Sunday, May 6, 2012

Matt letter #3

Its great to hear from you mom, dad, and the family. Its horrible that I only have a short amount of time to write but its all good! haha Im a fast typer thanks to all the video games haha just kidding but everything is going great! Dad irmao maricio (the one who added you on facebook) is my language teacher and hes the greatest man in the world. Your more then welcome to write him and ask how things are going in Brazil and with my language haha. Also mom I found your letter in my suitcase and I got the first of the letters from my family. Airmail is the best it gets here so fast so keep them coming!! I jump up and down yelling everytime I get a letter, its great! Well to start off I want everyone to know how much I love you and second off I love it here... I want to talk a little about becoming humble in the lords work. Two days ago my Brazilan roomates and amigos left the CTM to preach the gospel. When they were getting ready to leave my companinon and I and Ben and his companion bought them both several ties because we noticed they each only had two ties... when we gave them the ties they began to cry. It was in that moment that my heart was soften and the lord hit me with some spirtiual knowlege! It remind me of when I was home purchasing ties at fareals and I was so ungratfull that I had the money to purcheas my clothing for the mission. I have been so blessed all my life and I believe it only takes a mission for all young men to realize this. One thing I would also like to write is that the mission is soooo HARD! haha its crazy tough! I've never felt so pushed in all my life. The language is killing me haha but Its also coming to me so fast. Fear is the oppisite of faith and when we come to the lord he will lighten our burdens.... this doesnt mean it wont be tough only that the atonement will allow us to handle the weight of our burdens because the lord will bless us with strength! In Mosiah cchapter 24 verse 13-15 we read all about burdens being made light through christ! Its incredible please read your scriptures as much as possible it will bless your life I promise you that. One more thing really quick the weather has final cooled down now that its winter here haha and it feels great! I should tell you that today I was able to do confermations in the temple for baptisms and the amazing thing is was it was in portuguese I was somehow able to do it (by the power of the lord) haha Brasil is amazing and I want you to know how much I love you. Words will never be able to describe what you've done for me. I love you both so much and mom and wil NEVER be able to repay you... You were right the mission definetly opened my eyes to the old spoiled boy I used to be back home haha! I love you all so much and remember that I love you all! Oh one last thing that I think you all would love to hear... all the missionaries and teachers laugh at me because they say that my smile and laugh will be what makes my investigators be baptized not my portuguese!! I now am known as the way to happy missionarie. I think its the best nickname in the world. I love you and please let everyone know I love you all!

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