Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures from Ben

I found a big block of cheese in the store so I just had to send that to the family. Also we finally got RAIN! After 3 months it finally came... but my Guarda Chuva couldnt really handle the intense wheather haha!

These are some at the temple again. They were taken about 3 weeks ago. We went with some members in the ward cause they had some friends going to meet them there. We came along for the ride to teach about how sacred and special Temples are in our lives... While we waited we had some fun sliding down the rail haha

We caught a lizard in our Apartment and let me tell you those things are fast! I was sitting in my bed reading the Liahona and BOOM! It flew across the wall, my companion and I jumped up and to our surprise were able to actually catch it... The last picture is me with a bunch of chicken just wandering the streets. Yup just minding there own business here in Brasil. Haha I thought it was hilarious!

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