Monday, July 16, 2012

Matt #14

Man... this has been a tough week everyone.... I found where they sell Nutela and ive put on like 20 pounds of pure choclate but other then that everything is going fantastic! haha :) Gee willicures I dont really know where to begin. We finally are making progress with our investigators and things are really looking up. They still wont commit to coming to church but I feel the Spirit testifying to them whenever we teach and I know that they will eventually do their part when the Lord feels they are ready! We do have one young women who is ready for Baptism and she has been to church but she thinks that she needs time before she can be baptised, we also are still teaching our Preacher (Leandro) Remember him from my first e-mail? Hes a tough man to teach because hes sooo knowlegeable about the Gospel. We gave him Several books to read like The teachings of Jospeh Smith, Gospel Principles, and the Book of Mormon and he read them all in one week and also had a book of notes and questions about what he read.... Its muito dificil to teach him because his questions are crazy hard to answers but he loves us so much and he always listens with an open heart, he always says after our lessons (there is something diffrent about you too?) and Im also like yeah well duh we are teaching you the true doctrine of christ here listen to the Spirit in your heart meu amigo!!! haha but we will keep on trying with him and hope he will change! :) Well not much more has happened, I have survived my first transfer which means im half way done with my training! Yeah!!! Its been quiet the journey from start to finish but ive loved every second of it! My Portuguese is still kinda suffering and there are definetly days I want to lock myself up in my room and hide because I cant understand a word that is said to me but whenever this feeling enters my heart I hurry and run and try and talk with someone on the streets in Portuguese. When we do our best to preach and share the Gospel with those in need, a feeling of peace and comfort with enter our hearts... how true that is! :) I would like to hurry and share with you one thing that I am really learning out here in the field... its called Self-Confidence.... Why is it so hard for us to believe in ourselves and our gifts? Ive never realized it until know but im extremly hard on myself when I dont need to be! We need to all remember that we are Gods children and we have gifts that he has given us to help farther the work of the Gospel. :) Remember your always doing better then you think. Be happy, Be positive, and BE PATIENT with yourselfs. On the Lords time all things are possible whether your struggling in school, or with your marriage or any problem in life for that matter. Look back on your life and remember the one time you felt the Spirit of God the stongest.... now remember that feeling of the Holy Ghost and hold on to it with all your heart! This Gospel is real and I know it is with all my heart! :) I love you all and I miss you like crazy. I just cant believe im actually on my Mission.... WOW haha. :) I love you all and your all in my prayers. Also sorry chris and Jason thats its taken me so long to get your e-mails but I figured when I hadent heard from you that the e-mails ive been using were wrong... haha remember I love you guys and im also praying for you! :) P.S. SEND PICTURES/LETTERS THERE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!! haha 

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