Monday, July 30, 2012

Matt #16

Wow this week has gone by fast and its really been a strengthening week for me.... Family, Friends, and those who I love with all my heart who read this e-mail. Words cannot express just how important a Mission is. Ive seen and witnessed things that I would have never seen in Rexburg and possible in my entire life ha but thats part of the strecthing process the Lord has preapared for us to grow! :) Jordan I loved your e-mail my friend, its intresting just how much letters and e-mails strengthen me each week. Im glad to report Jordan that I understood your e-mail word for word... Its intresting how the Portuguese just kinda comes haha but things are going great especially with the Language and also Ive already had two snake attacks down here haha one even kissed me on the cheek and I actually started yelling in English at her!!! She looked extremly scarred afterwards hahaha it was pretty hilarious, but its also a pretty serious matter. A lot of Missionarys get in trouble with snakes (Girls) especially down here in Brazil but Ive already learned how to avoid those situations and its not a problem for me haha :) I just have to think of all the incredible girls back home and the snakes dissapear here! :) But thank you for the E-mail Jordan. Also I havent recieved any letters for a month but President Tanner is visiting us tommorow and he said he is bringing everything for us. I hope I get my Care Package mom and lots of letters!!! :) Jenni thank you also for your e-mail about the Strippling Warriors and primary... It really touched my heart and I hope you know how much I love you and miss you.
         Well to start of this letter I want to touch on the subject "I choose to fill my life with things that invite the spirit...'' How can I acomplish this? One way you can do this is by listening to the song ''Consider the Lilies'' which is my new favorite song haha :) or you can do Three other very important things.... 1.Pray to Heavenly Father for guidance. One thing i've learned on the Mission is Heavenly Father is always there for you no matter what and he WILL answer your prayers. 2. Faith, There is a reason Faith is the first principle of the Gospel, Without faith all of our works are dead and we could not acomplish anything in our life. For example I have faith I will learn Portuguese and be able to be an Effective tool in the Lords hands. :) Because of the scriptures and what they teach of Faith I dont need to worry about my burdens or trials because I know the Lord takes care of us all.... read Alma 32 thats Faith. 3. This one is probabaly the most important and it works with Prayer and Faith, Its called Patience. Without Patience we could not fullfill our purpose. I love what Dieter F. Uchtdorf said about Patience. ''Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something and doing all that we can- working hard, hoping, and expressing Faith. Bearing hardships with fortitude even when the desires of our heart are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring but enduring well.'' That is so true. If we can learn and not only learn but master and understand these three very important principles we dont have to worry about finding things that will invite the Spirit and fill our lifes with the Spirit, because we will naturally find them in our own personal hearts. The Spirit will natural want to dwell with us when we apply and do the things we know we are supposed to be doing. :) Patience has been big for me this past week as I've really been stretched with learning this Principle.... I know that I will learn Portuguese, I know that I will be an effective instrument in the Lords hands as long as I continue and endure all things with a smile on my face and a Positive attutidue! :)
        This week has been a blessing for my Companion and I, We have recieved our first investigator who has recieved an answer about what we have been teaching and she said that she would like to be Baptised! I Pray that all will work out and that she will now do her part and come to church! haha that seems to be a big problem down here.... everyone loves hearing about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but when it comes to doing there part they NEVER follow through. Its so frustrating haha. But I know with consistant prayer and Faith we will recieve sucess.
       I hope you all know how much I love you.... I miss you all like crazy! haha Mom that was so hilarious what you did for Olivias birthday, thanks dad for sending the picture. I hope you know how much I love you all. Dad, Mom You both are my heros. I love you both so much and look up to you like never before. Your e-mails are incredible they give me so much strength and I wish I could respond to them in greater detail because they give me so much hope, you have no idea!!!! The one thing I will be eternally grateful for is that my Mission has opened my eyes to how important families are within the Gospel. When we teach the Principles of the Gospel within the walls of our homes we learn to love and strengthen each other! Its Awesome how amazing this Gospel is. I love you all so much and please keep the letters and e-mails coming. Tell everyone to send little e-mails of incouragement and Love. They really make all the diffrence you have no idea. Please remember how much I love you all and im so happy to be a servent of our Heavenly Father. Remember this work is more important then anything in the world. :) I love you too Ben, miss you like crazy! I love you too friends. I dont need to say names because everyone knows who they are but I love you all and I cannot wait for the day we all meet again. Also I have sent letters family so you should be getting them soon! :) Love Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett.

p.s. Keep me posted on the olmpics! hahaha :) oh also mom, dad can you print of my e-mails and bens too? I think it would be really cool to have them all when we return from the mission. Thank you so much for your Love, Love you all! 

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