Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ben #6

WOW... I cant believe how fast the weeks go I seriously think the days just blend together now. If thats the case I cant even imagine what it will be like once I get to the field! Well this week was for sure a tough one. The classes now that we are pretty much done with our MTC experience are insane, theres no holding back. THe teachers really drill us with the launguage and give us situations that we might run into in the field. Let me tell you I am learning a ton about the Gospel and how to better teach it to the needs of the investigators. ITs actually easier now to teach in porteguese. haha weird huh! Though when it comes to normal conversastion on the street ummmmm yeah I got a lot to learn but thats why I am so excited to get to the field and see whats waiting for me.
This week I got some letters from Olivia, Millie, and my Sister Rach! Man, that was a sure boaster for me. Its like whenever you get a letter you just feel so rejuvinated. Thank you everyone for your words of comfort and support that day when I got them was a real tough one for me, but the lord really has your back if you just turn your whole heart to him. Thats one thing I have for sure realized out here. How much the lord really cares for us. To many times we just turn our backs on him and move on with our lives and only when those trials and hardships come do we turn around to the only source of power we know, get on our knees and turn to him. The lord is still there facing towards us with a smileing face and open arms even though for some time we've been so far away... I noe know we need to face towards and hang onto him with all we have even when life seems totally perfect. I found myself doing that when I was back home, but now I realize how important that is. I cant even begin to describe to you some of the things I have already seen. some pretty shocking things and a big eye opener of the world outside of home. The gospel brings true peace and happiness and what an oppurtunity I have to share that message. Yeah I dont speak hardly any portugeuse in fact I was over at the cookie shop and my companion and I were playing with this little kid whos family is a member of the church along with him and he handed me his toy dinosaur and started speaking so fast I had no idea what he was saying haha me and my companion got a kick out of it, we were laughing so hard!!!.... the boy is 3 HAHA. All I did was share a smile and the boy knew what was going on, and he smiled back. Thats one thing everyone understands. A simple smile. Whenever life gets hard just smile, it makes all the difference. I love this gospel and the chance I have to be serving here in Brazil. I love I cant tell you over a simple message how much it means to me. Its the best thing I have ever experienced... The spirit is so strong and teaching me ever day. The power the Book of Mormon has is so real. I have read it and know for a fact that it is true. Gain a frim conversion of that book and you will be set, the prophet joseph said the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and without it everything else would crumble... If teh Book is real that means joseph smith was a prophet and he did see God the father and his son Jesus Chrsit, resurrected, in the sacred grove and through the power of God translated the book of Mormon... Family, friends, I know with all my heart its true. I love you all and miss you dearly but the lord needs me to do his work and be a representative of our savior Jesus Christ he is counting on me and I cant let him down no matter how tough it gets. I know it wont be easy, but hey, he never said it would be easy... only worth it! Love you all and God bless you from Brazil. You are all in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Thank you for the letters once again keep them coming also Sisters im so sorry I keep getting your emails wrong I just dont have any time here in the Mtc to change the emails but once I leave in like a week and a half from the Mtc I will make sure to change it... Can you believe it I leave for Campins in like two weeks wow, One more p-day here and its off to the field. I cant wait! Love you All!
p.s. I get the chance to go proslelyting on this upcoming monday, wish me luck! I will tell you all about it next and let you know if I place any Book of Mormon's or.... Books of Mormon hahaha however you want to say it. TchaĆ­!   

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