Friday, May 18, 2012

Matt #4

Holy cow this week flew by so fast!! I want to start off by saying how much I love this gospel and everyone back home. I ran into matt hendricks today in the ctm! looks like he final made it to brasil haha. I want you to know that this experencie in brasil has changed me so much... I cant believe how much I have been given in my life. A few days ago a missionarie showed up in the CTM wearing only his missionary tag and his best clothes. He had no white t-shirt,no dress pants, no church shoes. but he showed up ready to serve and it touched my heart... Im sorry mom but I give him many of my white shirts and socks so you might need to put some money on my debit card haha. This missionary doesnt know who gave him clothes and I wasnt the only one who gave him items but I saw pure gratedute on his face as he recieved these items. I love this gospel and I love my mission. I still havent improved on the language but I no longer care haha If I never learn the language thats fine by me. I'll just convert my investigators by smiling at them and let the spirit teach them hahah. This is the best experience of my life and I miss you all so much and I LOVE you so much. But I need to be here this is defiently where the lord needs me to become the man he needs me to be. one of my favorite sayings goes like. "the lord doesnt call you because your qualified, only that this calling will make you qualified for the future" how true that his. His hand is in everything I do and to be honest I cant wait to leave the CTM and teach real people with real problems! I love you all so much and thank you all for the letters and support it means so much to me here. Dad I love the pictures you send please send more. pictures are muito imperdande here in the field haha. Also mom I love you more then anything... I owe you so much for the lessons you've taught me in life, you'll always be the most important women in my life! please let jenny and matt know I love them and congrats on the wedding. Let Matt know I approve of him as my new brother haha. I have the most incredible family in the world and the most incredible friends in the world. I pray for all of you everyday, remember that there is two young inexperienced twins in brazil giving everything they can to the lord and they love each and every one of you back home! haha one story that happened today was I was walking on the street and an old man stoped me and started speaking so fast I didnt understand a single word he said but some how by the spirit I was able to hold a little conversation with him in broken portuguese! It was awesome and he did look a little confused but he just smiled and so did I haha. This gospel is true and the Book of mormon is the word of God I KNOW it is with all my heart. God speed and I cant wait to hear from you all again. P.S I found out I cant respond to friends until I leave the CTM but please keep sending e-mails they mean the world! I love you all  

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