Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Matt #38

Wow what a week and what a Christmas... As I begin today I need to say how much I truly love my family and friends... I will never be able to describe the feeling I felt in my heart as I took the wonderfull time I had to share my testimony as best as I could through tear filled eyes. This was and forever will be a Christmas that will forever stay in my Heart. I need to apoligize to everyone though that I'm so very sorry that I was talking so much! Haha to be honest I didnt know what to really say the whole time... My mind was in a whole other world so I just kept talking even if it didnt make sense. None of it seemed real, it just felt like a dream! :) Also thank you all for the wonderful e-mails and for the wonderful Christmas. It was the best in the whole world and I will never forget it thats for sure. I love you all so much... It felt like our special hour together went by way to fast and it was very hard to say goodbye... Once I hung up I ended up just crying more haha. We did however recieve so many blessings in that short time together didnt we. Family thank you for everything that you did and countinue to do for me and also thank you also for that little Christmas surprise. I think Ben said it best when he said it was the greatest 3 angles hes ever seen. I totally agree with him! :) but I also believe my family was also part of the Angel group as well.... I really needed that time just to see everyone. Thank you and remember always that I love you all forever.
  Now I want to take a little moment to write about my experince with the Skpe with the whole family... I wont lie but the morning before the Skpe I was a little more than excited and there were times when the other Elders I lived with looked a little scarred because I was beaming with excitment and running around a little to excited haha. I kept telling them all morning the things I would ask my family and the jokes I would tell and the great time we would have together! I was writting questions down and getting myself prepared for the moment of truth. When the computer turned on and I saw the first images of my family... everything I had prepared to say and ask was gone and all I could do was cry. My emotions were so scattered that I didnt know where to begin. I didnt know what to say, I was so completey overwhelmed with joy. :) To be complety honest with everyone I cant remember a whole lot about the conversations we shared and when I saw my three special presents my mind kinda blew up so everything was gone from my head at this point and then to finish things off I had a few moments to speak with my twin and then it was over and the computer was turned off... I sat there in silence after the time I shared with the ones I love came to an end and I turned to my companion and cried. There was so much I didnt get a chance to say or share that I wish I could have said... I cant even remember if I even said anything personally to my father and mother. My brain was so scattered that once the computer was off I turned to my companion and asked "What just happened" Haha he gve me some good comfort and then began his time with his family. 
As I sat there after my time on skpe I began to reflect on my time with my family and to be honest I began to feel a lot like how Harry Potter must have felt in the first movie when he sees his parents in the mirror... I kept longing for more time to share my love. For more time to talk individually with my father, mother, sisters, brother... I was wanting more time to see the faces of those I love. Family and Friends I ask for your forgivnesse... I'm sorry I wasnt able to say more personally things to you all individually but remember always I love you. I remember this quote I heard from a movie that states the following "Are you upset for the time you didnt have, or gratful for the time you did have." Those moments to just see my family was something beyond special for me and its true when I say that this is the best Christmas I have ever had. My heart was so full of joy this past week just like my Brothers and I was truly blessed to have such amazing Parents, Family, and Friends all through my life. Mom dont worry... you have nothing to apoligize for! In my opinion you raised the perfect family and its only because my two Parents are perfect! :) I love you mom and dad so much. Jenni, Matt, Rachel, and Alyssa thank you so much for everything you've all done for me in my life. Your all the most incredible examples to me in everything that I do. I'm sorry we didnt get a chance to talk more one on one but dont worry, Mothers day is just around the corner right? :) Ben... I miss you. Those few moments we had together was something I will never forget. Ben your a Spiritually giant that I only dream of becoming. Actually I've decided I better start writting my e-mails first because after I read your e-mails I just dont feel like I couldnt even come close to being as powerfull as you are with your e-mails. :) I love you ben so much, your such an example to me.
I love you all so much and I'm sorry if I was a little annoying on the computer... I was so shocked and so full of joy I just didnt know what to do or say haha, but if there is one thing to always rememebr its this... I love you all with all my heart. I cant believe this year is coming to a close. I still remember like it was yesterday that we were all at Laurens house for new years eve and I remember thinking to myself. "In one year... I'll be sitting in brasil thinking of this moment." Well its here and I cant believe it! Family and Friends lets do excatly what Ben asks of us and make 2013 a special year... I know that I need to give it all to my Lord and Savior... we all need to give everything to him. My goal for 2013 is to give my heart to the Lord in service and dedicated service and obiedents. I love you all so much and I cant tell you how blessed I feel to be here in Brasil. I know I still have a lot to work on especially with me personally but I'm glad I still have 1 year and 3 months to become all I can become. its not easy but I know that all things are possible through the Lord. :) I love you all so much and I hope this e-mail will help in someway... sometimes I feel I talk way to much about me, me, me, I, I, I, in my e-mails but just remember I love you all. Never foget that. Happy new year Family and Friends. Make it the best year ever! :) Until next week God be with you.
P.s. Looks like I will be staying here in Campan├írio with my Companion Elder Larsen. I'm very excited and I hope we can performe miracles here. :) Love you always and forever           

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