Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Matt #23

Well everyone thank you so much for the e-mails and letters and EVERYTHING! :) Your all honestly the best in the whole world... First im sorry I wont be able to respond to questions or e-mails today becuse I just didnt have time to read the e-mails. but I did print them off and I will re-read them over and over all day today haha. I hope you all know how much I love you and I miss you all so much. Its crazy how fast the weeks are going by... it only feels like yesterday I was e-mailing to everybody haha crazy. Well where do I begin first off let me tell you about a miracle that happened yesterday... I taught for one hour the principles of the Gospel... I taught a class for 1 hour in portuguese by myself! haha crazy I never thought this day would come... now lets be honest im no where near to being fluent in Portuguese haha not even close, whenever people talk to me my mouth still hangs open because I cant understand a word their saying haha but I am at a point where I can somewhat express my feelings and understand enough to get by. Its a great feeling to see how far I've come but the climb with the language isnt over yet, the climb has just started actually, but mentally I feel like Im finally ready to begin sprinting up the hill and learn this language! :) now as for the week lets begin.
      This week was super crazy but good, Emotionally I've been dealing with a lot inside but mom you would be so proud of me to see how Im handling everything haha Im kinda in shock with how well im dealing with my emotions because a year ago I would have blown up from all this stress (You and Dad remember those days I would come home after a hard day at work or school and just explode haha) but now im taking each day as it is and trying my best now. :) Its a great feeling but let me share my secret with everyone on how we can handle these difficult times especially within our lifes... Prayer. To start I would like to share a scripture. Moroni. 7:48 "Strive to pray sincerly, with real intent, and with all the energy of your heart." Why is prayer important for us? How can we pray with real intent? Theres many things Im learning on the Mission but the things that have really been pressing on my mind latley is sincere prayer. Why do we Pray? Well thats an easy question. We pray to open the door to our hearts. We pray so that we can allow the Holy Ghost to feel us with Gods Love for us. We Pray to allow the Spirit to testify of the truthfullness of the Gospel, but guess what it even goes deeper then that my friends! We need to recongnize that our Heavenly Father knows us better then we know ourselves and he knows our needs more then we know them. (See PMG. 94) (D.C 46:28,30) Prayer opens the door for miracles in our lifes, it allows us to go beyond our Potentiel.... Think about every serious decision you have every made in your life.... I dont know about you but I've prayed pretty hard whenever I was faced with a hard decision haha. For example we pray to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God, We pray to know what path God whats us to take in our Lifes. We prayer if we should serve a Mission, We prayer for who we should Marry? We pray for all sorts of things! :) Every choice we make or every problem we face should be expressed in true and sincere prayer with open hearts and faith in our Heavenly Father that we will recieve and answer! 
          The Reason my mind has been focused on prayer especially this week is I noticed that none of our investigatores want to pray, especially when there in front of two young teenage boys haha. They always say that they cant.... thats its to hard. Well Im here to help them understand that its not to hard, Prayer is the only way we can be coverted to the Gospel, its mantitory to the conversion process! Its how our Heavenly Father can reavel truth to us. ITS POWER! :) I dont think there has every been a Baptism where someone hasnt recevied an answer through Prayer.... its just not possible haha. Prayer is so important and this week my companion and I have made special goals to really stress the importance of pray. Im so happy to be here on my Mission and im sorry if this e-mail doesnt make much sense or its all jumbled haha I dont have much time to write and my brain is a huge jumble with things I want to share haha but remember always prayer is essetial to everything. Here on the Mission I see all my weakness come out... I just cant believe how much I need to work on haha :) its crazy but its also great. No matter what the Lord is always here for us and he will strengthen is in our times of need. I'd like to share a Scripture that has really helped me during these past few weeks (Helamen 3:35) Family, Friends I've never felt so much joy in all my life then here on the mission, each day I feel my self growing closer to my Heavenly Father in faith as I try to yield my heart unto God and just do this work. Remember we must pray oft. and then you'll wax stronger and stonger in the faith of Christ. Pretty awesome huh? :) Our whole purpose here on earth, our test here is to learn and overcome weakness and faults and change. We have one investigator who knows everything is true but she told us that she cant change.... She just thinks its impossible. My heart aches for her and we are praying for her everyday that her heart will be opened and something will change. 
          Family and Friends I know this Gospel is so real... I know that deep sincere Prayer has more power then we will ever be able to comprehend. I Love you all so much and I know that this church is true. I want everyone to know that I am doing really good and I am very happy here in Brasil. :) Still there are rough days haha for example two nights ago I cried in my Pillow for over and hour when we went to bed haha. Im not sure why but I remember thinking about my wondefull mom, dad, family, and friends. About my incredible twin brother who I wish I could see and talk to about my porblems and emotions.... But then I remembered to pray... and I talk with my Heavenly Father and the incredible thing is he listens always and he brought comfort and joy to my heart again! :) I love you all and of course I miss you all like crazy but I know my purpose now I know this is where I need to be. :) I love you all so much and remember I am also here for all of you no matter what. Ben your the best and this week I really missed you a lot, But remember we are always in this together and the Lord is always on our side. I hope this E-mail made sense sorry I wrote it super fast haha sorry for the spelling mistakes dad haha :) Love you all and I cant wait to hear from you all soon. Oh also I still havent recieved my package yet mom with all the goodies.... Im pretty far away from everything but I should be getting it soon! :) LOVE YOU ALL. God be with you till we meet again.     

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