Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ben #40 Growth

Oi, mais uma vez todo mundo! Its been great to read all your emails this day. Im so grateful for the Lord in my life for blessing me with the family and friend relationships I have. You all are such amazing examples to me and I just cant tell you how much I love everyone of you. From the things I have read today it sounds like Rexburg has been on freeze mode this last week... While Brasil the other mode. With all the rainfall here the temperature has sky rocked due to the humitity. I have never sweated this much in all my life, its really an interesting experience. I know im going to dye when I get home! haha But it sounds like everyone is doing great. Mom and Dad once more I so appreciate your amazing emails and words of inspiration. Mom it means so much to hear how much our missions are blessing your lives. I often pray at night that the lord will open the windows of Heaven unto my wonderful parents for all they have done for me over the years in teaching me correct princliples. Mom I want you to know that every missionary I live with call me "The mom of the house" haha cause I know how to clean. Its funny, whenever you said "I wont be there on your mission to clean your room, do your laundary, fold your clothes, do your dishes." ( You know those kinda things) I just would laugh... but now im so grateful and forever will be for the things you have taught me Mom... thank you that balance in life is so important. Dad you mentioned some things in the near future having to deal with school. I  too have thought alot about that during my mission. Walking the streets everyday to your next appointment you have alot of time to think and talk with your companion about these kind of things, which I do often haha. I thought about my fututre here in a year since the time will soon be approaching to start school, and I know without a doubt the Lord will take care of me for my missionary service... just like you read to me in 3 Nephi. Im doing everything I can to lay up treasures in Heaven. Rachel your keeping me up on the good details of Rexburg and I love that so much thank you and I love you so much sister. I havent got letters for almost 3 weeks cause of where im at but I know I will have some waiting from you haha... Sister Tighe thank you so much for your much needed words. Its so good to hear from you and your testimony on prayer. You have such a deep conversion to this wonderful principle of the Gospel as I am trying to learn how to better myself in this area. I pray for you and your family always and love you all so very much. Jordan meu amigo faz tempo que eu não ouvi nada de você! Mas tudo bom! Eu estou bem por que agora eu estou falando contigo! Cara eu sei pode ser bem dificil lá especialmente quando nosso outros amigos não falaram com as moças no Wal-mart, mas com tempo eu vou ficar com vocé e nós podemos falar com todos as moças no BYU-I e o Wal-Mart haha! fica Tranquilar sobre isso! I love you man and I want you to know I miss you so much as well. We will all be together soon. Kristin, with the crazyness of school you still find time to write that means so much to us thank you so much and I hope school treats you great... haha tell your roomates hi from the Doggies. haha (Thats so funny). Finally my brother Matt... WOW I love you and am so grateful for your emails each week. You are such an example to me and I love you so very much... What great emails this day. I feel so humbled by all of you.
Well after that long thanks lets talk about the events of my week. Its so hard to pick one thing out that I would like to share since as my brother once said, "so many wonderful things happen each week that its hard to explain to each of you the growth we are having." I truely feel that. So whatwhould I like to talk to you about this day? Growth. Its why we are here on this earth to grow and become all that God wants us to be. Yesterday I had a pretty major wake up call that I will never forget and I would like to share this experience with you all. Yesterday we were visiting out investigators that didnt come to church to see what happened. Unfortunatley none of them where home but we kept on going. We had an investigator by the name of Milton who is an awsome man and investigator. I met Milton in the streets awhile back. He had revceived all the lessons from the missionaries 10 years ago but soon lost contact with them. I felt prompted to work in the particular neighborhood and found Milton there. We began to teach him and he came to church 3 times and was progessing rapidly... but then sadly we lost complete contact with him, and he hasnt been home everytime we have gone to his house for the last 3 weeks. As we were walking yesterday visiting all the investigators a member called us and explained he had figured out where Milton was. Apparently Milton had become seriously ill and put into the Hospital 3 weeks ago, the memeber worked there at the Hospital and recognized him from his visits to church with us. The member told us they would take us to the Hospital. We arrived in the Hospital, and if there is something you want to know about me... I hate Hospitals (Especially here in Brasil, there really sketchy haha) We walked in and made our way to the receptionists desk. We recieved our visit passes and headed in. We walked in his room and found Milton sitting in the bed as the nurse fed him. He saw us and instantly become so excited and happy, but, I think it was to much for him cause he instantly threw up everywhere (barley missing me to be honset, I never dodged something so fast in all my life as I jumped to the other side of the room! haha) We helped the nurse clean it up and then sat and talked with Milton. It was hard for him to talk and every word and breath seemed to sting his weak body. I had never seen something like this in all my 19 years of life. Only in movies... As I sat there I took Miltons hand in mine, clinging to it, and looking him in the eyes, exclaimed, we were here for him no matter what. He looked at me and tears ran down both our faces. We then proceeded to give him a blessing as the spirit was so strong and brought forth the powers of heaven in that room... and afterwards do to the situtation the nurse thought it best we say our goodbyes. As I left Milton thanked us for visting him and told us how much it meant to him. 
