Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Matt #45

I love you all so much... Your e-mails are so great and I just love reading your incredible testimonys. These past week was a little a really good week and I'm happy to say that I'm just super happy with my life... I dont have any regrets with my Mission and I'm just so happy. I cant believe its coming up on the year mark for ben and I here in a little while. To be honest this whole journey has been kind of a blur but I've loved every second of it! :) Thank you all for the E-mails as well. Kristin I always love your incredible Testimony you share with Ben and I each week. Keep up the Hard Work. Also thank you so much for the photos and letter. They mean everything to Missionarys in the feild haha. :) Alex I'm sorry my friend but no matter how hard you try I dont think you could every beat me in a "Socom 3" match... haha I miss you my friend. Olivia I hope you know I really enjoyed your E-mail but I didnt get the letter you sent... sometimes things get lost in the mail here which is terrible but dont worry I already sent a letter a week back that might help with your questions... Just remember to never be afraid and that no matter what happens the Lord will be happy for your decision and so will I. :) I love you my friends and remember you all have a special place in my heart. Sister Tighe thank you for the wonderfull news and update on life back home... I do have to mention when you said Cosmo has about 11 human years now I almost died. Where did the time go? I love you all so much never forget that. Heidi thank you for showing Parkers photos with Ben and I... It made me realize I'm not alone in this crazy battle, I know that my friends are in the same battle and it was a big strength to see him with his Missionary tag and clothes. Heather Chester thank you for the Nacho lines and for the good advice... its much needed, also thank you for the wonderfull photos I also get to see of Brady. LIke I said its a HUGE strength to see my friends in the field with Ben and I. Love you all so much! Rachel thank you for the Mission updates and also I just have the say the photos you sent of Laurens wedding were killer... I dont know if its because I've been gone for almost a year or if its just been awhile since I've seen my friends but wow... everyone looked really good haha :) Mom and Dad I got your awesome package... I really appreciated the Journal you sent. As a matter of fact I began to cry as I realized how much of a sacrifice it was for my family to sent such a simple Package... It means so much to me that you did this, thank you both. I love you so much. Dad I'm sorry to say but I havent heard a single thing about maguel, but I know hes going wonders in his MIssion. Well I think that covers the e-mails for this week. Thank you all so much and I hope you know I love you all from the bottom of my Heart.

 Well this past week has been insane... As you may already know (Dad) The Missão São Paulo sul will be dividing the first of July into the São paulo Sul mission and the São Paulo Santos Mission. We as Missionarys have know for awhile. (Actually back when Elder Bednar was coming to our Mission the rumor spread pretty quick) but because of this things have been a little crazy for us but in a good way... Its a very exciting time to be in the Mission feild during some really big changes. :) Its a great Blessing. But what this means is that here in a little while we will recieve a New Mission President and PResident Tanner will have to decide who he will keep and who will go... Kinda crazy but he told us not to freak out. President Tanner is an incredible President and he will do excatly what the Lord needs him to do. If we get switched to a New President its not because he didnt like us but that the Lord knows that these Missionarys have the Gifts and Talents necessary to help farther the kingdom of our Heavenly Father with the new President. I dont know what will happen but we will see in the Summer. I'm pretty Excited I wont lie! :) 

 Well thats all the big news I could think of for now... This past week has been incredible... I really am learning so much here in the Mission and there is no place I would rather been. :) I do need to apoligize because I havent prepared any message or Scriptures with me today. Its been a really busy week and we've had a lot of success but I feel uncontrolable love for each of you right now. Our lifes are an incredible Journey and sometimes I'm in shocked with how blessed I was to have one of the greatest lifes in the world growing up with loving friends and family within the Gospel. I dont care what anyone says, Rexburg is a really good home. and I miss is a lot haha :) but I love brasil and I love the amazing people here. This Gospel is true it really is. If there is one thing I could say to everyone reading this E-mail is do what my incredible Brother Ben has taught us to do... Look for our own personal "Sunsets" to look at and enjoy each day (Especially during the hard times) I know that this is where we need to be and I know this Church is true. Sometimes things arent easy. Yesterday I had one of the most intense lessons on my Mission as the relationships between a family rested on Elder Larsen and I's shoulders as we tried to hold a family together who are dealing with a father who cant stop drinking... (Remember Daniel) Its incredibley sad and I'm sorry but I HATE alchol. It does absoulotly no good for anyone and my heart aches everytime we talk with this family. Its been tough on us and even tougher for them, but the Lord has truly guided our words. Can you imagine two teenage boys giving advice to a family about addictions with Alchol? I never dreamed I would be doing something like this without a degree or something but here we were yesterday doing excatly this... and you know what? We knew excatly what needed to be said thanks to the Spirit. :) I love this family and I know that things are going to work out. There really trying but rememeber all things are possible in the Lord. I love you all so much and I know this isnt to much. But I hope this E-mail helps in some form. I hope you all never forget I love you and this Mission is the greatest thing I could have ever done in my life. The Gospel will change anyone as long as we put are trust in the Lord and open our Hearts. Remember by two or three testimonys we can have a sure knowledge of all things. That means we must open are minds (Study the Scriptures) and open are Hearts (Let go of Pride and Pray) When we do this we can know for ourselves these things are true. I love you all and I hope you know I havent fogotten a single one of you. Your always in my prayers. Until next week rememebr that we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father which means we all have the potential to change. I love you all so much and I know this Church is true, I just cant say these several things enough haha :) God be with you till we met again.     

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