Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Time for Matt

Alright so the first one is a picture of Michel Jackson as the Angel Moroni.... Im not sure why my Brazilian friend made it but its pretty hilarious and I had to take a picture. The Second and third picture of us just goofing off before we headed out to teach the people of Brasil! :) The fourth picture is after the church was broken into and we went there to look for some baptisamal papers for some of the members in our ward. The fifith picture is Elder Michal and my broken umbrella haha. The last picture is me right after the SNAKE attack! If you look close enough you can see her distugsting lip stick! GROSS!!!!!! I should tell everyone that its very custom here in brasil for people to kiss each other on the cheek but as Missionarys we are NOT supposed to so we need to be really carefull haha.

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