We left the Hospital and made our way home. None of us said a word. The nurse had told us prior to us leaving that the situation was worse then Milton thought. Apparently his heart is filling with water and the Doctors are trying there best to help him but he is completley unaware. As I walked home I was just crying. In all my 19 years I never realized how good I had it, but how selfish I was. The pride in my heart was so big, and it was that same pride that destroyed a whole nation in the Book of Mormon. It's funny you know I always heard a mission changes you into a man and I would always think "Yeah, im going to come home a man!"... but I never understood the context of this "Change." Neil L. Anderson of the quorm of the tweleve once said, "Somehow, somewhere in your life you have to see your life bigger than you." In this moment I realized my life is so much bigger then me. God knows exactly who I can grow into and become. Before my mission everything was about me. I took care of only my needs, I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted... but now the picture is bright and clear as a representative of Christ. The Lord is taking me and shaping me or as we read in Helaman sanctifying me. Helaman 3: 35 we read of the "Principles of sanctification" or in other words the Holy Ghost. The holy Ghost can ultimatly be called the sanctifier of the purifiry. How much the spirit can clean and purifiy you depends on your willingness to accept Him and His will. If we Pray, study, and keep the commandments and do all we can to serve Him we will witness this santification within our own lives, and begin to witness a growth beyond our own comprehesion as a light will begin to grow within our hearts "until that perfect day." (D&C 50: 24)
Family and Friends I have never been so humbled in all my life. Im begining to see the lords hands mold me into everything He knows I can become... Now I just have to accept Him. I know in all our lives we put on a mask sometimes and try to hide from the potentional we have within ourselves, or the growth the Lord has for us... but my invite for you all this day is come unto Him and do His will. At times it wont be easy. At times you are going to feel so weak. You all remember my muscle analagy that I shared with you all a few months back about our muscles? How do they become stronger? By being torn. Sometimes we are broken down so we can stand a little taller. I promise to you all in this moment in the name of our savior Jesus Christ that whatever difficulty or challenge you are passing through will be for your growth. The Lord knows best and He knows exactly what you need to grow. Many times I hardened my own heart and turned from the will of God but I promise... "He knows best... so leave Him the rest." and has Richard G. Scott once said "...with certainty, you will recieve every promised blessing for which you are worthy." Lets do our part, lets be worthy, and lets trust in the Lords will for in Him we can grow into all he knows we can.
This week was quite an experience and wake up call for me as I know this mission is all bigger then me. That I need to be serving my Lord at this moment in my life... I know my He lives. I love you family and friends so much and wish the best for you all as you try to sanctify yourselfs thiscoming week and become all your savior knows you can. Again I love you all and thank you for the enocuragement and support out here in Brasil. Im working hard to bring this meassage of truth unto these wonderful people and know that this work is the work of God... keep Milton in your prayers. I know God has a great plan for him. I love you all and hope to hear from you all next week and may God be with until we meet agian.
Love Élder Benjamin B. Doggett   
p.s. The photo is mainly for Matt to see. I found 1 real in paper form! They stopped making the 1 real bill 3 years ago and its almost impossible to find here in Brasil... but not for Elder Ben Doggett! haha  hope you all like! 

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