Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Matt #40

Well the time has once again come to express my love to all you back home.... This week was incredible, it was such a learning experience and the Love I felt from all of you was undescribable (Eu tenho certeza que esta palavra é soletrado errada. Inglês está mais ou menos difícil agora, mas todo bem!) :) Anyway to start Rachel thank you so much for you wonderfull report of the Missionarys that are heading on their way to the greatest 2 years of there lifes. I love hearing whos going where... Its an exciting time for everyone! Also thank you for the report that I will grow haha, Ná verdade I have grown a little on the Mission so I hope when I get home I'll be taller then Jordan or Alex but we'll see what happens! Alyssa thank you for your wonderfull e-mail about sharing the Gospel... From reading your e-mails and hearing about your experinces with roomates and sharning the gospel it makes me feel like your serving a Mission também. Thanks for the Love alyssa your the best. Alex thank you for the e-mail. I'll try and get a letter written in response but its a little hard to find time among the craziness of the Mission but I hope you know that when you began talking about the old memories we shared I couldnt stop crying... I hope you know that you made me cry you bully haha. I love you Alex and I miss you more then you'll know. I just can't believe how fast things are going by. Remember always that everything has a purpose and EVERY trial and hardship is in our lifes to strenghen our faith and hope in Christ. I love you. Mom Dad I cant believe you've been married for 33 years! It feels like yesterday I was just running around spray painting the station wagon and putting sprinkles in the Neighbors houses and just haveing a party 24/7... Its incredible how fast time flies by. Yesterday was a special day in church for me as a father bore is testimony about his young son who just received the Priesthood.... As I sat there I couldnt help but think of my Father.... I love you mom and dad. Also thank you everyone else for your amazing e-mails. They mean the world to me and I wish I could spend all day writting everyone individually bearing my testimoney and sharing my love... but that day is just going to have to wait until Ben and I return home in a year and 2 months mais ou menos. 
      Well as I thought about what I would be sharing with everyone today I thought back on the events of this past week.... It was a little hard but I've gotten to the point where I refuse to say that a week was tough.... Because in reality everyday in our lifes are challenges huh? The part on weather a day is good or bad depends on how we looked at the situation and handle it. One interesting thing I have noticed with the Mission is I have seen Missionarys who are always complaining and upset about the current situation and they dont want to do anything to fix it... and then I see those who just except reality and enjoy every moment of it with a big smile! :) I'm not sure what Missionary I am because I'm not perfect and this past week I did a little to much complaining... but things are changing which makes me happy! There are two Scriptures I read this past week that opened my eyes that I would like everyone to read and Study. The First is in 1st Nephi 11:17 the second is in D&C 101:32-36. These two Scriptures have really helped me so much especially here on the Mission. As a matter of fact they've cahnged my life and out look on everything. The first Scripture we learn something that brings forth joy and more re-assurance then anything in the whole world! We learn from this Scripture That "God loveth his Children" I would like everyone to take a moment and ponder on that one simple phrase.... We know that God loveth his Children. Thats good enough for me to go headlong into any mess that the Lord requires of me because I know that he Loves me and no matter what he is going to help guide me along. Sometimes we forget the most basic doctine of the Gospel... that we are literally Sons and Daughters of a living Heavenly Father. This is such a profound statement because, I think of the Love my Father Murray Doggett has for me... I think of the Love my mother Valerie Dogget has for me... then I think of the love that my Heavenly Father has for each one of us.... Wow... When this thought passes through my mind I realize that anything is possible because we are never only. I hope everyone realizes that even when we are only... We never truly are. Our loving Heavenly Father is always here for us, but its our coice wheather or not we want to come unto him. The Next scripture is one that can help anyone get through pretty much anything... I found it while reading a book titled. "Five Scriptures that can get you through almost anything." Haha Its found in D&C 101:32-36. We learn here that One day the Lord will reveal all things. One thing that I have seen that destroys our personal converison which in turn destroys our testimonys is when people want answers and only straight fact answers without faith or belief.... Thats one thing thats special about the church of Jesus Christ because if you want answers we've got them. Sometimes people dont like the answers we give but there here right in the scriptures (Imagine me holding my scriptures up to the computer screen with a big smile because thats what Im doing haha) We have an answer for pretty much any questions you can think of. I love to see people ask questions they expect are impossible to answer and we respond with Scripture and detail in almost a second response, but this Scripture I've shared goes so much more deeper then this.... There have been times when I've asked "Heavenly Faher why am I going through this? Why is learning Portuguese my difficult challenge? Why do I have to pass through this hardship and trial? Why ME!?" Haha im pretty sure everyone of us has asked this question at one point or another within our lifes and the answer my family and friends is simple... Just read D&C101 32-36. We dont have the straight forward answers sometimes to lifes toughest questions like "Why me?" but we do know that everything will be revealed in the end on the Lords time. Everything that happens is really only for our good and growing! I do not have a doubt in my heart that we cant all grow from our difficulties.... but its our choice to allow the growth to grow. I hope this all make sense.... I know I always say that but we onestly dont have much time to write so its pretty hilarious because every week when I finish e-mails I have to get a drink and wipe the sweat from my face because I'm so stressed out to right a good e-mail in a short amount of time haha. Just remember that in the end all things will work out for the best. I think thats my main message for today. :)

       Thank you everyone for your love and support... I miss you all so very much. This week I had a few moments like my good buddy alex had where I began thinking of old memories and I began tearing up. Its weird to think that nothing is going to be the same once I return... So much has already changed within the Lifes of those I love that I feel that if I were to return home now I would just feel out of place.... haha its a interesting feeling but I know that once I return all those who I love will be there and we will have to make new memories and have better times. Ben first things first we've got to grow some beards second Family we are going to yellowstone camping the first summer I'm back because I wont lie but I was not made for big city life and I feel like my brain is going to explode soon hahaha :) so a good full beard and a nice camping trip would really help me out! I love you all and I hope you know how much I love you all. I hope that you can feel the Spirit of love in my e-mails... Sometimes I worry about this because I have to write so fast that Im afraid that it hinders the ability for the Spirit to really speak, but I know that we can all learn by the Scriptures. So I feel good leaving a Scripture or two with you all. Please ponder the words in the Scriptures and please remember how much I love you all. I cannot express how much I love and miss you all but I love this gospel so much.... Its true it really really really is! :) That I know with all my heart. Ben you the greatest brother in the world and I mean it when I say I dont desire you... I look up to you so much and I hope you realize that when I show your picture to members or investigators with a lot of pride I brag about how amazing my brother is. Thank you ben for your loving exampl. I also recieved your letter that came in a most needed moment... I love it how that works. :) Love you all never forget that.   

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