Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letter from Ben

Wow family and friends guess what i am in Brazil I cant believe it! To start off I will answer a few questions and let you all know that yes, yes it is hot! When I got off the plane it hit me like a punch to the face! It cuaght me so off guard haha, let me also tell you that America is so different from here... but Im loving every moment of it. Though half the time I have no idea whats going on cause they speak so fast! So I just smile and nod my head. I actually have a funny story with my about that. I have some Brazilian roommates who dont know any english so our only way of communication is through is through Porteguese. The other night i woke up at about 1 30 in the morning and had to use the restroom (by the way bathrooms are crazy different then in America just throwing that in there haha) but as I got up to go I was tryin to be as quiet as I possible could and when I opened up the door the brazilian roommate sat up and started yelling things, in porteguese, it freaked me out so bad cause his eyes had this glazed look over hem so I started to shout bathroom in porteguse, BANIHRO, BANIHRO!!!! It was so freaky but in the morning we all got a good laugh out of it. Apparently he sleep walks so he didnt remember a thing haha! good times good times... More on a spiritual note, Im learning a ton about the gospel, I recently studied the Joseph Smith story in detail. I cant tell you how much my testimony grew from that. It was such a strength and blessing to me to fully begin to understand our prophet Joseph Smith. The spirit hit me just about as hard as the humititiy here haha... im kidding that was a terrible comparison! but really it was awesome. Also with my companion we had a little run in but from help from our savior and lord we were able to work things out and come together as companions. We still have a lot to work on but its coming! We hav two different personalities, but the lord knows best and is making me a better servant and conduit for the spirit in these experiences i am having. Im loving it for all it is. Out here in the mission I feel like Im on earth but at the same time Im not, like im caught somewhere in between heaven and earth... im think I am literally walking on cloud 9. I love being a missionarie and having the spirit constantly wraping its arms round me. Mom and Dad thank you for all you taught me. Im like a stripling warrior fighting for gods army and I have my mother to thank for the things you taught. Bring on the war, Im ready to fight! I love you all and for your support. Oh and mom not to freak you out but here in Brazil there are no traffic rules and anything goes, I went to the temple today and on the way there it was crazy!!!! Almost like an intense roller coaster ride, all us Elders loved it! haha it was so fun. The temple was also amazing and I loved it... Well Im almost out of time and I hope I answerd all the questions ummm real quick I think I have Kristins address wrong so Kristin if you could send it to me that would be awesome also I need Alyssas email and things that would be awesome! Im loving it here and cant wait to hear from you. Im sending some letters off today so hopefully they will get home soon... Also I have to say, Olivia I found a giant picture of this Kola Bear and it was a way funny picture I will take a picture of it next time in the city cause I know you will appreciate it since you do have a love for them haha. Also thank you for all the letters mom, sisters, and the girls. It meant a whole lot to me and matt. Whenever is gets tough I look at those and the load seems lifted. So Obrigado! (thank you) I love you all so much and know my testimony of my savior and love for him... well I off to the city. Love you all again and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerly Elder Benjamin B. Doggett

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