Friday, May 18, 2012

Ben #5

Where to begin it has been one crazy week with so many spiritual experiences! I so bad want to tell you all of them but of course time wont allow it. I have been really thinking of the importance of family this week and Mom, Dad I just want you to know how much I love you please send my love to Jenni and Matt and congrats on the amazing wedding I loved the pictures you sent. I cant stress how important this Gospel is, whoever reads this email, please know my testimony on temple marriage. With that you can have eternal joy... I mean come on who wouldnt want eternal families right! haha
Well family and friends Brazil is awesome! I tried this awesome new fruit thats called cockie... SUPER AMAZING! I think I wrote home about it in an email that probably wont get sent to ya till a few weeks. It stinks about the letters cause I think they sent alot to my mission home, I think all the letters the girls sent headed there... bummer! But Mom and Dad I got you letters and boy where they a huge help. Thank you Dad for your personally wxperience about your mission. I needed to hear that cause next week we are actually going out to try and place some Books of Mormon ( I said books because of the movie Best two years haha) but yeah Im heading out next week... There going to drop us off in the center of Sao paulo and give us a few hours to try and talk to everyone in the area. Wish me luck and pray for me. haha I was a little nervous cause its still extremley hard to communicate but I can understand most porteguese. Today in the Temple a man talked to me about his mission to Africa. Now, while I wasnt able to communicate my feelings and thoughts I still was able to understand him, it was a really neat experience.
This week was a wonderful and very spiritual experience. Read mosiah 24 13-16 and that pretty much sums it up when applying it to my life. This week at first was really hard with the launguage but these verses brought so much peace and joy to my heart. Its amazing what the sciptures can do in you life. Whenever things may seem crazy in your life you can turn to those and feel the savior wrap his arms tightly around you. It nrought tears to my eyes to know how much our savior really does love and care for us. Yeah, I may be weak and yeah, i may not be the smartest guy when it comes to the gospel but I have a sure testiomony that my savior lives. I never really could fully understand that role till I got out here. I never imagained a mission to be like this. Its all a choice, choose to be happy in all you do. Cause every moment I have come to realize you spend down and depressed is a precious moment you could have been loving and serving those around you. It really humbling to realize. Be of good cheer and serve your lord with all your heart and on the morrow I will save you... So true are those words. Family and friends I love you all and wish I could share every single moment and experience I have had but in time I will be able to. This work is so important to do. Everyone who is able should serve a mission is will work wonders in you life. I love this mission, and cant wait to bring people unto the knowledge of their eternal father. I love you all so much thank you for all your support. Im sorry once again how short this is but dont worry I found out that once I get out into the feild I get more time to email so its not so rushed... Again I send my love to you all and know this church without a doubt is real. Thank you for all the pictures and emails Mom and Dad and thank you Olivia and Kristin for you wonderful emails they mean so much. I really miss you all but The lord needs me right now and I wont fail him. Tchai until nest week and may God be with you till we meet again
Sincerly Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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