Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ben letter #3

Comó Está familía e amigos!!! ok seriously I cant believe another week has gone by! The days are blending together I cant believe it! Im leraning so much and I see the growth I have made. This week has been a spiritual roller coaster! I wish i could explain and tell you everything that has happened but once again, no time. I do though have some pretty sweet letters on there way home to everyone that have some of them in it so I hope you get them sooner rather then later. Im almost done with the MTC... YES!!!!!! haha I cant wait to get out and start teaching real people. I had the chance to teach a bunch of teenagers last saturday that were from the saõ paulo ward. Alot of them were about two years younger then me. It was really something teaching them, I was so nervous to be honest. but then a scripture came into my mind, its from D C 30: 11 it talks about how we shouldnt fear man cause God is with us as missionaries. I know that was a tender mercy from the lord bringing that to my mind. I went in with total confidence and a smile on my face it was awesome. Of course it could have went better since my vocab. is so limited but when I boar my simple testimony the spirit was in fact there. It was so incerdiable I just cant tell you. I also have a talk last Sunday about Joseph smith and that too was so powerful for me. Its the first time I put my talk aside and went on what the spirit wanted me to talk about. I have never and I mean never! done that in my entire life haha. I love it. having the spirit always there is such a sweet feeling. Because of this MTC experience im beggining to recognize the spirit. I love it
MOm and Dad I got your letters thank you so much they really do help so much out here in the field. Also it was great to hear how everything is going on back home. keep it coming I love all the stories. I really enjoyed the one about the house almost burning haha classic tree stump story! Also mom we did get your little treat across the street and let me tell you it was amazing. I never had anything so good since ive been here. And im not going to lie alot of the other missionaries were pretty jelous! Also please forward this letter to whomever you would like. I wish I could add more people but it takes time so I will have to wait till I get out in the field. Let Alexs mom and dad know how much I love them and how grateful I am for their support. Also that is so sweet to hear about Parker! Dad thank you  the picture of us at the temple, it was a real uplifting thing for me. Also if possible please send some pictures of.... anything really haha. I love pictures. ANyway my time is almost spent and I have some laundrey i need to do ahhhhh lol I forgot about that, but just know how much I love and miss everyone of you. I love this work so much as well, There is really no other place I would rather be. Its a whole new experience thats for sure but hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience and Im not going to waste it. Love you all again and I cant wait to hear from you all soon... Dad Thank you for that advice the lord is bound when you do as he says... I love that promise and am going to strive for it in all I do out here. I want that blessing from the lord! I love you all so much and may God bless you. thank you for the great boost this week.
Love from BRAZIL Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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