Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ben # 7- First Proselyting Experience

Well this is my last week at the sao paulo MTC and then its off to campinas. I got plenty of pictures heading home to all of you! Fist off I wanted to wish Alex a happy birthday!!!! Send him my love! and also before I forget mom... I need my pin number haha I forgot it and I need it for the field I hope you can get it haha I cant believe I forgot it!... Well everyone I have so many emotions right now, I leave for CAMPINAS next week Im so excited! I have to say I have become way comfortable here in the MTC, but im ready to head on out!
So, last week I told you all how I was going proselyting for the first time this week. What an experience it was. Dad, your story of when you were first in Austrailia helped out so much. It was so funny all the Elders and the Sisters in my district were all so excited to head out and teach but as soon as those gates of teh MTC opened up and our teacher looked at us with a smile on his face and said boa sache (good luck) the nerves kicked in for everyone haha! what an experience... My companion and I headed on out. We made our way up the street and around into a tiny neighborhood. There we were determined to make our first contact. As I went to aproach my first contact my companion and I both froze up and said Tudo bem! and kept on walking, (oh my goodness! Really!!!!) we started laughing pretty hard cause we both were just so nervous to talk. Till we both thought we will never get over these nerves if we dont talk, so we made the effort for our next person we saw we were going to stop! Talk! and get out of our comfort zone. As soon as we said that there he was, a older man about mid 50's with a tan suit and a gray mustache... We made the approach and I began to tell him who we were. Nos missionarios da igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos ultimos dias. He was in a hurry so he couldnt talk with us but it worked! We were over our nerves and slowly it became easier to talk to people! We meet a great girl who was waiting for her friend to pick her up so we shared our testimonies with her about the book of mormon and gave her a copy. As we were talking about our church she didnt really seem to care much but as we continued and we boar our testimony I felt the power of the Holy ghost, and something in her eyes glowed and in my heart I knew what I was saying was coming from the holy ghost. The Holy ghost is real. I am so grateful for the power a simple testimony can have and how it can bring the truth unto anyone.
As the day went on, we had a lot of rejection. My heart went out to them because I so badly want them to hear the gospel and know the true hapiness that the gospel can bring into our lives, but God has a way of preparing his children... The day went on with alot of rejection but I tryed my best to keep a smile on my face. My companion and I decided as time was drawing to a close to check one more area. As we made our way around once again we werent having much success. We decided that it was time to head back. When we saw a man sitting in a tiny park across the street. He was alone, just sitting by himself. My companion and I made our way across the street for one last try. We aproached him and explained we were missionaires, he had never heard of us or our church so we began to talk with him. His name was Olivira and was from the outskirts of Sao Paulo. HE was a member of the catholic church and loved the Bible. As we talked with him and got to know the love he had for God. He was a great man and very kind. We ended up teaching him for about 35-40 minutues. It made up for all the rejection we had experienced. He read the introduction and asked if he could have one of these books. I gave him a copy with my written testiomony in it. As we were leaving he said this church must have something special if two young american men leave their home and try to learn porteguese just to teach it. We also gave him a number of some local missionaries he could call if he had any questions.
The spirit was so strong as we left. I dont know what will ever become of that man, but what I do know is I have a firm testimony of the power of this church. He was right this church is special. I know it with all my heart. I hope and pray he may come to know that joy and peace the power the book of mormon brings into all of our lives. Im sorry Im all out of time, but just know of my sure testiomony of this gospel. Christ lives and loves all his children. Im so happy we kept pressing forward though we were tired, hot, and worn out from all the rejection. I know the lord prepares his children to hear the gospel what a honor it is that I get to be the vessel at this time in my life to help serve the lord and bring his children home to him... Sorry I wish I could share more with you but I must go I love you all and god bless you next week I head to Campinas and i cant wait! Thank you all for the emails its so great to hear from you all... I send my love to you all and love for this Gospel through it all things are possible!

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