Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ben #52 Aquired Attributes

Well what a crazy week indeed. I heard all about the things going on in Boston this week and my thoughts were instantly turned to my beautiful sister Alyssa and soon to be brother in law Eli. As I sat there pondering and doing a little worrying I instantly felt a power of peace wash over me. As a missionary you know with certainty your loved ones are taken care of as the Lord promised this to us in the scriptures. I knew with a sureity my loved ones were safe, for as we read in Enos 1: 6 "That God cannot lie." and it was a promised He made unto "any who would leave their families for a a short time would know that their loved ones would be taken care of." I knew His promises unto me would be fullfilled. Im happy though to hear all is well. Im so grateful for living prophets and their counsel unto us in these the Latter Days. Im so grateful for the Scriptures and there key to our eternal happiness in this life. My good friend Elder Sommer once said "That the amzing thing about the Book of Mormon and the holy scriptures is that we can know the End to the Beggining." What a powerful statement Elder Sommer. Im so grateful for after we receive all these wonderful counsels and tools for our spiritual understanding we can still pray to our loving Father in Heaven and seek His counsel and help. As Richard G. Scott said "Imagine the all powerful all knowing and all loving God of the universe with all the powers of a God and creater... is concerned with US... with our needs.... and wants to hear from US mesmo." This is my tesimony unto all of you that these are in fact the last days, but with obedience and listening to the Holy Prophets, daily scripture study, and prayer we can overcome the choas in this world. Family and friends I love you all so much and give thanks as my wonderful brother Matt said for your wonderful and inspired emails. You all mean so much to us and as Josh Groben sang "You are loved" and I know you all love Matt and I. (Thank you matt for that song, very inspiring to me.)
As for the past week It was great but... I recieved a shocking phone call. Im still in the middle of training my companion Elder Riquerme as training for new missionaries takes about 12 weeks. Yesterday as I was making our teaching records I recieved a phone call from the zone leaders telling me I was transfered. It is very unusual for this kind of thing to happen ecspecially now when the work is progressing so fast here in Botucatu and have so many families close to baptism. As I packed my things in my suitcase I went to my room and said a prayer of gratitude for this time here in Botucatu. My President told me the 2nd week I arrived here, when we had an interview, that I would aquire life long attributes here in this specific area that not only would carry me through my mission but life as well. Last night as I was saying my prayer I was overcome with the pure love of a father in Heaven. As I felt the spirit testify and show unto me every attribute and lesson taught to me. I know my potentional and the power one has in God. No one can tell you who you can become or what you can do... the only person that can do that is yourself. Have faith in God and trust in Him with all your heart and become like unto a child (Matthew 18: 1-6) Be humble, meek, submissive, and teachable... I promise in the name of Jesus Christ You can do anything! As long as you tell yourself you can. I know now my potential now and ever growing relationship with my father in Heaven. He has loved me enough to give me the trials I faced here in Botucatu to change my nature and begin to look with glorified eyes rather then natural eyes. I know God lives and is my Father. I know that Chirst is my savior and reddemeer and has a resurected and glorified body as unto the Father. He suffered and overcame death for us all so someday we too could be like unto him. In 1820 that same Chirst appeared, with His Father, unto a humble 14 year old boy whom He could trust and restored His keys of His everlasting Gospel. We are part of this great Church the ONLY true church of Chirst with all His Principle, doctines, Ordinaces, and covenats to have eternal life. Lets honor this privlege to be part of this church and stand for our beliefs in all places and in all things and "let our light so shine for all to see." (Matthew 5: 16)
I have loved every moment of being a missionary. I try as hard as I can to be worthy of His blessings and serve the kind of mission my Mom and Dad think im serving. I know this Gospel is true... I know it. As I testify every week to you all I have no doubts. I have made mistakes in my life others bigger than some but I know that Christ's Atonement will carry us. That we can feel His peace, and overcome our weaknesses. Im just a simple guy, who lived a simple life in Rexburg, who got... simple grades in school haha :) but has been able to become something of a extrodinary guy through the power and love of God as His instrument and now he can see the potential he truely has now :) I will miss Botucatu and meu filho aqui Élder Riquerme. But I know whatever the Lord has in store for me will be for my growth and that in Him all is possible. Brasil is amazing, this world is amazing. Yes we live in scary times for I have seen and been in some scary situations here on the mission, but i know God is with us that we shall see His glorious smile some day as we bow at His feet is my testimony and sure conviction unto you all. Know that im doing well and Brasil is great. While things are getting hot there things are begining to cool down here. I woke up the other day shivering and when I went outside it was 78 degrees... yeah its getting colder here haha! :) Im eating the usual beans and rice but we did get to have pizza frita the other night! Which was... different haha I will send a pictures this email of it. Know you are all in my prayer and I love you all so much. Thank you once more for all the wonderful emails, and though I cant personally respond I read and cherish everyone sent. Love you all and God be with you till we meet again.
Braços e com Amor
Élder Benjamin B. Doggett
p.s. Pictures of the Pizza Frita!     

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