Friday, May 18, 2012

Matt #5

Wow everyone the time sure flies on the mission! ok to start off I just need to say how much I miss all my friends and family you guys are awesome and you've all been such great examples and also Im glad to hear that everyone got a kick out of the cardboard cutouts of ben and I haha thats hilarious. Today I had the chance to go to the temple and while we were driving there ben and I came to the conclusion that if there was a Zombie apocalypse here in brasil we would be done for because theres sooo many people!! hahah Well I also found out today I will be heading to the field on the 5th of june so if everyone sends a letter to the CTM by priority mail I should get it. Also thank you for the letter mom about the canneries... It was such a strength during a time of need. This week was extremely hard. I broke down once and was so frustrated because I couldnt say what I wanted to say about the atonment of Jesus christ to one of our fake investigators... It was tough and I tried not to cry but the tears came anyway haha. Afterwards I prayed with all my heart to be comforted and to feel peace. and the craziest thing happened! I felt peace and I was no longer sad or upset because I know the atonement of jesus christ and the lord knows my frustrations and pains and he knows that if I try my best and reily on him he will guide me. The next day after my break down I was in shock. I understand much more in the portugues language and I was saying things in portugues I didnt even realize I knew words for!! Im happy to say I talked for 20 minutes about the atonement in broken but understandable portuguese the next day. Its amazing how much we are blessed in our lifes!!! Especially on the mission!! the lord is with me every step of the way and I feel him in everything I do. Heres a quote I've been saying a lot this past week. "I will walk and talk with everybody that I meet, and I will tell them about the church and when I no longer have the strength to walk, I will crawl on my hands and knees and speak with a louder voice so the people of brasil will hear me expressing my love for them and the gospel, and when I no longer have strength to crawl, I will lie on the flat of my back and shout to the heavens with a voice of thunder exclaiming this gospel and this work to be true!" I hope everyone knows how much I love you all. This gospel is real I know it with my whole heart! Mom I just have to say thank you for the letter in my suit case with the blessings president anderson gave me the night I was set apart. It has blessed me and helped me realize my gifts as a missionary. Also you said in the letter when life gives you curves take them like you would if you were driving the BMW... does this mean when I get home you'll let me drive the BMW finally. hahaha I also just have to tell you that today I had the chance to baptise 45 names in portuguese in the temple it was awesome! One more thing I want you all to know that this was the hardest but greatest week of my mission! I've learned so much this past month and I know I still have a lot more to learn. Ben and I have become so close to one another and we also talk about how we can't wait to bring people into the gospel, we've also talked about the power of family and friends and that the most powerfull power in this gospel is the spirit and love.... without the two you could never acomplish anything! This gospel is real and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, I've felt his power during the hard times and the good times and I know he loves all his chilrden! Thank you all my family and friends for you prayers! Remember I love you all so much. And mom please tell the camerons thank you for the letter it meant so much to me! Love you all   

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