Friday, May 18, 2012

Ben #4

Como vaí! Hello family and freinds once again another great week in Brazil. Matt and i are pretty much ready to go out now haha cause it is the same thing over and over again in the MTC but its all good, Im loving the spirit here. I actually had the oppurtunity to go to the temple and do baptisms in porteguese. I was confirming. I was pretty nervous cause you have to speak clear and say every word right but as soon as I started to speak the words just flowed. Its amazing with the spirits help how things work out, he is always there for you... im not going to lie this week was a real tough one for me. The launguage as really been kicking me, but I just keep having a positive attitude about the work. I am out here a part of gods army and he wont fail me now. Its funny you mention Alma 26 cause I just studied that chapter for about an hour yesterday morning, what a great chapter Dad. I too hope I can be like Ammon and describe my mission in that way. I also read in Alma 32 cause im really trying to develop more faith. As I went through I came to know through the hloy ghost that in order to have faith one must be confident, but to have strong faith one must be obident to the gospel of jesus christ. I cant stress enough how important it is to follow ou savior Jesus Christ. My testimony and faith have grown so much this week even though its been one of the hardest ones... Trials in out life and here in the mission are given to us to see if we will exercise our agency to follow our savior. Yes, we may endure for a night and it may seem like the sun will never rise, but in the dawn the SUN WILL rise, without fail. Joy comes in the morning. I am looking to the morning and I can see the sun slowly rising. Im just pressing forward. Dont give up on the lord his blessings are eternal and they are there for us to take. I know that no matter what I can rely on him. Even if I never get the launguage I know he wants me here in Brazil cause someone needs me to be the conduit of the spirit for them, I dont know who but I have to try my best... Family and friends. Yes, I miss you are dearly but I love this mission so much I have come to know my savior in such a close personal way, he is the ultimate comfort for us. We just have to turn our hearts to him and embrace his love. Then he can work miracles
I love you all thank you for the emails. Alex its was great to hear from ya, keep fliping those hamburgers! haha sorry I wish I could respond individiually but there just isnt time. Its nice getting emails they help out so much. I didnt get the chance to hear from alot of people this week but mom and Dad good luck with the wedding and send my love to Jenni and all my sisters. Thats crazy,  my sister is getting married! Also to you personally mom. I cant call on Mothers day cause we are in the MTC but I want you to know how much you mean to me. I dont know where I would be without a mother like you. I took the life I had back home for granite. I am truely blessed to have been born into our family and raised in such a great home and community what a blessing... This mothers day just know your sons thoughts are turned to you! and the wonderful life you have given him. Yeah, he is across the world but his heart is with you :) I love you so much along with everyone else... please keep the emails coming. I love them.... oh real quick I got a letter from jenni and rachel tell them thank you I really enjoyed them love you all
sincerly Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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