Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ben #30 Rain

Thank you family for the wonderful emails this week. Mom and Dad as always such power and truth came from every part of your emails. The same goes for my beautiful sisters. You each answered a question to my pray... I cant express how much love I have for my family. Everytime I think about the blessing I have to spend eternity with them I cant help but feel peace and pure joy. I miss you all dearly... Ecspecially my dear brother Elder Matthew Ryan Doggett, its been quite the experience not having him by my side, but I feel him closer then ever through his letters and emails, and feel his strength and testimony everyweek pick me up. Matt I love you and thank you for your emials and strength to me. I love you family and thank you for all your strength and support. I cant believe in about a month I get to see you all on Skype! Its crazy how the time flys by huh? oh, also thats crazy everyone is recieveing mission calls! I would really like to hear who and where everyone is going! That makes me so excited to hear! God has something truely special instore, I know it!
Well as for this week I dont know where to begin and I really mean that. This week went by so fast the days are a blur. The weather has been really hot but rainy. The rain has added to the humitity and everyone can really feel it... Anyway due to the crazy rain storms my companion didnt have a desire to work. I tryed to explain to him I cant to this work without him and I need him so very much. He just told me he refused to work in the rain. I was broken, I have such a deep desire to get out and teach Gods children cause I know there out there just waiting to hear this message... People like José Oscar, who by the way came to church all dressed up and ready to keep every commitment I had given him. Actually yesterday after church he asked "Elder Doggett, how do I pay tithing in the Church? I feel right now like I shold just pay tithing." I then taught him about tithing in the Church and showed him how its done, and right then and there he asked if he could pay it. I was in shock by how ready José Oscar is for this Gospel... and I know there is others out there who are just as ready as he is but we have to work to find them, and sitting in the house does no good at all. As I said i was broken. I didnt feel like a missionary but a lazy 19 year old siting in an apartment, looking out the window at the rain. I felt sick to my stomach. I didnt come out here to sit in a brasilian apartment... WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING!!!!! I then remebered the words from my Father when he said you only have control over your actions, your feelings, you choose how you feel and what you do. I have written alot about this one topic over the past few weeks and know its a lesson from God I needed to learn. I realize now I have complete control over what I do and feel... no one else can take that from me. Isnt it an interesting thing to think about? Have you ever wondered why it is that one moment we could be yelling at someone in our family or upset with something at work, but then the phone rings or door bells rings and instantly were happy? We have total and complete control of what we feel. At this moment as I stared out of the window hearing the rain fall I knew I had the choice to feel happy and content with myself and know I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do. So I made the choice to study and read my scriptures instead of feeling sorry for myself because the work wasnt progressing that day. I felt so much peace and comfort and felt the Lord answering my pray as I read my scriptures. I read in Mosiah 28 in which the Sons of Mosiah had a deep desire to share the Gospel so they asked their Father if they could leave on a mission to preach the Gospel. King Mosiah conversed with the Lord and felt prompted to allow them to go cause he knew God would protect them. The sons of Mosiah belived everyone had a right to be saved and come unto Christ including their brothers the Lamanites. ( I felt somewhat like them at this moment) Later in Alma 17: 10-11 we read that they were having a pretty hard time ( I think It was raining outside and their companion wasnt feeling it that day so they were stuck in the apartment... or something like that I dont really remember the story that well haha) :) kidding! but the Lord said unto them "...be patient in your sufferings and afflictions and I the Lord will make you instruments in mine hands." From this we read that the Sons of Mosiah were filled with courage from the Lords words and continued onward... but what happened in Alma 26:27? They were once again passin through much hardship actually so much hardship that the thought came to their mind "I might as well give up..." but once again the lord comforted them and said once more "Be patient in thine afflictions and suffferings and I the Lord will GIVE YOU SUCCESS."
As I sat there reading these words and studying the scriptures the power of the spirit came upon me... Right now I do feel weak from all that has occured this transfer. Its been a tough rollercoaster for me as you all have read, but I know with all my heart the Lord has been teaching me many vauleable lessons. Has been taking my weaknesses and crafting my strengths. I know that through patience and faith in time the Lord will lighten our burdens and give us the power to have success and joy in this life... Its just up tp us how we enconter these problems in life. Wheather or not we will be happy or sad... Remember its all our choice. No one has the power to make you feel a certain way, only you have that power! Something that my mission is teaching me. Im so humbled by the things the lord is teaching me out here in my mission and the growth I feel everyday. I know in Him is where my strength lies and I will not give up. I will contiune and in faith and patience through these experiences and choose to be happy and smile doing all I can to help the work progress. I love you all and thank you all for your testiominies and love for me. Its such a strength to me to read your letters and emails each week and here the wonderful news of home. I hope I can make you all proud, my future family to be proud... but ecspecially my Lord and savior Jesus Christ proud. I love you all with a deep and ever growing fire of love that cant be shacken. I hope to hear from you all soon and love you so very much. I hope and pray this email may touch and answer one of your prayers and help you in such a way that you have touched and helped me. I love you and may God be with you till we meet again.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. Matt what a powerful email this week. Keep going and remeber God fullfills all his promises. Love you brother more then you know. 

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