Monday, September 10, 2012

Matt #22

Everyone thank you for all your e-mails abd for your support... Words will never be able to express how much I love you all and I honestly cant describe to you what is happening to me out here in the Mission Field only that im changing... I feel my relationship with my Heavenly Father growing each day as I struggle to survive the trials and blessings of each day. :) Every one thank you for your e-mails. Jordan, Tyson, Jason... You guys are spritual Giants to me. Tyson your e-mail really helped out a lot and your hill story made perfect sense! Thanks man! :) Jason thanks for your example and friendship and Im excited for you to begin the incredible journey of the Mission. Jordan I wish you were here with us out in Brasil but dont worry the Lord will help you with your head problems haha Love you man thanks for the E-mail. I hope you know your all the best. Also thank you Olivia for the e-mail I hope you know that I miss you all too so much... Your all my best friends in the world thats for sure! :) Also Heidi thank you for forwarding Parkers e-mails its good to hear about the experiences hes having out in the field right alongside us. And of course Mom Dad your the most amazing parents in the world, I miss and love you all so much!!!!!
     Alright Im not sure where to begin but I'll try and go for it! :) If any of you couldnt tell from my last e-mail last week I was going through the hardest time in my Mission.... Im not sure how I survived and I know that I will never be able to describe the experiences and lessons I learned last week.... only that now Im a changed person because of it. The Mission is incredible because it shows us our weaknesses and it allows us the chance to apply the Priciples of the Gospel and the attributes of Christ to change and make weak things become our strengths, We have a choice to grow from the tough times and learn from those experinces and allow it to strengthen us spiritually or we can allow it to shaken our faith and tear us down.... either way it all boils down to choice in our lifes. We always have a choice! If we didnt have a choice to change our attitudes or to work harder then that would totally frustrate the whole Plan of Salvation!!! We "Can" and "Are" always changing. Thats how we can become more like our beloved Heavenly Father.
     To share with you some of my difficulties last week that I was dealing with. I was having a hard time feeling like a succesfull missionary.... I hit the 5 month mark in the field and I was finished with my training but here I was without a Baptism in Brasil... Brasil the one place everyone says you get Baptisms like crazy and here I was 5 months out and still nothing haha thats pretty hard especially when it seems like thats all people use to compare a good Missionary to a bad one. Its all numbers to some out here which is a little sad but thats just the way it is to some. I was beyond discouragement all last week but then I recieved one letter from my mom... or and e-mail that changed my whole attitude about the Mission. Mom you saved me, I dont think you'll ever understand haha. That letter did more for me then anything could have at that moment in my life, Im not sure you'll know how much that letter means to me but I will treasure it for the rest of my life. When you told me about cody it reminded me of why Im really out here, It reminded me to forget myself and work hard, It allowed me to remember the Pure Love of Christ in my life and to just do my best out here.... Thank you Mom. :) In Preach my Gospel we read on Pg. 10 what makes a succsusfull Missionary and you know what... it never mentions Baptisms, only sharing the Gospel with as many people as you can. It mentions that you can find success when you feel peace and joy in your heart when you bear testimony of the Restored Gospel. Our Job as Missionarys is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible and im glad to say that we are doing just that. When we read in Alma 21. 5-17 we read about Aaron and how he went through so much during his mission and he didnt have much success at the begin... but he never gave up and he kept on going. He bore his Afflictions with Patince and well it eventually payed off. (Vs 17). There are days when it gets tough.... Actually theres weeks that get tough haha there are times when we feel like we just cant go on because the road just seems to impossible for us... Remember even Alma a Prophet of the Lord got discouraged. (Alma 8. 13-15) But we must always go one no matter what! Never give up! :)
       The Language is still hard. Im 5 months out and im still stuggling but I will make the Language my strength, Im no longer worrying about it and im just doing my best. Thats all the Lords wants from us! The Mission is unreal and im having incredible, undescribable experiences here! Its crazy thats all the Lord wants from us is to do our best. I love you all so much and I miss you all like crazy. Im already counting down the days for Skype haha. I love you all so much and Ben... I miss you. You are my best friend and its crazy how much I missed you when the times get tough. You are and forever will be my best friend. Love you all so much and remember how much the Lord blesses us everyday. We just need to take the time to realize those blessings love you all and remember Im thinking of you all even if my letters or e-mails dont sound like it. Just remember that because of the Mission I have aquired a new deeper love for all my friends and family... thank you all. I love you all com toda meu coaração. :)  

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