Thursday, August 9, 2012

Matt #17

Wow what a awesome week with letters and e-mails.... everyone I feel so much love from all of you! Thank you for your prayers and love, I just miss you all like crazy! I got letters from rachel, mom, dad, lauren, kristin, brother palmer, aunt karen, and uncle curt. Im glad to say that I have gotten letters written for everyone and there on there way home! :) Also mom you can get ride of the car, I realize that the things off the world dont matter and if it will help someone in need thats more important then anything. I wont lie though I will miss that car more then anything but change is good in our lifes and its time he moves on to bigger and better things... I kinda feel like Andy right now saying good bye to Woddy and Buzz (Toy Story) but I know its for the best haha. :)
     Well It sounds like everyone is doing great back home... to be honest I cant believe another week has past by, it just feels like it was yesterday I was writting you all. This week was a blessing, The mission I have decided is like a mini-life from our birth to our death. We start off making the decision to serve a mission and then we enter the field not knowing or understanding anything around us and we are so confused and lost but we have our senior companions there leading and teaching us what to do and say... We then have really hard times and things sometimes seem impossible but we countinue to work our hardest and we eventually have success after diligent prayer and enduring to the end and reilying on our Heavenly Father. We learn and begin to grow... we start to focus on whats really important in this life and we begin to have a greater understanding of Gods love for his children. We then go home from our Missions and have incredible Joy and look back on our missions and think of all the blessings and Joy we've recieved through things we've learned during the hard times. Now heres what I would like to compare the Mission experience to.... In our lifes we made the decison to follow Gods plan and come to this earth and recieve bodys... We come to earth as babys and we dont know anything around us but we reiliy on our parents love and guidance and we begin to learn and grow.... We have hard times in our lives with death and problems of the world but we countinue in Faith and Diligent Prayer and we follow the Commandments and Endure to the end. Eventually we start our own families and realize whats really important in this life than we all will pass away or return home to our Fathers presence. There we can look back on the growing experiences of our mortal life and have eternal joy based on weather or not we really put forth our best effort. The Mission and our entire life are exactly the same. :) I hope this made sense to everyone haha it made a lot more sense in my head this morning so I apoligize if everyone is super confused now haha but just remember that everything we experience will either lead to joy or sorrow... its really just up to us and if we choose to follow Gods plan of happiness. :)
      Well this week was great, We have one investigator named Carmine who is 18 years old and she speaks perfect english and she loves the messages. She came to church yesterday along with three other investigators!!! It was incredible, my companion and I really feel the Lord is blessing us for our Dilligent effort and we continue to pray they will countinue to follow through with there commitments. After church Carmine turned to me and said with a smile on her face "There is something really diffrenet about this church" I was so happy to hear her say these words because its very true. There is something really incredible about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I cant really explain in words only that it changes lifes thats for sure... Im a living witness to this incredible change. :) We hope she will commit to being baptised this next sunday but we will see what happens. Sometimes our purpose as missionarys is to plant that seed of Faith and then on the Lords time he will take care of his children. :) We have another investigator named hynilma and she just needs to recieve an answer and then she said she will be baptised. We then have three investigators who need to get married before they can be baptised. The women I talked about last who said she wants to be baptised needs to be married first so we are really working with them. Other then that Ive just been extremly busy... There are definetly days I miss home and my friends and famlies but I know this is what I need to be doing right now in my life. The mission is and incredible journey and I am learning so much. Remember I love you all very much oh and also Im getting married hahah This random girl on the street said to me "will you marry me" in portuguese and I had no clue what she said and I nodded my head and said "Sim" hahah WHOOPS but dont worry we got everything worked out and she understands that shes not the one for me haha. :) I love you all so very much and thank you for your love and support. Mom I still havent gotten that package with the goodies but im sure its coming soon. Love you all and I pray for you all everyday. I just cant believe im on my Mission.... crazy!! :) Also whats bens address? I want to send him a letter but I dont have his imformation, also mom can you get me Maguels familys address I really want them to know how Im doing. :) Love you all and God be with you till we meet again!

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