Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Matt #37

I'm sorry everyone but this will be my first letter that is very short and fast. I dont have much time to write much because today is a crazy day for us missionarys! :) I just want to write to everyone explaining how gratfull I am for this Holiday season and for the chance I have to spent it with the wonderfull people of Brazil... Today is a special day, it really is. Kristin, Erika, Mom, Dad, Ben... thank you for the wonderfull e-mails. I wish I could write you all individually but there just isnt much time. There are people who have to hear the wonderfull message of the Restored Gospel and today isnt my P-day which means we are on the Lords time right now. Now dont worry all missionarys have speciel permission from President Tanner to write and get things worked out for tommorow but we switched our P-days around so that P-day would be on Christmas! :) Pretty awesome huh? I love you all so much and I'm glad to say that I'm beyond happy to speak with my family tommorow. I miss you all so much especially during these holiday seasons. Everyone I'm sorry I cant write a special message about the true Spirit of Christmas, but after I read my incredible brothers message I dont feel like anything I could write could sum it up any better then how he did... I love you ben and I really miss you like crazy. Remember always this christmas holiday is something else and its especially diffrent here in Brasil haha. But I love it so much. This week was a very changing week for me where I had many great experiences. Luckily we will be talking face to face tommorow through the internet so you'll all get the full version. :) I love this Gospel and once again please remember I love you and I'm sorry for the brief message. Mom, Dad I should be on tommorow around 10 or 11 your time but we'll see because I need to talk with my companion. Just be ready for lots of laughs and good memories! Haha :) Love you all and I cant wait to see you all soon. Also Erika, Kristin. Thank you for the e-mails and I'm glad to say that I've finally gotten letters written for you both and there in the mail haha sorry its taken so long. :) Love you all and FELIZ NATAL PRA TODOS VOCÊS!!!!! DE ELDER DOGGETT ÁQUI NO BRASIL!    

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