Friday, July 27, 2012

Ben #15

 Que loco! alguem vezes eu acho, em Eu estou em Brasil agora? Que mutio loco na? haha. Wow, you all are such examples to ME! Matt, thank-you for your inspirational story.The Lod truely guides us. Mom, Dad your spiritual words bring comfort to my heart at this time. The quotes and scriptures you give me I write down and study and ponder them. They give me strenght throughout the week. Kristin, Lauren I got your letters! Thank you for them and both of your unwavering testimony if the Gospel. You both have truely built it upon the rock :) Rachel I got your letter as well, Sis can I just say how much I appreciate your letters you have faithfully been writing me and giving me strength. I love hearing your stories from home so thank you please keep them coming. Also to my Uncle Curt and Aunt Karen... WOW, the letters you wrote me were a divine blessing haha. The questions I had this week were answerd in your letters. Thank you. Uncle Curt, It brought me comfort to know your sruggle with the launguage and the in time (the Lords time) It will all work out. Also Clint! Man I got your letter and cant even describe how excited I am to have another Doggett alongside Matt and I in the Field. Its going to be a definate strength thats for sure! You have a amazing testimony the people of Africa will be tremondously blessed by you.
         As Matt said this week was for sure a tough one. SIMILAR EXPERIENCES!!!! haha I dont know where to begin or what to share with you all at this time. My mind is racing a 100 miles per hour (actually this week we went about a 140 miles in a car haha maybe thats why?:) haha) trying to think of what would be benificial to you all, and what the spirit would have me share. My thoughts keep turning to the Book of Mormon. I have come to grow such a deep love and respect for that Book, what a blessing it is in our lives. It truely is what holds our religion together. Everything is weighing on this Book. Thats why my heart is broken when our investigators dont read. If only they knew what that Book contained! A message that Christ Lives, that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God! I mention this because I had a some what of a wake up call this week! We got a reference from a member to met with a man and his wife, his name was Fransico. We clapped at is door and were warmly welcomed into the house. There we taught him the Restoration of the Gospel and I felt the spirit so strong as we boar witness of the truth. We left that night with a sure conviction that this man, Fransico, was going to someday be the new Bishop of the Anhguera ward! :) We just knew it! Well, the wake up call!.. Last Friday around 7 o clock we clapped at his door. Excpecting the same warm welcome and gestures as last time, but we were mistaken. Instead the door opened slowly to Fransico standing there at his door. As I looked down I saw the Book of Mormon in his hands. I saw him next outstretch this Book of Mormon to us. Saying "Thank you for your time but I know your church isnt true. I dont need this Book, The cathloic is for me." - Family, friends I never truely understand how devestated I would be to hear these words. Instantly the spirit came and we asked if he had read, pondered, and prayed to God. He declared No he hadnt! and that He knew it wasnt for him! and said his goodbyes and shut the door. Turning around holding in my hands his Book of Mormon I felt so defeated. If only he knew how much this WAS TRUE, how much he DID NEED that Book. That what he had given back to us was the key... The key to everything we believe. There is no doubt in my mind that if he would have read, pondered, and prayed he would know for a fact this church is true... My heart goes out to him and he is in my prayers. He just wasnt ready... but in that moment I realized how important the Book of Mormon is to ME. I know its true. I have read every page and taken Moroni's challenge and testify, I know its true! It is the Key. Family Friends please read the Book of Mormon, make it a part of your life. By doing that you make Christ your life. I look back at my life and how many times I just walked by my Book of Mormon on my desk. Not fully realizing the power in its words. Its not just a good book... But the word of God I so testify! Never take such a precious thing for granet ( or however you spell that haha)
        Well I dont want you all to get bored of reading such a long email, but I just have so many things Im learning. I have to be honest. I look back at pictures of myself before I came out here and I dont feel like that guy is me haha. The mission is a blessing and I can see so many changes in my life and how I see things. A mission is a miracle, and I know it will make a miracle out of me, and anyone that serves. Its not easy being a missionary let me tell you. I feel so inadequate for this work, to be here in Brasil... But the Lord called me here, and like my wise Dad said "The lord didnt call me here to fail." I know thats true! This week I went to the Temple with one of our investigators Douglas, to show him around the grounds and teach of the Temple. We had the chance to go inside with him and sit in the waiting room of the Temple... As we sat there, I saw the room light up and the spirit filled me to such a capacity that brought tears to my eyes. I looked over and to my suprise our investigator also had tears in his eyes. He looked over at me and told me the peace he felt at this time... then said "Eu sei que este verdaderio." (I know this is true) Family friends... I know also, just like Douglas, that this church is true. Jesus Christ through a simple boy restored his church again on the Earth. I need to be here, I need to teach in the launguage of Porteguese no matter how hard it is! Because I know these things are true! I love you all and pray for all of you... and I mean all of you! :) Matt, YOU ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIANT! Keep working hard and know how much I love you. Remember we are in this together and Im only 45 miles away from you!... Again,  I thank you for your paryers and testimonies. I couldnt do this without them. I cant wait to hear from you all again... May God be with you all till we meet again.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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