Saturday, November 24, 2012

Matt #32

Everyone I need to apoligize more for not writting more to everyone... Im recieving so many letters and great encouragement but I never express back how gratfull I am to everyone.... Im pilled with guilt for not writting more to those who write me and who I love but this past transfers has been more then overwhelming for me, you all will never know how gratfull I am for your love and support and you all know who you are... I dont need to say names. :) But I hope you all will forgive me for not writting more... I've had a lot on my shoulders these past few weeks but this week will be full of change. I will be recieving a new companion tommorow but I still dont know who it is.... I wont lie this first transfer with a brazilian was tough... really tough. We had diffrent ideas about what work was and that made things extremly hard. I really tried my best to work on being positive about my situation especially in my e-mails but like my brother I also had many difficulties but dont worry, eventually everyone will have the chance to read my journal and know the details of this past transfer but holy cow what a growing week and transfer for me. I know everything happens for a reason and I needed this time to work on some personal characteristics during this time. (Staying positive and happy always)
      Well it was great to hear about all the new Missionarys... honestly its kinda shocking haha I just dont believe it! Please let everyone know I love them and I'm glad they made the decison to join Gods army. :) Also thats incredible news that Madison took state... I can only imagine the joy that everyone must have been feeling during this incredible time. To be honest I have some big news for everyone also that in a sense is kinda like my own personal state champion.... Yesterday after long 7 months of giving it all I had, I had the opurtunity to step into the waters of Baptism with my incredible friend Alexandre Leite Pereia and Baptism him into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. :) I will never be able to describe this experience but as we were sitting in the water and as I held him in my arms the tears came and the Spirit touched my heart. After all was said and done, we sat in the water together and I gave him the biggest hug I could give and sad "I love you" The Spirit was overwhelming and I have to tell you that every hardship I've experienced this past transfer was washed away with the Baptism of my incredible Friend. The Mission is unreal, this is possible the hardest thing I have every done in my life, But its also the most rewarding. I cant thank everyone enough for all that you do for me... I love you all so much. Yesterday night as I was getting ready for bed my mind wondered to my life back home... my previous life that cant and never will be the same.... This overwhelming saddness hit me like a brick wall. I was confused and upset, I thought to myself "How could I have just had the most incredible day on my Mission and be so happy and now be super sad?" I was confused. I thought of my friends... all our hilarious memories and times we had together, I thought of work on the farm and jamba and the friendships I made there with those I worked with. I thought of my family... and how I might not have the oppurtunity to be part of some great memories we would make during the holidays.... I thought of everything and everyone!" As the time keeps going on the more and more I'm forgetting things back home and becoming more and more focused on those who need me here. My joy was full today and things are going better then they every have been in my life. I'm learning so much and I'm glad to say that I was happy for that brief moment of saddness last night to reflect on my life before the Mission with those I love. It shows that I'm human and I truly think and love all of you so very much! Its strange to think 7 months has passed and to see the change that has happened in my life and in the lifes of those who I love, The Gospel is so real and it will change our lifes if we apply its principles. One thing that Gordan B. Hinckly said was that everything that we are in our life is the sum totally of everything we've learned from those around us. I am who I am today because of my Family... Friends... Ward.... Leaders.... Every single person who has helped shape me into the Man I am today. I am who I am because of you all. I love you all today and forever and I miss you all so much. I cannot express how much I long to be with you all (Last night for example) But I cant tell you how important it is that I am here serving my Lord and Savior. Yesterday and this past transfer I had the chance to be a tool in the Lords hands in bringing one of his Sons to know of the truthfullness of the Gospel... I want everyone to think of something and this statement is not me being pridefull but I just want everyone to think about this. Because I made the decision to serve a Mission Alexandre is now a member of the church and his life is changed.... What if I decided to stay home and not serve? Where would he be right now? Because I made the chose to serve a life is changed (Including mine). I'm so happy to be here. I love this work and I'm giving it my all to help those in need. :) I love you all so much and I know this church is true. Im also sorry for not answering more questions or resonding to e-mails but its tough haha we only have so much time to send e-mails haha but you all know Im here for you always and I love you all so much.  Its weird to think that a year ago really soon is when I opened my Mission call... Werid haha the time really is passing by fast. :) I love you all and please let me know how the holidays go back home. One thing I should say is its hot here... really hot! haha Love you all with my whole heart. :)     

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