Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elder Matthew Doggett's letter number 2

Ok first off dad dont take those clothes to the d.i. those have memories because of the pipe feild!! Thats right they've been in the back of our car for several years. Those clothes have memories growing all over them hahah dont take them just throw them in bens closet or something haha. I love you guys so much and I miss you all so much. Luckily I will be sending pictures this week so I hope you all get them soon. Also I have only cried once this week which is a recored for me! haha the language is tough but im learning it fast. The mission is the most incredible thing I have ever done in my life. Its also the hardest thing haha but the lord never said it would be easy... for if thats the case we would never grow and learn and become men! I also need to tell you all that our teachers saw a picture of ben and I on facebook and he showed the whole class the piture where all the girls are fake kissing ben outside our house on our farewell day and they now call us players haha its hilarious. I miss everyone so much back home! Dad thank you for the picture about the jedi's when me and ben were little. All the elders got a kick out of the picture. One other thing I need to mention is the weather is crazy here but the Brazilian drivers are even crazier! If you thought 1J drivers were scary come to brazilan and they would be the greatest drivers in the world haha Im scarred everytime we drive to the temple! but everythings going good for me down here I just have to say its crazy how fast the lord shapes a missionaries heart to teach and preach the way he needs us to, to be effective. I feel the sprit 24 hours a day and its incredible but physically draining. Im out so fast every night haha. Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty and be serious... this week I had the chance to meet and talk with Elder Queltin L Cook of the quorom of the twelve apostals and can I just tell you that when you meet and apostal of the lord and talk with him face to face its insane!!!! We all got to meet him because theres only 200 missionaries here and he talked to us and gave us blessings. Heres what he blessed us with. "We are all forgiven of our sins because of our service for the lord" when he said that I literal felt a change in the room and it got brighter! He then said "I also bless your family your mother and any close friends you had back home that they will be blessed and protected by the lord" Do you know what that means? Everyone who is reading this letter right now will be blessed and protect by our savior... also you will receive DOUBLE blessings because theres two of us who recived this blessing haha isnt that sweet! It was an incredible week full of incredible expereinces I'll write as soon as possible but my time is sooo short. also I do love letters and pictures they mean the world to me and I have to tell you that ben and I have to beat all the elders away with our scriptures because they fight over all the pictures of the girls back home haha its hilarious! I want everyone who is reading this letter to know how blessed we all really are in this life. The lord has given us so many gifts in our lifes and its up to us to apply them in everything we do. I love you all so much... words cannot describe how much I miss you all and I cant wait for the day we all meet again. I should tell you really quick that I can now grow a full beard (not that I have) which means Im finally a MAN! sorry mom and dad but Im no longer your little boy haha I love you all so much and thank you all for being the greatest examples in my life. The lord loves us all very much!     also please forward this to everyone I love! thanks

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