Monday, August 20, 2012

Matt #19

Well once again another week is gone.... holy cow I can not believe how fast the time is flying by down here, it honestly feels like yesterday I was e-mailing everyone haha. Well I recieved and awesome package this week from Jenni/matt full of Fruity Tooties which were so delicous! Thank you so much Jenni and Matt I love you both very much. Sorry mom I still havent recieved any package yet but Im sure its coming soon. Also I got letters from Olivia, Millie, members of the Sixth Ward, and my incredible mother. It was geat to hear from everyone and dont worry letters are already on the way home! :) Also thank you everyone for the E-mails this week, I wont be able to respond because I'm limited on time but it was incredible to hear from you all. You all have such strong testimonys of this Gospel, I just love reading them! Thank you Jordan, Jason, Kristin, and Aunt Melani for the e-mails they were incredible. Also mom and dad thank you for the update on Rexburg and for your Love and testimoneys! Alyssa thank you for the e-mail also, I hope you know how much I love you! :) 
         Well this week was great, it was such a learning week for me (Like every week on the Mission) and I really felt my Saviors Love as we worked hard. To start off this week was incredible hot for some reason! Its Winter here in Brazil.... I just cant imagine how hot its going to get in the summer. Once November hits im a dead man haha but everythings going great and the work is really progrssing for us. This week my companion and I learned a very valuable lesson. We have really been wanting just one Baptism as a companionship before this transfer ends but we havent been able to get anything... nobody is willing to commit when we challenge them to come to church or to read the Book of Mormon and its tough. We've been praying and fasting and working harder then I thought possible but still nothing.... My Trainer Elder Wright is an incredible Missionary but yesterday he was very sad because we've  been obiedient to all the rules and done everything we possible could do to help our investigators fullfill their commitments but still nothing! We were both beyond discouragment.... My companion said to me "all the other Missionarys in our Zone are having Baptisms left and right and some of them arent even following the rules. What is our Heavenly Father trying to teach us Elder Doggett?" I just sat there not knowing what to say so we slowly walked in silence to the Church where the other Missionarys were having a Baptism that they needed help with. As we were sitting there and as I was pondering in my Heart that question something incredible happened, I looked at the young man who was being baptised and when he came out of the water I only saw pure joy on his face... and he said to Elder Michal. "This is the greatest feeling in the world.... I just feel clean." This was a special moment for me in the Mission, because I realized its not about recieve a baptisim but about sharing the Gospel with everyone. This young man was following the example of Jesus Christ and he was changing his life, and I had the special opportunity to be there as a Missionary as a servent of the Lord to witnesse this incredible change in this young mans life. :) I love Alma 31:31-38 but I especially love verse 36. Alma claps his hands on his breathern and they are feeled with the spirit and they go to work. (All the Missionarys in são paulo sul are working together to bring people unto Christ... we are all in this together and feel the same Joy) 37. They forget themselves and there needs and focus on the work. 38. According to their prayers and faith their afflictions are swallowed up in the Joy of Christ. (I felt my Saviors love when I saw that young man come out of the water with a smile on his face.) :) Even if that young man wasnt "My" Baptism that doesnt matter. I was there as a representitive of Jesus Christ and I got to see the change for good that took place in his life. 
             Family, Friends, and everyone who is reading this e-mail. Im sorry if this doesnt really make sense... everything sounds so much better in my head and in my Journal haha its just hard to write e-mails, I just wish I could just share all this with you in person, I wish you all could see how happy and full of joy I am! :) haha but I want you all to know that this church is true... I know that with every fiber in my heart I need to be here in Brazil. The Lord has called me here for a reason and even if I dont recieve a Baptism in my first area that doesnt matter. Because we have taught over a hundred lessons and we will countinue to teach and preach the Gospel. Remember in Alma 32 we read that everything starts like a little seed in our hearts... and evenutally that little seed can grow into something great. Everytime my Companion and I Teach the Gospel we are planting that good seed in their hearts... and who knows maybe in ten years someone we have taught here in vilá áurea will remember the incredible messeage of the Restored Gospel and they will want to learn more or they will remember that one American who made no sense when he spoke portuguese but they remember his smile and joy when he talked about the Gospel. Who knows! Haha one thing I do know is that I have never been more happy in all my life. This really is the greatest experience in the whole world! :) I love you all so much and thank you all for your prayers and love. I hope to hear from you all soon and thank you for everything. :)  

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