Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Matt #11

Wow what a crazy week its been for me... It was especially rough because Im no longer speaking english only portugues and thats made things much harder. My companion and I made this goal to farther my language abilites and only speak portuguese no matter what and its hard. A few days back while I was practicing the first liçáo I just began to cry. I thought how can I teach the Gospel in a foregin language when I still cant even introduce myself to the people I love here in Brasil; how can I bring people to understand the Gospel when I cant even understand their questions? How can I do this impossible task... Well I got my answer pretty quick from the Lord. Through him all things are possible. :) remember that. I realized this week that everything we go through in this life is preparation for the people the Lord needs us to become. He really pushes us and our faith to strengthen us so we can become loving parents and good examples to those around us. Remember that Patience is very important but the key to success is Patience with yourself. The Lord takes care of his children no matter what and even though this has been one of the hardest weeks for me its also been greatest week for me because of the blessings I realized Ive recieved because of my experiences here in Brasil. :) Ive learned to have Patience with myself that I will learn the language in time. Yesterday I gave my first talk in Portuguese and it went great, The pronounciation is killing me but that will just come with time. The people are great and the members are so supportive its crazy. I talked about preaching the Gospel and how every member a missionarie. I dont think people realize just how important the members in the Church or to missionarie work. Do everything you can back home to invite and help less active members!! Its so important!!!!! haha Other then that this past week has been a real growing experience for me. Ive learned so much out here already! Ive really been foucusing my studies on the Bible because EVERY one in Brasil knows the Bible inside and out and it makes it hard to teach when you know nothing about it haha but things are going great and I want everyone back home to know how much I love you and miss you all. A couple days ago I was thinking of all my family and friends back home and I began to get homesick..... Then I began to think of why I was here in Brasil and its to bring families together forever. Families are so important! Then I thought about my future Wife (Who could be reading this E-mail/Blog right now haha) and my future children and I realized just how important my Mission is. This Mission will shape me into the Priesthood holder the Lord needs me to become to be a good Husband and Father. :) Thank you all for your prayers and support. I feel your love every day Im out here and dont worry everythings going amazing. One thing I should mention is my sense of humor hasnt changed... yesterday while we were proselyting my companion was looking a little zoned out as we were walking so I pretented like I triped and started waving my arms like I was falling into the canal haha you should have seen his face he almost died!! haha :) I love you all so much and I think of you often. And dont worry I will learn this language because the Lord is on my side!     

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