Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ben The Choice is Ours #31

Another week gone by family and friends. Thank you everyone for the emails! Its crazy to hear Madison went undeafted and won the State Championsihps! Send my love and congrats to The Bucks they are amazing. Also I cant believe all the people receiving mission calls! That is honestly so crazy. Its all over the world. God is providing a unique oppurtunity for us all to be his servants and spread his Gospel, there is nothing better then to be set apart to preach the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ... I know it. Anyway its awesome so hear of life back home and all the wonderful things happening. Its weird cause I feel at times like life was just put on hold back home when I left, but life is still moving and we are all changing in so many ways. What a wonderful plan of Happiness this Gospel is. Once again I love you all so very much and thank you for the emails and love... Mom and Dad dont worry, I had a "Miss My Parents Day" last week as well, but I know in time we will all be together again... I mean can you believe it, 8 months we have been gone! 8 MONTHS! Its insane. haha Life really does pass us by.
Well Jordan you asked about my companion and transfers so here is the download. Im being transfered... yup after 6 months here in Anhanguera Im finally leaving the area and off to new places. I dont know where im going but it sounds like im going to be living somewhere North of the city Campinas about 4 hours away in a almost jungle part of the mission. Its funny cause in that part of the mission whenever it rains the power goes out and December and January are the rainy seasons so it should be interesting. I dont know who my new companion will be but im sure it will be Brasilian cause my Portugese still needs much improvement haha. I did give a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting and it went really well. The ward began to cry when I told them I would be leaving. ( It almost feels like Im leaving home again haha) but I know its the Lords will. I love this ward and all they have taught me and for their love and patience with a Gringo trying to learn Portugese.
This last week was great. My companion wanted to do another division so he called the District leader and Zone leaders and off we went. I was with Elder Raleigh again and wow did we witness miracle after miracle together. Alot of people just came up to us and began to talk to us about the Gospel. I promise when you live the rules and work with all your heart the Lord will provide his children for you. I was so humbled during the week to witness His hand in the work. I love being a missionary... Well all of you have read in my last emails about a man named José Oscar well guess what?... Yesterday I had the chance to baptize him. It was my first Baptism that I did and wow was it such a neat experience. It was amazing to see the change in this man. When we meet him 2 weeks ago in the street he had crazy hair and a straggly beard... but yeasterday when he arrived at the Baptism he was clean cut, with a small mustache. He was so excited and happy to be there. I have had the chance to teach him everything and be with him through all these changes he was made in his life. What a blessing. I was thinking maybe my companion would do the Baptism, but José asked me. I was a little taken back, but I was so touched and overcome with the spirit as I accepted... I remember walking in the water and it being freezing cold! José soon followed in and he too realized how freezing it was, but he came down into the water next to me and took hold of my arm. As I raised my arm and pronounced the words "... Tendo sido commissionado por Jesus Cristo, eu te Batizo em nome do pai, e do filho, e do espirito" I felt something so special inside that I cant explain in words, only my soul was filled with pure light and joy. When he came out of the water he gave me a big hug and I just couldnt stop smiling as i have never felt that much love and joy. This Transfer has been tough for me. I have left out alot of details of what has occured, but it has been a real learning experience for me. In Doctrine and Convenants 122 we read of the experiences of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, and in verse 7 we read the words of the Lord as he explains how all of these things we go through in this life will in the end "Be for thine experience"... As I reflected on everything that has happened I realized that this was what it was all about. Tough as it may have been we found José Oscar through the Lord, and this joy I felt was undescriableable... It was for my experience I so testify. 
As we entered the dressing room and where changing José turned to me and said "Elder Doggett that water was freezing but as soon as you said those words and immeresed me in the water I felt nothing but warmth enter my heart, almost as if everything had been raised off of me and I have a new life." He was smiling from ear to ear, I turned and gave José one more hug and exclaimed that he had been born again and this is a new begining for him. As I was changing I began to cry ( tears of joy haha). Because this was a new start for me as well. Through the thick of it all. The craziness and confusion of this transfer the Lord had trusted me and blessed me with this wonderful oppurtunity. I gave thanks to my Savior for this chance I have to bear his name and bring his children back to his Kingdom. There is nothing that brings more happiness. I sat and thought of everything back home. How selfish I had been, how little the things of the world truely are, and... how much this Gospel truely means to me. I know my Portugese isnt that good but I know the Lords work will move forward and He will prepare his children... even for a boy from Idaho.
I dont know what the next week will hold, or where I will be going... but I know this work is the Lords work. Without him I dont know where I would be. Its his will and I must only accept it and move forward with faith. Christmas is coming up in this next transfer and I hope where im going has a lan house where I can Skype but im almost positive it does so dont worry family... :) Family and Friends I love you all so much and testify there is nothing better then being a missionary for the Lord. Yesterday I felt so much peace and love as the Lord prepared a ready and willing man to be taught by this humble American boy. I have never felt this much happiness. Mom, Dad, Jenni and Matt S., Rachel, Alyssa, and my twin Matt... I love you all and this knowledge that we are an eternal family. Fogive me of my foolishness back home, but I think slowly the Lord his alignning my priorities in there proper place. Mom Dad thank you for what you said in all your emails and letter this Transfer. You will never know the strength they gave to me... Everyone choose to be Happy, choose to believe in yourself, and choose to come unto Christ... Its all our CHOICE is my sure testimony, and prayer, I leave with you this week. I love you all and may God be with you till we meet again, for He is my strength.
Love Elder Benjamin B. Doggett      

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