Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letter From Matt

hello everyone I hope everythings going great for you back home. A lot has happened this past week so im going to write fast. This week has been way crazy but fun. we are finally in Brazil and it is hot... and when I say hot I mean HOT haha Ive never experienced heat like this and this is supposed to be the cooler months... haha but I love it here. The first few weeks were hard but things are going great except the language is very tough and frustrating but I know the lord will take care off me! I have several roomates and two of them are brazilian and they are way nice. One of them even knows elder hastings and he says he speaks like a brazilian so that gives me some hope with the language haha. Ive also had the chance to teach a family in sao paulo but I didnt understand a word they said to me so I just smiled and laughed the whole time and they said afterwards that they really liked my smile and up beat attitude haha. Also the girls in the family said I was cute but dont worry my heart is locked for the girls back home!!! haha The one thing I miss so much besides you all back home is rexburg water... the water here actually tastes like fresh dirt and it was hard to get used to but its not that bad anymore oh and I also eate some chikcen heart today and it was actually pretty good. We had our first sunday meeting here too and it made me a little homesick because we had a musical number and we sang oh sisters in zion)army of heleman and it made me think of everyone back home and then this kid played the piano by ear just like mom but it was a great meeting and I loved it! Also I should tell you all that Ive had a dream every night Ive been here and in my dreams I always getting a hug from my family and friends... I believe this dream I have everynight is a blessing to me because I wake up each morning ready to take on the next day and try my best. I miss you all so so so much you have no idea. Jordan was right letters and pictures are like gold here! and even though I try to write as many letters home as possible it is really hard to find time to write them but I will try my best. Please Please Please write letters I miss you all so much and words cant describe how much I love you all. I know I need to be here right now. I wrote a saying in preach my gospel that says I know I will learn this language with the lords help because There is one person in Brasil who needs me to bring them unto christ. I know this church is true and I love you all so much take care! Oh also Ive lost 7 pounds already and I already have a tan haha its awesome! love you guys. Oh and one more thing please forward all my letters to everyone its really hard for me to send it to everyone because of the time I have to write. Thanks. Oh and one more thing haha one of my brazilian roomates cant speak english so we taught him how to say I am beautiful in english and he says it all the time haha its hilarious because when he says it he has no expression haha I love the elders in the CTM. I love you all so much take care and please write me!

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