord is always there walking with me and most of the time hes carrying me. I love you all so much and remember everyone who reads this letter is in my prayers! :) Oh also guess what I finally found where they sell Lemon Juice!!!! Its was one of the greatest days ever!!!

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