Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Matt #15

Youll all never understand how much e-mails,letters, and your examples strengthen me each week.... My eyes are filled with tears right now so its a little hard to write this e-mail hahah. The Spirit testifys to us everyday! We have experiences everyday that will strengthen our testimonies, we just need to learn to realize these blessings. Now im not sure what the Lord wants me to write today and Im not sure I can follow up my incredible Brothers e-mail. Benjamin is a Spiritual Giant and every time I read his E-mails im blown away by his strength! Thank you for your example Ben and for you incredible words of incouragement they really do more then youll ever know. :) Also thank you everyone else for your E-mails. I truly have incredible friends who I truly Love with all my heart. Jason congrats on the Mission call and dont worry about not speaking another Language because the real Language we all learn on the Mission is the Language of the Holy Ghost and thats a difficult Language to learn haha. 
      This Week has been a little tough, weve really had to learn about pacienci√° this week and what it means to rely on the Lord for strength... I wont go into huge detail about the events of this week but it was hard, Several things that did happen this week was we lost all of our progressing investigators who had dates for Baptisim and the day before church someone broke into the chapel and stole everything and destroyed the Bishops office... I was in shock and felt overwhelmed. I remember just crying and thinking to myself why am I here? I didnt want my companion to see me crying so I tagged behind him as we walked to our next appointment. The mission is tough haha thats for sure and I remember thinking to myself (Matt your all alone here in Brasil without your Family and Friends.) I remember I countinued to say this in my mind, Your alone, Your alone, Your alone.... And then I looked up and saw my shadow and my shadow was split in two against the wall because of the Lights around us and everytime I took a step it looked like someone else was taking a step right behind me... Then I realized that every step I was taking something wasnt following my step but that I was following my Saviors footsteps. I realized that we are never alone even during the hard times. We must always remember that we have the power of prayer. We can talk with our Father in Heaven in any circumstance no matter how difficult the road gets. He will always respond and answers or prayers as long as we have Faith and pray with Real Intent! :)
     The rest of my week was incredible and after I realized this fact that we are never alone I become happy again and I felt that incredible spirit of Faith and Love return to my Heart. I want everyone who is reading this letter to know how much I love you all. There really isnt a day that passes by that im not thinking of you all trust me! Haha the Mission is tough work that is for sure, I have learned more about life in the past 3 months then I learned in 3 years of High School haha I know with every fiber of my soul that this is where we all need to be. Jason im excited for you to get in the field and experience the incredible growing experiences of the Mission. Remember the Lord is always with you even during the days you feel alone. Mom, Dad thank you for putting up with me throughout all the years. I love you so much and I hope that I can be the example and half the parent you both are! I love this Gospel and I love this work, there really is nothing like the Mission! I want all my Incredbile friends to know how much I love you all. You all are truly the best! Also Happy Birthday Olivia I hope its the best Birthday ever! Im just sad Im going to miss being the town creep again this year haha. :) Ben thanks for the E-mail about the Pipe field and Jamba haha how true that is!!! Kristin thank you for the E-mail you testimony is a huge strength to mine, thank you! 
      Always remember that I love you all and even if you never hear from me much on the Mission dont forget that I think of you all always. I love you all so much and I hope to hear from you all soon. :) 
P.S. I found out you can send DVDs like of the family and friends talking kinda like a letter through a DVD haha We have a DVD player in our apartment and everyone said its ok as long as its apropriate and its like a letter. :) Love you all      

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