Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Matthew #9

Well everyone I am in the field preaching the Gospel!!!! Man there is nothing like missionary work ha its tough and when I say tough thats an understatement.... but im loving every second of it.:) To start off the hardest part of my mission is over... saying goodbye to my incredible twin brother. That was the hardest part about the mission ive never cried so much in my life haha. But it was a good experience and I know that lord is on our side. Thank you benjamin for the amazing letter I read it everyday and thank you family for the letters! They bring so much joy to me you have no idea. Well where do I begin haha this week has been crazy. I have an american companion named Elder Wright! Hes incredible ive never met anyone who works harder then he does. My first day I didnt get to my apartment until 7 at night and it was pouring rain and we were both soaked (Along with all my lugage) but we droped everything off at the house and went to work. :) You´ll never believe the experiences I´ve had already but i´ll give you an idea of whats going on. So its rained everyday since i´ve been here and im right by the beach! its beuatiful but very wet and our ceiling in our apartment leaks like crazy haha but its all good! We live right above a pet shop so everymorning we are woken up by roasters haha but they´ve got some awesome animals down there. Alright my investigators we have 7 progressing investigators right now and one of them is a preacher of another fé, seu nome é leondro. Hes very kind but extremly hard to teach because he knows the biblio like the back of his hand but he said if we can convice him its true he will bring his whole congrigation of 30 people with him haha little does he know we wont be convincing him but the Holy Ghost will!!! :) Also we are teaching a young teenage girl named Brunna and shes very difficult. She believes everything we´ve taught her but she just doesnt see why she needs to be baptised by proper authority. We are really praying for her! But we have many other investigators and we are extremly busy. :) One thing about brazil is there is muito igrejas here or many churches here. Like there is a diffrent church on every corner which is good because many people love religion so we make a lot of contacts but it also makes things hard because there attached to there church and only there church. But the people are so nice and loving. The language is hard... very hard. I can´t talk with people and its very hard because I love making friends. I never thought in my life that the power of language and communication with others would be a blessing in ones life. Theres so much I took for granite back home and I apoligize with all my heart, I was very spoiled back home... remember that blessings are all around us, you just need to learn to recongnize and appreciate the small things in life because once there gone its the small things you miss the most. My address is the same as on that little piece of paper I handed out on my farewell. Remember I love you all so much!!!!!! Im also having the best experience of my life. One story I would like to share with you happened to me on my third day in the field. We were knocking on doors and we meet a young man named filipa, he let us in and we began teaching him. Everything went beyond good. He was prepared to hear our message. at the end of the lesson my incredible trainer Elder Wright turned to me and said Elder Doggett bear you testimonie and invite him to be baptised without even thinking about it I turned to filipa (one of Gods children) and bore a very simple testimony about what had been taught and then with tears in my eyes I asked him in simple broken portugues (você vai seguir o exemplo de jesus cristo sendo bastismo na igreja de jesus cristo dos satos dos ultichmos dias por alguem que tem autoridadi de deus.) He excepted with a smile and the spirit was incredible. :) I love you all so much, never forget that. Remember this church is so true I know it without a doubt in my heart. And even though this has been the hardest time of my life, I know the reward will be great in the end not only for me but for those I bring unto Christ. Portugues é muito dificil haha but with the lords help I will learn! I love you all and may God our loving Father be with you till we meet again!       

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