Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Matt #6

Well I cant believe it I down to the final two weeks of my CTM experience!! It was so great to hear from everyone this week and I finally got a letter from millie and olivia from may 13th it was so great to hear from you!!! Well to start off this week has been very slow Im so ready to get into the field haha the CTM is great but I feel myself slowley going crazy haha one thing I should tell you is not to send any packages to the CTM you'll have to wait until I get to the mission home or I wont get them. Also several letters I sent to everyone back home had the chance of being lost of stolen the past two weeks ago so please dont feel like I've forgotten about you if you dont receive a letter the next few weeks but I promise i'll send more as soon as I can. One more thing dont worry about the ties mom the church is very good at takening care of missionaries and the Elders in the CTM love to help as much as they can and dont worry I still have plenty of my own clothes to last me a good year or two haha! Well I need to start off by expressing my love to everyone back home. These past few weeks i've realized how blessed i've been in my own life to have such an incredible family and life in rexburg... theres so much I've taken for granite and I wish I could go back and show my apreciation to those I love! The mission is such a strength and builder for me and I'm learning so much! One thing I have to tell you is today I tried playing a little indoor football with a little four your old brazilan... the funny part was he was speaking better portuguese then me and teaching me how to say things hahah I already have such a deep love for the people of brasil and i've grown so much because of it! I wont lie though the language is very tough but I learned that the lord calls on the weak and unlearned because it allows them to be humble and I defiently need to be humble. I find my self bragging a little to much about myself and I~ve learned to think of others instead of myself haha... I can't really explane what a missions like only that its defiently part of Gods plan for all young men to serve missions. I've just learned so much and I havent even gotten to the field yet haha. One really cool qoute I hear a lot down here is ''the CTM prepares you for your mission, but your mission prepares you for life" Im not sure whos waiting for me in Sao paulo sul but im more then excited to find and teach them. One really funny story I need to share with you and im sure ben has already shared with you last week or in a letter but a little while ago Ben and I found a HUGE RAT behind our mailbox/cabnet thing and it was the biggest rat I have ever seen. i mean it was the size of a dog... it was bigger then boomer haha and It jumped out from behind the mailbox thing and started chasing all the missionaries hahah I wish you could have seen it! I've never seen so many missionaries screaming and jumping onto chairs to run away from the RAT hahaha but I wont lie it was kinda scary. ;) Well there really isnt much to write, I promise there will be more once I get to the field i'm sure of it! I hope everyone knows how much I love you all and remember this gospel is real. I feel it everyday when I testify of the truthfullness of the O Livro de mórmon! Never forget your father in heaven loves you and hes always there for all of his children no matter what! I love you and I hope to hear from you all soon!!    

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