Monday, September 3, 2012

Matt #21

Well I dont know where to really begin other then this week has been a little tough on me.... Thank you everyone for the letters you really have no idea how much they mean to me, I've been stuggling a lot this week and Im serious when I say I will never be able to re-pay all my incredible friends for your words of incouragment and love. Well Mom and Dad its a little hard to write my e-mail right now because I just read Moms e-mail and I'm crying pretty hard hahah everyone in the Lan house is staring at me haha but thank you for sharing that story mom, You know its crazy because I've been thinking of Cody and his family a lot latley. Please let them know how much I love them and their always in my prayers.
    Well my new companion is great, hes an American from Portland Oregon and hes a genious! and hes also the District Leader so we are over the top busy... and its been hard! This week has really pushed me physically, emotional and of course Spiritually. Missions are tough but the Lord never said this would be a easy path. This week we've worked harder then I ever thought possible and its been tough on me because im still pretty new to the Mission, but yesterday was especially hard on me. I had two experiences I would like to share that really tested my faith yesterday. The first experience was when Elder Biancardi and I taught these four men who where in their twenties... while we taught them I was trying to explain the first vision and they laughed the entire time and then they said my Portuguese was hilarious and they didnt understand a word I said... I become beyond discouraged I cannot describe it, so I slowly gave the rest of the lesson over to my new incredible companion and he finished it. Then right after we went to a family who we are trying to complete. The Mother and Daughter in the family are members but for some reason the Father wont join. We began teaching them and I had the impression to bear my testimony on the importance of familys and as I began I couldnt speak. My words were all choked up and I sat there staring at this family and tears filled my eyes and tears filled the Fathers eyes and I told him in the best Portuguese I could possible say that I know families are the central point in Gods Plan for us. I went home last night feeling emotions beyond anything words can describe. I went straight to me room and fell on my knees and prayed with as much faith as I had left in my heart. I prayed and cried and prayed and cried and then countinued to pray... I prayed for my incredible family that I miss more then anything... For my mom and dad... My incredible Friends... I prayed last night that I could become the Missionary the Lord needs me to be. That I could forget myself and just do my best in this work... Right after I finished my Prayer I never felt so much Joy and Happiness! All the crazy homesickness and discouragement just disappeared... Family and Friends I know that this is the most important work in the world, There is nothing else thats important right now in my life then sharing the Gospel, Im trying my best and the great thing is that thats all the Lord wants from us. He doesnt care if we can speak the Language good but only if we have a humble heart and are willing to work.:) There are still times when I feel alone and scared but then I pray... Wow prayer has more power then we really understand. I hope everyone knows how much I love you all and dont worry im doing awesome, The Mission is definetly a growing experiences as we learn to handle our emotions and just doing are best. Im sorry this is lacking in imformation and about my new companion and all are Great experinces! haha but its through the hard times and trials I feel my Faith growing the most. Remember always I love you all and that Im trying my best as a Servent of the Lord. I miss you all so much and im sorry you havent all received many letters especially my Family but always remember that im thinking of you all ALWAYS and I will never forget about any of you no matter what! :) I love you all.   

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